House Meanings in Astrology

The first house is concerned with direct self-expression, and any planet here
will operate strongly, for you feel an inner sense of permission to display
the qualities associated with the planet openly and clearly.  This carries
the advantage that this psychological drive is unlikely to be repressed, but
also the risk that its expression may help to hide your other talents.

The second house is concerned with self-preservation through developing mat-
erial resources and planning ahead, and any planet here may operate in a
rather subdued way, for you experience a sense of inhibition and caution over
being too open about your plans, probably as a result of your early condit-
ioning.  However the planet's importance will increase as you mature.

The third house is concerned with the search for understanding the world in
objective terms, and any planet here will operate with this in view, en-
couraging you to develop a unique concept of objective reality, probably
through engagement with your peer group and through education, which will
make you realise that the world is not how your parents taught you.

The fourth house is concerned with a search for your deepest emotional roots,
probably because your early conditioning left you feeling in some way inad-
equate, or left you feeling a sense of obligation to others.  Any planet here
provides a challenge to come to terms with your past, so that you can allow
the planetary energy to express itself sympathetically and caringly.

The fifth house is concerned with generation of the new, and any planet here
will provide a psychological stimulus towards creativity, either literally
expressed as your attitude towards sex and children, or metaphorically as
your attitudes towards the products of your hobbies and special interests.
It will also show the quality of your competitive spirit.

The sixth house is concerned with the efficient running of material systems,
including your own body and its state of health or illness.  A planet here
will describe your attitudes to contributing to the common good in a pract-
ical way.  Work and health are likely to be important issues for you, the
type of involvment depending on the planet and its sign described above.

The seventh house is concerned with objective reality, and a planet in this
house will expressed through interactions with other people in cooperative
ventures, rather than individual actions.  The emphasis will be on devel-
oping original solutions to challenges, with the aim of finding out more
about your own place in the wider context of an overall framework.

The eighth house is concerned with the development of a subjective apprec-
iation of the world around you.  Involvment with other people and the world
is experienced as laden with affect, and you are likely to be drawn natur-
ally into relationships where the exchange and sharing of feelings, or their
material counterparts are important, when you express this planet.

The ninth house is concerned with the conscious development of a sense of
purpose in life, and you will aim to develop the psychological drive sym-
bolised by this planet to the full in a personal way, because you consider
it essential to your fuller understanding of life to do so.  You will demand
considerable freedom to express this drive in your own way.

The tenth house is concerned with the conscious striving for tangible res-
ults from your labours, and a planet here will seek avenues of expression
which lead to visible manifestations of the effects of its energies.  There
will be a rather methodical approach to developing the abilities shown by
the planet and its sign, with ambition directed towards recognition.

The eleventh house is concerned with developing a conscious idea-system
which encompasses all your experience, seeking to explain it.  Any planet
here will manifest itself through your knowledge-orientated encounters
with other people and their ideas, the aim being for you to develop an
overall model of the world about you.

The twelfth house is concerned with how you feel about yourself at a consc-
ious level, and with such an emphasis on the inner world, the psychological
drive represented by the planet will not necessarily manifest externally,
but it is likely to be responsible for considerable activity behind the
scenes and reflection in your search for self-fulfillment.

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