Most Astrologers are familiar with the concept of Ecliptic Longitude, which is measured from 0 degrees at the start of Aries through 180 degrees at the start of Libra and up to 360 degrees at the very end of Pisces.   Sometimes the Ecliptic Longitude of a planet is expressed in degrees from 0 to 360, though it is more common to refer to the position in a Zodiac Sign from 0 to 30 degrees.   Thus a planet with Ecliptic Longitude 108 degrees would more normally be expressed as being in 18 degrees of the sign Cancer.  Another planet with Ecliptic Longitude 228 degrees would be in 18 degrees of the sign Scorpio, and in trine aspect to the first.

However, planets are rarely positioned exactly on the Ecliptic and in practice some of them are often a few degrees North or South of the Ecliptic.  The Moon can be more than 5 degrees North or South of the Ecliptic, while Venus can be over 8 degrees North or South of the Ecliptic when close to the Earth.   Pluto has a highly inclined orbit which can give it nearly 18 degrees of Ecliptic Latitude.

The Equal House system ignores Ecliptic Latitude, and works very well, but it is interesting to consider the effects of Ecliptic Latitude, since they may throw extra light on a horoscope interpretation.  A couple of examples of situations where Ecliptic Latitude might be important include the following.

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As to how to interpret these differences, all I can say is that in my experience, the Equal House method seems to represent what is experienced at an inner level, while the methods which take into account Ecliptic Latitude relate more to outer circumstances and events. 

Often there is little difference between the positions in the two methods of calculation, and it is not surprising that certain motivations and feelings are closely associated with certain outer circumstances and events.  Since I have several planets with large Ecliptic Latitude in my own chart, I am perhaps motivated to explore the possible implications of Ecliptic Latitude in horoscope interpretation!

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