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(1).  Astro Links to sites that are established, well-known, of high quality and of general interest to beginners and to advanced Astrologers alike.

(2).  Astro Links to sites that may be less well known, but which I happen to like, either because of they are of high quality, or because they they are interesting or unusual in some way - some might become the cool sites of tomorrow!  Some of these sites are geared towards more advanced Astrologers, Astronomers or Programmers.

Essential Astro Links

Interesting Astro Links

General Links to other useful Internet resources and Links (now on a separate page).

Essential Astro Links

Astrology Online!  

Astrology Online - Astrology Megasite!

Astrodienst - First class site for getting a free chart drawn up for you

Astrological Association - for UK Astrology

Astropro by Richard Nolle - many excellent resources, and online forecasts too!

Astrological Horoscopes & Forecasts - a superb site by Kevin Burk

Astrology by Michael McClain - fine site here - Numerology too

The Astrology Matrix - On-line interactive astrology - and much more!

UK Psychics - Excellent paranormal resource with good Astrology links as well

Access NewAge - for All Things Esoteric & Spiritual, Occult and Metaphysical

Alt.Astrology.Moderated Newsgroup Discussions

What's your Real Star Sign? - Excellent test of Astro-Personality!

The Spiritual Web - Links to various mystical sites here - looks fairly new

Starlight Astrology - Hundreds of pages loaded with free Astrology information

The Zodiacal Zephyr - Well laid out, comprehensive and fun

Kristo's Daily Horoscope - With a difference - Take a look!

ASTROLOGY : On the Net (1500 links) - Exactly what it says!

Astrology - A look at the evidence - Eric Krieg looks at whether Astrology really works

Astrology @ Planet Zodiac: The Lost Horoscope X-Files - Zodiac aphesis astrology software and free birth chart analysis tips based on the lost horoscope x-files from ancient greek, medieval and renaissance sources.

Interesting Astro Links

Swiss Ephemeris - The definitive site for accurate astro-calculations

Computing planetary positions - Paul Schlyter's excellent tutorial here

Astrology World - Excellent new site, improving all the time

The Aquarian Zone - A lovely site here, very Uranian of course!

Celestial Tidings Astrology - Very professional, lots of helpful info here

The Zodiac Master - An extraordinary site here - a must to visit!

ScorpioSite - The most complete guide to Scorpios on the net - Excellent material

Astro Light Live Chat - Friendly Chat - sometimes even about Astrology!

Mermaid's Retreat - Great articles on Esoteric Astrology

Spiritual Reflections - Another fine spritually orientated site here

Widget's World - Excellent, with many articles and in-depth interpretations  

Astrologyhouse - Add your own site here!  Other good material too

Johnathan Dunn's Astro Site - Unusual and excellent diversity of material here

Institute For Astroenergetic Studies - Fine Irish site here with lots of excellent content

Horoscopes On Line by Andrew Black - 1900 to 2050 - uses VBScript

Angel 21 - Excellent Vedic Astrology Resource Site, with new Java Calculator

Astrology and More - Such as Tarot, Numerology and Wicca information

Matrix UK's Astrology Site - Commercial, but these Win*Star guys are real experts!

Mountain Astrologer - Great online Astrology Magazine

Sky Guides Astrological Services - Nicely laid out, and well worth a visit

Astrostar - a large and informative site, with an excellent links section

d-Oracle by Mario - You  ask a Question -You get an answer!

Physical Traits of Astrology - by William Schreib - take a look

Elbert Wade - Plenty of original material by this experienced Astrologer

Light Connection - An interesting site for those pursuing a spiritual pathway

Eclipse - Free Astrology Website - Useful and friendly introduction to Astrology

Crystalinks - A fine metaphysical resource, with a great Ezine - useful geodata too!

Astronomy Algorithms for All - by popular demand we are developing a sister site here

The Age of Aquarius - When does it begin?

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