Mercury Sign Interpretations

With Mercury in Aries, your conscious attempts to organise your experiences
are expressed directly and in a personal way, for your unconscious desires
influence your logical thought processes to a considerable extent.  This
gives you an incisive mind, and one which is curious and original, for you
want to take the lead when it comes to organising your own life.  You prob-
ably enjoy a good argument, for you learn by pitting your ideas and methods
against those of other people.  However you identify strongly with your ideas
and methods, which may indicate a tendency to make the ends justify the means
or you may indulge in some innocent plagiarism.  This is not done with any
inherently harmful purpose in mind, it is more that you feel a strong sense
of urgency when it comes to expressing your ideas, and you will use whatever
methods are available to you.  To make the best of your fertile mind, you
should try to realise that organisation can be achieved more effectively when
you are able to achieve greater objectivity in your methods, although your
spontaneous enthusiasm may make it hard for you to slow down a bit.

With Mercury in Taurus, your conscious attempts to organise your experiences
are expressed in a practical way, for your thought processes operate with a
keen unconscious appreciation of the way the world really is, or at least
appears to be.  Your methodology tends to be rather down to earth, for you
know from experience that ways and means that are tried and tested are most
likely to produce results in practice.  Thus you may tend to operate on a
sort of "autopilot" basis much of the time, taking a considerable amount for
granted.  On the positive side, your methods come rather naturally to you,
and you are reluctant to change them as they appear to work for you, and
you can be quite strong-minded when the occasion demands, even if other
people regard you as being more pig-headed.  However, you do need to re-
evaluate your methods from time to time in the light of your current exper-
iences, for unless your personality shows other signs of ability to change,
you may tend to get stuck in fixed patterns of behaviour which could prevent
you form taking advantage of altered circumstances.

With Mercury in Gemini, your conscious attempts to organise your experiences
operate in a rather haphazard way, since when running your life you conform
more to ideas which stem from your unconscious than to practical consider-
ations of the matter in hand.  While this gives you a broad theoretical basis
from which to operate, and you may come up with original and versatile sol-
utions to practical problems, your methods are unconventional and idiosyncr-
atic.  You have a high level of curiousity, and are likely to be quite ex-
perimental in testing out your ideas and methods, and your inquisitiveness
makes you rather talkitive, for you question everything just for the sake
of it in the interest of furthering your understanding.  You should remember,
however, that your own particular brand of "logic" may be quite illogical as
other people see it, and they may see you as being difficult to pin down to
any concrete action, despite an agile display of mental gymnastics.  To make
the best of your original approach, you need to develop the ability to put
some of your plans into execution with greater efficiency and timing.

With Mercury in Cancer, your conscious attempts to organise your experiences
are coloured by your emotions, so that you prefer methods which feel right
to you, probably those which have worked well in the past.  You tend to be
a creature of habit when it comes to running the details of your life, and
you feel insecure when something turns up to upset your routine.  The sub-
jective nature of your methods carries certain advantages and drawbacks.
On the positive side, you can handle the details of life in a caring con-
siderate way, generating sympathy and support for your behaviour by the
consideration you show for other people, and you may well enjoy being able
to support them in your own way.  However, when you are upset emotionally,
you find it difficult to react constructively to sort out the practical
aspects of your problems, and you may instead resort to defensive sulking
or unreasonable emotional outbursts.  While feelings are certainly import-
ant to you, and your sensitivity can be an asset, you will benefit if you
learn that there are times when practicality should take precedence.
With Mercury in Leo, your conscious attempts to organise your experiences
operate in the context of your belief that your methods are a sincere expr-
ession of your true purpose in life.  You therefore identify with your plans
and ways of putting them into practice in a subjective way, and you probably
attach considerable importance to the notion of being "right", since you
find it hard to separate the means from the ends.  This makes you quite strong
minded, for you feel that if people question your way of doing things, they
are questioning your validity as a person.  While you realise that motivation
is an integral driving force behind getting things done, care should be taken
to see that the two do not interfere with each other.  That way you will be
more objective about your behaviour, and you will probably also be more eff-
icient if you concentrate on the practicals of the matter in hand rather than
thinking ahead to the end-product of your efforts.  If you do this, you are
likely to notice that people support your methods, both because they work in
practice, and because you show a sense of total commitment in addition.

With Mercury in Virgo, your conscious attempts to organise your experiences
operate in the context of your appreciation that considerable attention to
detail is required if life is to run smoothly.  You therefore take an anal-
ytic approach to tasks, breaking them down into small steps, and proceeding
to execute each step logically and in the right order.  This is excellent
for those matters where efficiency and predictability are essential, and
your judgement and critical faculties are strongly developed, even if you
tend to pay rather obsessional attention to apparently trivial matters.
This is only likely to be a problem either if you get so involved in your
methods that you lose sight of the overall purpose, or if you try to oper-
ate using your critical faculties outside of those areas where they are
appropriate.  Thus using your organisational ability at work or in some
hobby is much more likely to be appropriate than trying to organise your
emotional life or indulging in too much self-criticism when you fail to
satisfy your own high expectations of yourself.

With Mercury in Libra, your conscious attempts to organise your experiences
operate in connection with your theoretical overview of the nature of real-
ity in totality.  This makes it difficult for you to make quick practical
decisions, for before you choose a specific approach to a problem, you have
to weigh up the pros and cons of a fair number of alternatives.  This may
give you a good ability to deal with abstractions, but you may hesitate to
commit yourself in practise for fear of closing other options, or you may
temporise by making compromises.  You are likely to be tactful and diplom-
atic in speech, and you may prefer others to organise things, unless their
plans are distasteful to you to such an extent that you retreat into your
world of ideas and fail to cooperate.  You will do best to realise that
theory and practice are complementary, and that one is little use without
the other, then you can develop the ability to separate the planning stage
from the execution stage, rendering you able to operate more effectively
and with greater confidence.

With Mercury in Scorpio, your conscious attempts to organise your experiences
are coloured by your appreciation of emotional considerations.  Your methods
depend on how you feel about an issue that needs to be dealt with.  If your
interest is not aroused in a task, you will avoid it, either by doing some-
thing else, or by sabotaging the execution of the job by non-cooperation or
making sarcastic quips about how pointless the exercise may be.  However,
if your interest is aroused, you will put considerable emotional effort into
organising things in your own way depending on the emotional results you aim
to achieve, and you will argue and act quite forcibly when your passions are
aroused.  Thus to an observer your level of involvement is somewhat variable
and subjective, which makes it hard for others to fathom out your motives
and your methods, even though with your keen understanding of human nature
you may consider your actions to be very obvious in significance.  Your in-
tensity is not lost on others, and your methods are likely to meet with
either strong support or strong opposition.
With Mercury in Sagittarius, your conscious attempts to organise your experi-
ences operate in an expansive fashion.  You understand from your upbringing
that it is important to use methods which allow you to express yourself pers-
onally in addition to getting the job done, and you will therefore expect to
take charge of organising your own affairs, or at least expect to have your
opinions heard and respected if you are operating within a group of people.
You may become highly motivated when some activity catches your personal in-
terest, but you may become bored rather too easily if you feel tied down by
too many detailed arrangements.  You are honest in expressing your opinions,
for you tend to identify with them, and you also have an enquiring spirit,
for you want to learn about any new methods that may help you to develop as
a person.  However you tend to jump to conclusions rather quickly, assuming
that once you have the gist of a subject that is sufficient.  While this may
sometimes be the case, you would be wise to remember that it is worth paying
more attention to detail in order to avoid oversights, in your enthusiasm.

With Mercury in Capricorn, your conscious attempts to organise your experi-
ences operate in a cautious fashion.  Your upbringing has influenced you so
that you place considerable value on the efficiency of the methods you employ.
You take yourself pretty seriously when it comes to organising your affairs,
since you believe that even if you are not critical of the effects of your
efforts, others will certainly be so.  You therefore organise things care-
fully and conscientiously, and you prefer achieving tangible and visible res-
ults to less-well defined end-products.  Your efficiency and your serious
approach to organising yourself have the advantage of making you reliable
and thorough, which is an asset in any form of activity requiring a patient
and methodical approach.  However, you need to be aware that you set very
high standards for yourself, and you should not become too depressed if you
occasionally fail to live up to them, or if other people try to take advant-
age of your willingness to work hard.  Also you need to open yourself a
bit more to new ideas, or you will miss some opportunities.

With Mercury in Aquarius, your conscious attempts to organise your experi-
ences operate in an original fashion.  Your upbringing has left you under-
standing that the only opinions and methods to trust are your own, however
eccentric these may appear to be to other people.  You have an unusual per-
spective on the world and your methods relate to this world overview which
is strongly defined within you.  In theory, you have a very fair view of
the ideal world, one in which people have equal rights and duties, and are
free to do what they want.  You tend to use methods which relate more to
this theoretical model than to the real world where there is considerable
inequality and unfairness, and it is not surprising either that you try
to change the world, or that the world resists the change.  While you have
a fine mind coming up with fertile plans to improve everything, you will
get on better if you tone it down a bit, however "right" your opinions may
be.  Some people do not value "rightness", and there may be parts of your
own personality which do not conform to your own beliefs too!

With Mercury in Pisces, your conscious attempts to organise your experi-
ences operate in an indirect fashion.  Your upbringing has left you feel-
ing, for some reason, that you owe the world a debt, and that at some
level you should just do what you are told.  This makes it rather hard
for you to plan and execute your own affairs once you are an adult.
You are however highly perceptive with regard to other people and the way
they go about things, and you are easily influenced by how they organise
their own affairs.  You also have a good imagination, presumably full of
fantasies about what you could do if you were allowed to!  You need to
learn to use your imagination to help you to live in the present here
and now reality, for you are just as capable of organising your affairs
as anybody else.  You will manage far better if you allow yourself not
to expect other people to attend to the details, instead providing your
own sensitive way of getting things done the way YOU would like.  This
way everyone will know what is happening, and there will be no confusion.

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