Moon Aspects in Astrology

The time of birth needs to be known to within a few hours if you wish to interpret moon aspects.

Moon Conjunct Mercury
Your unconscious emotional response to the world operates in combination with
your conscious way of trying to organise your experiences.  You like to under-
stand why you feel the way you do, and you may therefore prefer situations
where your emotional responses are predictable.  This may occur at a mundane
level, so that you like tidiness in your home and personal life, or at a psy-
chological level, so that you attempt to develop your own system for analysing
your own and other people's feelings.  While you are highly perceptive and
responsive, you will find that your ability for planning is often affected by
the way you feel at the time, while you will also find it hard to let your
feelings flow spontaneously when you are worried about practical matters.
Moon Opposition Mercury
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is at odds with your consc-
ious way of trying to organise your experiences, and you need to understand
yourself better, so that you can achieve a suitable balance between reason and
emotion.  Although you have a good ability to reason and a strong emotional
nature, you are likely to find it hard to use both at once.  Either you will
see others as overemotional and disorganised and as being in need of correct-
ion, or you will feel that you are having to deny your feelings in the name of
being reasonable.  You may be tempted to avoid the problem by becoming clever
with words, but this makes matters worse.  You need to learn to accept both
your feelings and your ideas as being valid in the appropriate contexts.
Moon Trine Mercury
Your unconscious emotional response to the world blends in well with the way
you attempt to organise your experiences at a conscious level.  You are a
perceptive person whose feelings are in tune with external reality, and you
should have little difficulty in presenting your ideas in a way which will
foster acceptance and understanding from others, while you are also able to
communicate your feelings successfully.  To make the most of your ability
you would benefit from taking the trouble to use your planning ability in
connection with some personal enterprise to which you attach value, other-
wise you might be tempted to use your well developed verbal ability to pro-
vide you with an easy existence lacking in real challenge.
Moon Square Mercury
Your unconscious emotional response to the world contrasts strongly with the
way you set about organising your life at a conscious rational level, and
the two ways of being interfere with each other.  In short you have a con-
flict between what feels right to you emotionally and the demands of pract-
ical reality.  This may mean that you are constantly unsure about how to
react to your own feelings and ideas, and are rather mistrustful of others.
More likely perhaps is that you will feel let down by others, either bec-
ause they appear to act in spite of your feelings or because they do not
appreciate your logic.  In either case you need to become more patient, for
you will feel more at ease when you learn more about your own attitudes.
Moon Sextile Mercury
You probably get on well with people, for you show an appropriate balance
between the demands of practical necessity and emotional considerations.
You are quick to appreciate both your own needs and those of others, and
you are probably good at communicating this appreciation to others.  You
like things to run smoothly if possible, and you will work to make this
happen, for you realise that some effort is required to make things go
well and to keep them that way.  You are likely to be quite talkitive, for
you like to exchange ideas and fellings with others in order to check out
that things are under control and that people are happy.  This should not
be an end in itself, however, but part of some wider personal aim.
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Mercury
You may feel rather confused when deciding whether to act in accordance
with your feelings or in accordance with your reason, for the two options
appear to be mutually exclusive.  As you learn more about yourself, how-
ever, you will discover how to integrate the demands of reality with the
demands of your own emotional security through experience.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Mercury
You are in a dilemma when it comes to a decision whether to act in accord-
ance with your feelings or to use your reason, for the two modes of oper-
ation are quite different for you.  Until you learn to accept that both
methods are equally valid in the right place and at the right time, you
will continue to feel oversensitive and/or overcritical of self and others.

Moon Conjunct Venus
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by a conscious
desire to achieve objective understanding of the world around you.  You feel
most comfortable when people and events conform to your idea of how you would
like things to be, and you will make efforts to see that this is so.  Thus
you are able to use your capacity to think ahead to decide how you would like
things to turn out for the best as far as your feelings are concerned.  Also
your ideals are highly influenced by your emotions.  At best you can combine
compassionate insight with your planning ability to make the world a happier
place to live in for everyone, provided you avoid a tendency to be lazy in
the belief that things will always turn out for the best by themselves.
Moon Opposition Venus
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is at odds with your consc-
ious desire to achieve objective understanding of the world around you.  This
may give rise to problems in relating to other people.  You may feel out of
place in intimate relationships, thinking that your freedom is under threat,
and you may feel uncomfortable in social situations, where you are expected
to suppress your feelings for the sake of being "polite".  Once you realise
that you can be both emotional and intellectually free if you organise the
balance between your own needs and your ideas about others wishes more suit-
ably, you will find that you can enjoy the ability to relate to others on a
variety of different levels, for you are really a caring thoughtful person.
Moon Trine Venus
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by a conscious
desire to achieve objective understanding of the world around you, and this
can work out most fortunately for you.  You have the ability to gain per-
spective on your feelings through an intellectual understanding of how they
fit into the overall context, and you are also able to lend a personal feel-
ing of involvement with the most abstract of studies and pursuits.  Being
able to back up your thinking with feeling and vice versa, you are highly
versatile, if need be.  Here is the catch, however.  Unless there are more
dynamic aspects to your make-up, you may be content to live a life of ease
without any sense of urgency whatsoever.
Moon Square Venus
You are prone to emotional dissatisfaction, for you feel either that there
is no place in the world for the sorts of feelings you experience to find
appropriate expression, or that others interfere with your theories about
how things ought to be by giving way to their emotions.  Until you come to
understand that your emotions work in a different way from your ideas, you
are likely to be attracted to the wrong sort of people, probably because
of a poor sense of timing.  You will certainly be keen to explore yourself
through relationships, and through your experiences you could become an
excellent judge of human nature, though you will probably make a few mis-
takes along the way, by misunderstanding others' terms of reference.
Moon Sextile Venus
Your unconscious emotional response to the world works quite well with your
conscious desire to understand the world intellectually.  You are therefore
able to gain some degree of detachment from your feelings, enabling you to
keep things in perspective, and to keep calm in a crisis.  You are also
able to give depth to your ideas, and infuse some feeling into them.
These are useful qualities, and you will find that you are likely to be
popular for your capacity to handle both ideas and emotions relatively
easily.  You tend to be fairly tolerant and easy-going, and to make the
most of your considerable talents you should apply yourself to some task
or goal that is of personal importance to you.
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Venus
You may be rather confused when it comes to sorting out your thoughts and
your feelings, for the two conflict somewhat.  You will learn as you
interact with the world that it is important for both your feelings and
your consideration for other people's values to be expressed, for they
are both appropriate in the right context.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Venus
You feel a struggle between the need to satisfy your own feelings and the
need to be "nice" and polite when dealing with the world and other people.
You are oversensitive over this issue, and you will learn through exper-
ience that it is possible to do both, though not necessarily at the same
time.  You certainly should not consider either need as "bad".

Moon Conjunct Mars
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by your conscious
desire to act on the basis of your feelings.  This double emphasis on your em-
otional set-up indicates that you take your feelings very seriously, and you
tend to express them regardless of other considerations.  While you are honest
about your own feelings, you find it hard to control their expression.  While
this helps you to get things off your chest, and gives you a brash self-conf-
idence, you need to be more careful.  Your emotional impulsiveness brings a
risk of acting against your own long-term interests by impatient displays of
anger or selfishness.  You need to develop a greater ability to detach yourself
from your feelings to make the most of your powerful emotional make-up.
Moon Opposition Mars
Your unconscious emotional approach to the world is at odds with your more con-
scious desire to act on the basis of your feelings.  This is likely to lead
to arguments, for one of two reasons.  First you may identify with your own
self-assertion, but find that your methods upset other people, and you then
come across even more forcibly.  Secondly you may find that other people just
won't leave you alone emotionally; they appear to provoke you constantly.
The problem really lies in the way you perceive things rather than in other
people.  You need to work on yourself to discover what you really need and
how to go about getting it in a more appropriately organised way, then you
can use your considerable emotional energies to better purpose.
Moon Trine Mars
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is in tune with your more
conscious desire to act on the basis of your feelings.  This gives you con-
siderable confidence in yourself at an emotional level, and you have plenty
of courage and initiative.  You will fight strongly for what you believe in
for you will be sensitive not only to the immediate issues at stake but also
to the long term implications for your security.  Your self-confidence may
be a source of inspiration to other people who are in emotional difficulties
and you have the ability to help them to decide what action to take to improve
matters.  You are likely to enjoy close relationships with other people, as
you have considerable personal magnetism.
Moon Square Mars
Your unconscious emotional response to the world works at cross-purposes with
the way you assert yourself emotionally at a more conscious level.  This gives
rise to considerable emotional oversensitivity.  You are likely to show con-
siderable impatience, and to take offence easily, especially if you feel you
are not getting your own way.  The real problem is that you are not sure what
you really need to feel secure, and your attempts to achieve conscious short-
term emotional satisfaction may interfere with your deeper needs for longterm
emotional security.  You need to develop some self-understanding so that you
can learn to use your considerable fighting abilities more constructively in
the direction of a worth-while cause, instead of being aggressively defensive.
Moon Sextile Mars
Your unconscious emotional response to the world works quite well with your
more conscious desire to act on your feelings, giving you self-confidence,
for you are able to evaluate the longer-term implications of your actions as
well as the immediate ones in terms of emotional security.  You are therefore
quite courageous, and will fight with the courage of your convictions for
those things you value.  Your ability to channel your energies constructively
makes you a useful member of a group, for you can set a good pace and whip up
enthusiasm in others.  You are likely to get on well with other people who
value your qualities of loyalty and directness, and you are likely to show
considerable personal magnetism in close relationships.
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Mars
You may feel confused about the world of feelings until you know yourself
better, for your means of asserting yourself emotionally is out of tune
with the emotional set-up you are searching for.  You may even be somewhat
inhibited from expressing how you feel, for fear that it will trigger off
negative feelings in others, or damage them in some way.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Mars
Your strong feelings may be a problem for you until you learn to handle them
more appropriately.  The way you feel when things are running smoothly is
quite different from the way you react emotionally when you feel under
threat, and you have a tendency to over-react, since you regard a challenge
to one aspect of your life as being a challenge to your whole security.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by what you con-
sider to be good and worth striving for as a result of your upbringing.  This
means that you feel an inner sense of permission to express your emotions to
the full, and you will seek out situations where this is possible.  You will
not keep your feelings to yourself, and people will appreciate your emotional
enthusiasm, although to make the most of your emotional freedom of expression
you also need to take into account more practical considerations as well, as
you tend to be rather happy-go-lucky.  At best you are emotionally supportive
towards others, and your optimism can encourage them even when they are de-
pressed, but you sometimes overreact emotionally, since you feel so strongly.
Moon Opposition Jupiter
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is at odds with what you were
taught about what you should consider good and noble to aim for.  This makes
you a restless person, for you are pulled in two directions.  At times you
will invest considerable emotional energy in pursuing goals which later turn
out to be of dubious value to you, and at others you will do what you believe
to be right only to find that you feel dissatisfied emotionally.  Although you
are a spirited emotional person with an abundance of enthusiasm, you need to
become more organised in your approach to reconciling the demands of your
feelings with what you were taught to be your purpose in life, otherwise you
are likely to be extravagant and wasteful in seeking emotional satisfaction.
Moon Trine Jupiter
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is supported and encouraged
by your learnt sense of what you should aspire towards.  You therefore feel
good about yourself, probably because your upbringing has taught you that
you feel happiest when you see the best in yourself and other people.  Your
optimism makes you able to be your natural self as you feel most secure in
this way.  You will want to share your good feelings with other people,
and to make the most of your abilities you will benefit from travel or fur-
ther education, provided you are allowed to choose the direction of your
studies and pursuits, for kind and tolerant though you are, you do not like
to feel that you are being pushed into something out of tune with your nature.
Moon Square Jupiter
Your unconscious emotional response to the world works in one way: your bel-
iefs about how you should act to further your purpose in life work in another.
You probably tend to identify with one way of being rather than the other,
seeing the second way as belonging to others.  Thus you may show your feelings
readily and to the full, encouraging a spirited response from others which is
stronger than you imagined, in turn encouraging you towards further strong
displays of emotion.  Another possibility is that you identify with what you
believe is Right, despite your views going against the grain.  In either case,
the problem is one of excessive identification either with your emotions or
your beliefs, and you need to develop some moderation in expressing these.
Moon Sextile Jupiter
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is supported by faith in
yourself as a person, probably as a result of an upbringing where you were
taught that feeling good in yourself results from having good motives.  This
means that you will value channelling your emotional and spiritual energies
in some creative way.  While this could mean just that you are popular and
enjoy having a good time, you will probably learn that real success requires
some effort, and you will want to find self-fulfilment via the pursuit of
wider interests than those directed towards immediate pleasure for its own
sake.  You may learn through travel, for example, finding you are able to
understand relatively easily how other peoples run their lives.
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Jupiter
You may feel unsure about your beliefs, being confused as to whether you
ought to place your own feelings first, or your philosophical opinions.
You will learn more about both of these sides of yourself through your
interactions with other people, realising that it is not necessary to sacri-
fice your emotions for your belief system or vice versa.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Jupiter
You have a strong emotional nature, and a strong belief system about what is
right to aim for, but your feelings are often at odds with your beliefs,
for these two sides to your personality operate in quite different ways,
leading to a feeling of strain in these areas, until you learn that both are
important, but that one should not be overdone at the expense of the other.

Moon Conjunct Saturn
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by your consc-
ience structure.  This means that you do not express your feelings spontan-
eously, for you first of all have to check them against the demands of your
conscience.  You take your feelings very seriously, and, depending on your
upbringing, you are likely to control your feelings quite strictly, unless
you consider your emotions to be "appropriate", or to attempt to ignore them
altogether.  You might also use your common sense to try to obtain material
security instead of emotional security, as you do not trust your own feeling
nature.  You need to learn to take yourself less seriously, and you may need
help in realising that you do not have to stick to rules you learned long ago.
Moon Opposition Saturn
The free flow of your feelings is blocked by your conscience structure, as a
result of your upbringing.  You may have grown up feeling that you are no
good as a person, or you may have been taught the importance of putting pract-
ical considerations ahead of emotional ones.  You may have been set an unfort-
unate example by a stern parent or an otherwise difficult childhood.  You may
feel obliged to accept the many tedious burdens that are placed upon you in
life, and you may feel unable to relax and enjoy yourself.  You may even be
critical of others who appear to take life too easily, adding to your problems
by alienating them.  You are capable of developing considerable understanding
and trust through self-analysis, and you should never reject a helping hand.
Moon Trine Saturn
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by your consc-
ience structure in such a way that the two cooperate well together.  Thus
your feelings are usually appropriate, though you may not express them too
easily, since you tend to be rather conservative emotionally, disliking too
much open display of feeling.  In fact you feel more comfortable when your
feelings can operate within a structured environment, and you therefore show
a practical turn of mind, with considerable patience and common sense.  You
prefer traditional serious forms of recreation, rather than anything too
unorthodox or impractical, but you should not close yourself completely to
new emotional experiences or you will miss some opportunities.
Moon Square Saturn
You have strong feelings, but you may find it hard to express them, feeling
that because they are private and subjective they are not important in re-
ality.  This may lead to problems in achieving a proper balance between
your strong sense of duty and your strong need to satisfy your own emotional
wishes.  You may not be aware of this conflict, and are more likely to ident-
ify with one or other part of it.  Thus you may feel that other people try
to stifle your feelings, or that you have to put a check on other people's
emotional expression.  In either case, you are likely to feel lonely and
misunderstood until you come to terms with the fact that you are attempting
to sort out your own emotional problems through other people inappropriately.
Moon Sextile Saturn
You have strong feelings and a strong sense of duty, this combination ind-
icating that you are sensitive to what other people think of you.  You may
be rather reserved about showing your feelings openly, unless you feel that
they are appropriate to external reality, for you are keen to be seen to
show the correct emotional responses.  This may give you a reputation for
shrewdness and common sense, together with a liking for concrete results
for your efforts, which can then be approved by society.  Your ability
to place your feelings within the context of external reality and expect-
ations may allow you to help others who have problems with their feelings,
by providing them with emotional support and appropriate "reparenting".
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Saturn
You may feel some confusion in balancing your need for emotional self-
expression with the demands of the outer world, which may lead to problems
in the area of control of your feelings.  Until you learn through experience,
you may incur criticism for showing your feelings, or you may tend to try to
curb the expression of feelings in yourself or in other people.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Saturn
Your need for emotional security conflicts with your sense of duty, as the
two operate in different ways, leading to stress and loneliness until you
learn to handle feelings and duty more appropriately and in their proper
contexts.  Then you will find that you can allow yourself free emotional ex-
pression at times, and obey your strong conscience at other times.

Moon Conjunct Uranus
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by the theoret-
ical framework you have developed in an attempt to understand your early ex-
perience.  You therefore express your feelings in the context of a strong
belief system about the way the world and other people tick.  This belief
system is individually defined by your reaction to your upbringing and is
therefore quite unique.  Although you experience your feelings in the con-
text of what is to you a familiar idea system, your emotional responses will
appear to others as independent and unusual.  You become involved in a variety
of exciting emotional situations, and you feel most secure emotionally when
you feel free to respond according to your inner rules rather then to the norm.
Moon Opposition Uranus
You experience a conflict between your needs for emotional security and your
need to operate freely and independently within the framework of a theoretical
belief system you have developed in response to your upbringing.  The two needs
oppose each other, and you will probably find that when you seek emotional sec-
urity you experience unusual and disruptive reactions from other people, or
become involved in exciting but dangerous situations.  You may instead deliber-
ately seek out nonconformist experiences, just for the hell of it, to test out
your unusual ideas and impulses, finding that your behaviour goes against the
grain.  You need to become more organised, recognising that emotional security
can be compatible with independent ideas provided both are kept in proportion.
Moon Trine Uranus
You are able to operate in original and unconventional ways in pursuit of em-
otional security, for your upbringing has led you to understand that your em-
otional experiences need to fit in with your theoretical beliefs about the
nature of the world, however idiosyncratic these beliefs may appear to others.
You seek considerable freedom to pursue emotional experiences in your own way,
though your behaviour is more likely to be regarded as progressive and innov-
ative rather than antisocial or arrogant.  You will be attracted to people and
projects that are out of the ordinary, feeling quite at home in places and
situations which would disconcert more conventional people.  You will also
help others to break out of their emotional ruts by your fine example.
Moon Square Uranus
Your emotional needs are strong and so is your need to feel free to live acc-
ording to a theoretical idea system developed as a result of your unusual
upbringing.  These needs tend to interfere with each other, and the result
is a life full of exciting if somewhat unstable experiences.  Thus you may
find that the way you go about seeking emotional security attracts offbeat
unreliable responses from others, leaving you feeling let down, or you may
experience a need to rebel yourself, by challenging other peoples feelings
with a barrage of unusual behaviour and ideas.  You need to slow down a bit,
for, especially when you are upset, you tend to react without thinking, or you
act compulsively and offhandedly, treading on other people's feelings.
Moon Sextile Uranus
Your unconscious emotional response to the world tends to flow along original
channels, for your upbringing has left you with strong beliefs about how
the world and other people ought to tick in theory, irrespective of how corr-
ect or otherwise your beliefs may be.  You feel the need for freedom to set
about structuring your feelings in accordance with your belief system, and
you will seek out people and situations that are unusual if they fit in with
your system.  Your ability to tolerate being off the beaten track means that
you will enjoy challenges which would deter others, and you could develop
interest and ability in unusual fields of study, provided you are given free
rein to explore things in your own egregious way.
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Uranus
You may feel emotionally insecure at times when your prejudices get in the
way of your feelings and you have to decide between what feels right and
what you think to be right according to ideas you developed as a result of
your upbringing.  With experience you will learn more about this conflict and
will learn to act and react less compulsively in these situations.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Uranus
Your unconscious emotional security needs are expressed in one way, and your
theoretical belief system developed in response to your upbringing works in
another, leading to some stress.  Until you develop more self-understanding,
you may find that your intellectual belief system gets in the way of your
feelings, giving rise to a dilemma of the closeness versus freedom type.

Moon Conjunct Neptune
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by your under-
standing of how you wre taught you ought to feel about yourself and other
people.  Thus your emotional experiences relate to an inner frame of refer-
ence or evaluation system which is unique to yourself, and based on a mult-
itude of past feeling states.  You are likely to be very sensitive emotion-
ally, and since your current feelings are so tied in with memories and fant-
asies, your emotions seem to stem from a broad inner base which is difficult
for others to understand; even you yourself may be confused by the many emot-
ions you experience.  At best you can develop compassionate and intuitive ab-
ilities, but you need to ensure that your dreams are in touch with reality!
Moon Opposition Neptune
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by your under-
standing of how you were taught you ought to feel about yourself and other
people, and the two are at odds with each other leading to considerable em-
otional confusion and mixed feelings.  Your strong emotional sensitivity
makes it hard for you to separate out your own feelings from those of other
people.  Thus your own beliefs about how other people are feeling may mis-
lead you into feeling misunderstood or let down by others, or your own high
sense of obligation may lead you to make emotional promises you find it hard
to fulfil.  You need to learn to tackle your emotional problems directly,
rather than to rely upon evasion or deception in the area of your feelings.
Moon Trine Neptune
Your emotional nature is sensitive, for your unconscious emotional response
to the world is coloured by and broadened by your understanding of human
nature at an emotional level as a result of your upbringing.  You have a
rich imagination, and you may have some clairvoyant ability, tuning in to
your own and other's feelings at several different levels.  This could lead
you to retreat into a fantasy world of your own, preferring to avoid too
much contact with harsh reality, but ideally you should express your creative
abilities through some constructive channel in the arts or in writing, for
you communicate your feelings very well, especially once you realise that
the levels of perception available to you are not available to everybody.
Moon Square Neptune
Your unconscious emotional response to the world and to other people is at
cross-purposes with the way you were taught you ought to feel, leading to
emotional hypersensitivity, for you are unsure how you feel about other
people and how they feel about you.  You may lack confidence emotionally,
either sensing that your feelings should come second to those of others,
or else that your own feelings are strange and unlike those of others.
The way to deal with this problem is to confront the problem directly, ex-
pressing your feelings whatever they may be, rather than indulging in
avoidance or escapist behaviour.  Then you can use your sensitivity towards
suffering constructively, becoming the saviour rather than the victim.
Moon Sextile Neptune
You are capable of considerable empathy, for you are able to put yourself in
another's place emotionally and you would be well placed in one of the help-
ing professions.  You could also use your strong imagination to develop art-
istic or writing ability.  You will do best to find some constructive outlet
for your creativity, otherwise you may tend to retire into the private world
of your own dreams.  With some effort, you will be able to inspire others
with your capacity for handling different levels of emotional reality, for
not everybody has this ability.  However, although you may find your fantas-
ies more interesting than reality, you need to remember that discipline is
required as well as your inspiration to realise your dreams in practice.
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Neptune
You are liable to experience some emotional confusion, for your upbringing
has not prepared you to accept some of the harsher realities of life.  You
need to develop a thicker skin, then you will be able to face your emotional
difficulties directly and honestly, rather than distorting the facts to suit
your feelings.  That way you will develop more self-confidence.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Neptune
You have a highly developed imagination and you are emotionally sensitive,
but you lack the self-confidence to express these aspects of your personality
directly, possibly through fear that expressing your feelings will upset oth-
ers, or that they will not understand you.  You need to be more open about
your feelings, learning to share them and to develop more trust in the world.

Moon Conjunct Pluto
Your unconscious emotional response to the world and to other people is col-
oured by powerful unconscious urges towards spontaneous action over which you
experience little or no control.  Your feelings are therefore very powerful,
and at times your emotional behaviour takes on a compulsive nature; you are
often at the mercy of your feelings.  This emotional power can be a great
source of strength to you, and you can develop penetrating understanding of
the potential transformations possible by use of emotion combined with will.
At best you can use this power constructively, but you need to express your
feelings at the right intensity: too much, and you will explode sometimes; too
little and you may become prey to many irrational fears, phobias and panics.
Moon Opposition Pluto
Due to the interplay of unconscious factors in your make-up, your emotions
are very powerful, but difficult to control in intensity.  You find it imposs-
ible to detach from your feelings as you identify with them completely and
personally.  One effect is that you may keep feelings to yourself, fearing
strong opposition from others, or you may be emotionally provocative, elicit-
ing dangerous responses.  You may also feel a compulsive urge to gain control
over other people's feelings, being subject to emotions such as jealousy and
envy.  You have a lot to learn, but the positive side of this difficult aspect
is that you can gain penetrating insights into how you and other people tick
emotionally, and learn to use your intensely emotional nature constructively.
Moon Trine Pluto
Your unconscious emotional response to the world and to other people is col-
oured by a powerful unconscious desire on your part to act spontaneously and
with thorough self-involvement.  You therefore take your own emotions very
seriously, as you do those of others, realising that feelings are infused
with great personal significance and power, as though they are almost part of
oneself.  While you may not necessarily experience the feelings yourself, you
are aware of the power of feelings such as envy, jealousy and posessiveness,
and you could use your penetrating understanding of human nature to help to
alter these feelings so that they occur in a more positive form, setting
an example by your own ability to explore your own feeling nature healthily.
Moon Square Pluto
Due to the interaction of unconscious factors in your make-up, you are often
at the mercy of very strong emotions.  Your deep-seated emotional insecurity
will lead to problems until you learn more about your complex emotional nature.
You may be frightened to share your feelings, sensing that your trust will be
misplaced, or you may show your feelings compulsively, disconcerting others.
In either case the problem is that, ( in your own mind ), sharing feelings
equals a struggle for control: the two are bound together.  Once you unlink
the two, you will feel more able to trust, and to dispense with the envy, jeal-
ousy and posessiveness that result from your misguided search for security
through manipulation and control.  You CAN be O.K. if you learn to just let go!
Your unconscious emotional response to the world and to other people is col-
oured by an unconscious drive to express yourself directly and spontaneously.
Moon Sextile Pluto
This adds a certain dynamic quality to your emotional expression, and you take
your feelings quite seriously, wanting to understand yourself better.  You
will also develop considerable understanding of the way other people tick,
and it is important for you to use your insights constructively.  As you mat-
ure, you will learn to use your emotional power wisely, though at least when
you are young you may be tempted to use your understanding of human nature
to get what you want through manipulation.  Others will eventually see through
this, and with some effort you can direct your energies more constructively.
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Pluto
You may feel rather confused about why your feelings are so powerful, until
you develop more self-knowledge through relationships.  You may be prone to
negative emotions such as jealousy and posessiveness, until you learn that
these feelings have more positive expressions in the form of respect and
loyalty, which you can develop through refining your emotional nature.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Pluto
You need to learn the difference between spontaneous self-assertive action,
and spontaneous emotional reaction, for the two drives operate differently.
Until you do this, your spontaneous actions may upset other people who try
to control you through their emotions, or you may respond impulsively mot-
ivated by unfruitful emotions such as envy and posessiveness.

(Speculative - ignore if you like)
Moon Conjunct Zed $$$
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by your unconsc-
ious thought processes in such a way that you feel emotionally secure through
having a background of strange ideas which you act upon quite spontaneously.
Your emotional responses may be bizarre at times, for they operate according
to your own particular brand of logic, though others would see this as emot-
ional fickleness, based more upon lateral thinking than upon logic.  You may
find some original ways of dealing with your feelings, realising that your
feelings are best expressed within the context of an idea system which is un-
iquue, but you should recognise that other people will consider you to be a
bit crazy at times (!) but you will not let this worry you too much.
Moon Opposition Zed $$$
Your unconscious emotional response to the world is coloured by your unconsc-
ious thought processes in such a way thet you need to develop greater object-
ivity and organisation.  Otherwise you are liable to find that when you ex-
press your feelings, you experience responses which are most bizarre and un-
expected, and while you have a fertile mind, capable of bringing up original
ideas from the unconscious, you will find that other people react strangely
to your ideas, with emotional rejection.  You are talented certainly, but to
make the most of your talents, you need to distinguish more readily between
that which is subjective, (your feelings), and that which is objective, (your
thoughts).  Then your originality can reap real dividends.
Moon Trine Zed $$$
Your unconscious feeling processes blend in nicely with your unconscious thou-
ght processes, which gives you the capacity for considerable idle speculation!
On the plus side, your generalised panoramic flow of psychological activity
may lead you to develop belief systems which are unorthodox but productive,
especially if you avoid sticking to that which is tried and tested.  On the
minus side, your thoughts and fantasies may preoccupy you to such an extent
that you find it hard to ground them in practice; there is a tendency for you
to judge a situation only in terms of your inner sense of reality.  To make
the best of your abilities, you need to find some concrete sphere of operation
for your activities which helps you to achive some predefined goal.
Moon Square Zed $$$
Your unconscious feeling processes are coloured by erratic and bizarre uncon-
scious thought processes.  This means that you may confidently expect the un-
expected!  While you are inquisitive and anxious to test out your feelings
through involvement with other people, you find that you encourage irrational
responses from other people, which challenge your belief systems.  In addit-
ion, you may feel compelled to play the role of the Joker, constantly chall-
enging the emotional set of other people by throwing bizarre ideas in their
direction.  Once you develop some control over this tendency, or at least
become aware of it, you can use your ability to experience situations at more
than one level by using your intuitive abilities more constructively.
Moon Sextile Zed $$$
Your unconscious feeling processes are coloured by your unconscious thought
processes in such a way that you have the capacity to integrate the two con-
structively.  While it will take you some time to understand that you oper-
ate in a rather different way from most people, you will then be able to dev-
elop considerable flexibility in your response to situations.  Your capacity
for lateral thinking is strongly developed, and you probably feel at home
when dealing with concepts which would make others feel uncomfortable or out
of their depth.  You may develop unusual ability in areas such as Psychology
or ESP, but you need to remember that to make the best of your talents, you
need to ground your ideas in practical reality.
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Zed $$$
You may feel confused about your feelings, for they seem to be out of place,
at least according to traditional ideas of reality.  Similarly, you may find
that you are subject to strange ideas about the world which fly in the face
of the norm.  Once you gain greater self-awareness, this should not really
prove a problem, since you will understand the different levels of reality.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Zed $$$
You probably find that expressing your spontaneous feelings is stressful at
times, for you are liable to get bizarre responses.  However, it is possible
for you to learn through experience that your feelings are just as valid as
the rather unorthodox ideas that stem from your unconscious, and you will
learn to develop your intuitive abilities within the proper contexts.

(Accurate birth-time required!!)
Moon Conjunct Ascendant
You could be said to wear your heart on your sleeve, for your unconscious
emotional response to the world is expressed spontaneously for all to see.
This is especially true if your Moon Sign is the same as your Rising Sign.
This carries the advantage that you are likely to express your feelings
openly and directly, for you feel most secure when you are able to do this.
You are well in touch with your emotions, which perhaps explains why you are
so readily able to express them, but there is a small catch to watch out for.
While emotional considerations are undoubtedly important to you, you need to
make sure that you also develop the ability to express other aspects of your
personality, in addition to your genuine strong feeling nature.
Moon Opposition Ascendant
You are an emotional person, but until you know yourself better, you may tend
to project your emotions onto other people.  This means that you will tend to
be attracted to other people who show their emotions strongly, and you will
"live out" your own feelings through other people.  You really need to learn
to differentiate out what are your own feelings from those of other people,
though this will not necessarily be easy.  You certainly expect strong emot-
ional responses from others, and your emotional set may be geared to deal
with these responses in a containing and conciliatory way.  This will not
cause many problems provided that you recognise that your own feelings are
pretty strong: otherwise ask yourself why do OTHERS feel so strongly??
Moon Trine Ascendant
You find it relatively easy to express your feeling states spontaneously,
for your natural way of organising your experiences is in tune with the way
you behave in order to feel emotionally secure.  You are probably able to
understand why others feel the way they do fairly easily, and this is likely
to lead to your being popular.  You also feel that it is important for you
to be able to share your own feelings with other people, and you will look
for emotional support from other people, as well as being able to provide
emotional support yourself for other people.  You can use your ability to
express your feelings to further your creative talents: you really need to
do this, otherwise you could become rather lazy.
Moon Square Ascendant
You are a sensitive person, but you feel some conflict between the need to
react according to your feelings, and to act according to your natural ten-
dencies when dealing with your immediate experiences.  You may therefore
feel that your own feelings have to take second place in the world, or you
might react by responding over-emotionally when there is no real need to do
so.  In either case, you will experience some emotional discord, and you
really need to work out what you really need, instead of what your immed-
iate experience tells you you need.  That way you will learn to integrate
your emotional requirements with the needs dictated by your immediate mat-
erial circumstances, and what you feel is expedient.
Moon Sextile Ascendant
Your emotional needs are quite strong, and you need to feel part of the
wider order of things, sensing that you are unwise to attempt to go it
alone.  You are probably correct in this view, and friends and an inqui-
sitive approach to life will be important to you.  You need to feel acc-
epted, and you will endeavour to get along with other people at a pract-
ical level, so that you achieve a sense of emotional self-worth.  Your
feelings can become a reliable guide to the path you ought to choose in
life, and you will strive to feel useful at some level, recognising that
emotional security comes from being respoected for your sensitivity and
your ability to provide practical support ina variety of situations.
Moon Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Ascendant
You may feel confused about when to respond to a situation emotionally
and when to do what comes naturally at a practical level, for you may
be rather insecure emotionally.  However experience will result in your
developing a considerable degree of emotional versatility and independence
based on an understanding of your emotional and practical priorities.
Moon Semisextile or Quincunx Ascendant
You may feel some conflict between your own emotional needs and the prac-
tical necessities you see in a given situation.  You need to learn to
show how you feel emotionally as well as how you percieve the immediate
aspects of a situation, even though you may experience your direction
to be rather different in each case.

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