Moon Sign Interpretations

With your Moon in Aries, your emotional response to the world and other people
is coloured by an unconscious desire to get ahead at all costs.  Therefore
when your feelings are aroused you act with great force and directness, for
you develop a sense of security in this way.  You are courageous, for you
have a feeling that what you are doing is right, but when your anger is ar-
oused you tend to be impulsive and careless, saying and doing things that
you may later regret.  In relationships you express yourself clearly, but
you may feel insecure if you cannot take the lead all the time.  You need to
remember that many of your fears and phobias centred round loss of control are
based more in the past and in your own mind than in current reality.  Once you
develop more understanding of your emotional set-up, as you will through trial
and error, you will realise that you will benefit from throwing yourself whole
heartedly into some cause you really value, using your emotional energy more
constructively.  You will also learn not to alienate others by rash displays
of temper that they may remember long after you have forgotten them.

With your Moon in Taurus, your emotional response to the world and other peo-
ple is coloured by an unconscious desire to get in touch with tangible reality,
and to make this as comfortable and secure as possible.  You like to feel that
your physical surroundings and emotional relationships are stable, and you
prefer not to rock the boat if possible.  Thus you are patient and emotionally
supportive towards people, showing a tendency to maintain the status quo, which
may come across as laziness or stubbornness if other people try to persuade you
out of your habitual way of being.  While your sensible approach to looking
after your practical and emotional needs, and your being in touch with others'
needs and feelings, is highly valuable, there is a risk that you may behave
as though a situation exists long after it has ceased to exist, rather than
face the prospect of making changes and adjustments necessary in the light of
reappraisal of your circumstances.  Hopefully  other areas of your personality
will come to your aid here to stop you getting into too habitual responses to
those aspects of life where more dynamic action is appropriate.

With your Moon in Gemini, your emotional response to the world and to other peo-
ple is coloured by an unconscious desire to find out as much as possible about
everything so that you can base your emotional responses on theories developed
from generalising your experiences.  You are therefore highly inquisitive about
human nature, for you want to understand your own emotions through observation
of how others react when their feelings are aroused.  On the plus side, this
means that you can keep your cool while others are losing theirs, and you can
also help other people to detach themselves from distressing feelings.  How-
ever there is the distinct risk that you may intellectualise or rationalise
your feelings, the effect of which will be to make you feel that other people
are being unreasonable.  Although you are not argumentative by nature, except
in fun, there is a risk that you will talk the hind legs off a donkey when
you feel strongly about something, and your skilful use of words and gestures
may convey more than you think when you are angry; you may upset sensitive
people with your apparent insistence on reason rather than emotion.

With your Moon in Cancer, your emotional response to the world and to other peo-
ple is coloured by an unconscious desire to take care of your own and others'
emotional needs.  This means that you respond subjectively to situations and
people at an unconscious level, whether or not your conscious response is
more objective.  Your memory for emotionally charged events is long and vivid,
and you are show a strong tendency towards prejudice, with strong likes and
dislikes, based on your past experiences.  You will react strongly to protect
yourself and other people you care about, as you have well developed maternal
instincts.  Your broad emotional flexibility and responsiveness is highly
important to you, and you will always place a high priority on how you feel in
evaluating any situation.  However, there is some danger in that you might
carry this too far, allowing your feelings to interfere in decisions and sit-
uations which would better be dealt with by objective analysis.  Although
this may not be your cup of tea, you need to accept that logic does have a
place in decision making, even though for you feelings are more important.
With your Moon in Leo, your emotional response to the world and other people
is coloured by a conscious desire to pursue your personal goals.  You there-
fore attach considerable importance to your feelings, seeing them as a reli-
able guide as to how you are progressing towards your chosen ends.  You pre-
fer to be at the centre of things, feeling most secure when you are actively
involved, for you hope to get positive feedback concerning your actions.  You
tend to show your feelings readily and honestly, being warmly supportive of
those you love, and equally warmly indignant towards those you dislike.  You
expect others to appreciate you for your ability to demonstrate your feelings
openly, and you may be tempted at times to overdramatise your emotional pre-
sentation in the hope of gaining approval and praise for your endeavours.
This is a short-sighted approach, however, and you will probably find that as
you mature you do not need to overplay things to get noticed, for you will
already be at the centre of the stage.  However you will probably always feel
that the world of emotions resembles a play in which you have a key role.

With your Moon in Virgo, your emotional response to the world and other people
is coloured by a conscious desire to organise yourself and the world around
you.  You therefore derive emotional satisfaction from attending to the
practical aspects of a situation, and you are likely to have at least one
interest in life in which you feel able to immerse yourself, paying metic-
ulous attention to the details and perfecting your techniques until they are
watertight.  You respond to feelings in others by making sure that their
physical surroundings are as organised as possible, and you dislike disorder
in any sphere of life where you are involved emotionally.  Your natural ab-
ility to provide practical support for people should not allow you to deny
your own very real emotional needs, for you are rather highly strung, with
a tendency to be too demanding of yourself, feeling that it is your respons-
ibility to make sure everything runs smoothly.  This is of course untrue;
just because you are more perceptive than many other people, this does not
mean you have to do everything for them; also some of them will resent it!

With your Moon in Libra, your emotional response to the world and other people
is coloured by a conscious desire to develop an objective understanding of
the world through learning as much as possible through your interactions with
other people and the pursuit of knowledge.  Since you feel most secure in
seeking out understanding through others, you may attempt to dismiss your
personal feelings as being "merely subjective", and not in context with the
objective reality you seek.  This is fine to some extent, for it makes you
easy to get along with, since you tend to let others have their way.  How-
ever you may be rather too tolerant of other people's faults, and rather
too easy going yourself, living in your world of ideals and thoughts.  As
you grow more confident, you will learn that it is alright to express sub-
jective judgements as well as objective ones; after all you are bound to
discover that other people are quick to show their feelings.  You are no
exception; it is just that you may have to go the long way round to find out
how you feel, by discovering general rules, then applying them to yourself.

With your Moon in Scorpio, your emotional response to the world and other peo-
ple is coloured by a conscious desire to act from a sense of emotional self-
awareness.  You are certainly well aware of how you feel about other people
and you may well have some ability to suss out how they feel too.  You spend
considerable time reflecting over your emotions, and those of others, realis-
ing that there are all sorts of complexities involved where the feelings are
concerned, since the past has to be taken into account as well as the present.
This introspection gives the impression of deep emotional awareness, even
though you may not say very much about how you feel, for you realise that
words cannot usually do justice to the different levels of feeling you exper-
ience.  For all that, you tend to act on the basis of how you feel, even if
other people find it hard to work out what feeling lies behind your actions.
You may therefore have a reputation for secretiveness, but this is a relative
term: you probably feel others are rather too ready to display their feelings
in a superficial way, without real understanding of the full power of emotion.
With your Moon in Sagittarius, your emotional response to the world and other
people is coloured by your past conditioning in such a way that you believe
you should aim to discover your full potential as an individual by covering as
much ground as possible in life.  You will therefore experience an inner sense
of permission and encouragement to express your emotions to the full, and you
will not hesitate to express your feelings honestly and openly, for you feel
secure in the knowledge that this is the right thing to do.  You will posit-
ively seek out situations where your emotional horizons will be broadened, and
you may therefore be interested in travel or further education.  You may bec-
ome interested in the wider issues in the world, particularly if they stir up
strong feelings within you.  You need considerable personal freedom within
any relationship, and you are likely to rebel quite strongly if you feel you
are being pinned down.  You tend to look on the bright side, and you may be-
come impatient with people who express their feelings more cautiously, or who
blunt your enthusiasm by drawing your attention to practical considerations.

With your Moon in Capricorn, your emotional response to the world and other
people is coloured by your past conditioning in such a way that you feel you
should put practical considerations before emotional ones.  You do not con-
sider it prudent to express your feelings spontaneously, but you have a good
sense of how you ought to feel in a given situation, and will exhibit the
"correct" emotional response.  You are likely to feel that your future em-
otional security lies in your behaving appropriately, and you probably like
to settle in advance how you will behave in your interactions with society.
This approach has considerable advantages, for you are not likely to put
your foot in it by some spontaneous emotional outburst which would inter-
fere with your long-term ambition.  You probably see emotional security in
terms of material security, the two going together.  However, not everyone
sees the world of feeling like you do, and you may feel critical or envious
of those who allow themselves more emotional freedom of expression.  How-
ever, you will learn to be satisfied with your own real abilities.

With your Moon in Aquarius, your emotional response to the world and other
people is coloured by your past conditioning in such a way that you feel
you should achieve emotional independence by formulating an abstract under-
standing of how peoples's emotions tick.  You may feel somewhat compelled to
indulge in unusual activities in order to reinforce your ideas, or you may
find unusual experiences "thrust upon you", and find that you have to dev-
elop a rather rigid and idiosyncratic way of structuring your feelings.
In either case you will develop a considerable degree of emotional indep-
endence, and you will rebel if this is threatened.  Other people will see
you as being quite unpredictable emotionally, even if you regard your own
feelings as conforming to a clearly defined theoretical framework, albeit
of your own making.  At best you can learn to use your ability to feel at
home in unfamiliar or unusual territory by developing the ability to share
your brilliant insights with other people in a form they can understand,
otherwise you may come to feel lonely in your endless search for the new.

With your Moon in Pisces, your emotional response to the world and other peo-
ple is coloured by your past conditioning in such a way that you feel you
need to respond to others according to how you were taught you ought to
feel.  You have strong emotions, but you may find them rather confusing,
for it is hard work gaining perspective on your feelings, since they con-
sist of a blend of past memories and impressions, coupled with some learned
emotional reactions, all to be integrated into the context of a current
emotional situatuion.  All this means that you are highly sensitive and
impressionable, and you are easily affected emotionally by the feelings
of the people around you.  At best you can use your capacity for compassion
to enter fully into the feeling world of others, finding out more about
your own emotional nature in the process; this will help you to develop
greater emotional security.  Exploring your feelings will also make it
less likely that you will feel totally overwhelmed by the wide range of
feelings, sometimes contradictory, to which you are exposed.

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