Note for Internet Version - These five line descriptions barely scratch the surface of the astrological symbolism of the planets, but they provide working definitions when considered along with sign placements and the aspects.

The Ascendant or rising sign in a horoscope represents the psychological
drive in you which seeks to make sense of your immediate experiences and to
organise them into some pattern of response which tends to become your
first-line method of dealing with the world.  This pattern of response seems
natural to you, being difficult to modify as it is rooted in the unconscious.

The Sun in a chart represents the psychological drive towards discovering your
individual conscious direction in life, and the aspects to the Sun, together
with the sign and house containing the Sun will indicate what sort of person
you would really like to become, and how easy or difficult it is likely to be
for you to realise your goals through conscious self-development.

The Moon in your chart represents the psychological drive directed towards
expressing yourself in the world on the basis of your moods and feelings.
The Moon sign is likely to show how you feel most comfortable, and how you
behave in response to your feeling states spontaneously, without necessarily
having regard to whether or not your actions are also reasonable.

Mercury in your chart shows how you make a conscious attempt to organise
your experience at a conscious level.  Since communication is such an import-
ant part of organisation, Mercury's place in the chart will say much about
how you talk with other people, and how you carry out the detailed steps in
running your life at a conscious level.

Venus in a chart indicates what sort of attitudes you hold about the world
around you, and what sort of values you place on various ideas and exper-
iences.  It will show what sort of relationships you involve yourself in with
the purpose of gaining further objective understanding of other people and
the world in general, and will give an insight into your thinking processes.

Mars in your chart represents your psychological drive towards taking direct
action on the basis of a conscious appreciation of how you feel about someone
or something.  Its sign and aspects show how you go about asserting yourself
and how you communicate your feelings towards other people in a conscious
way, and how you treat them according to your emotions.

Jupiter's position in the chart shows how you set about broadening your own
horizons through channels in which you have considerable faith, probably
because you were brought up to place a high value on these channels.  Your
opinions about what is good and should be developed enthusiastically are
also indicated by Jupiter.

Saturn's position in your chart shows the nature of your conscience struct-
ure, and how you set about the task of self-discipline and laying down the
law to others.  The reasons for your prejudices may be based on fear of
punishment, or on hope of reward for a task well done, depending on your
upbringing; in either case Saturn will show how well you conform.

Uranus represents the urge to do one's own thing, according to a set theory
about the world developed in response to an attempt to understand the
reasons behind society's rewards and punishments.  Uranus shows where you
are likely to appear unpredictable and original, at least in the eyes of
society, and where you seek personal freedom from society's bonds.

Neptune shows the nature of your inner ideals developed in response to
what your conditioning taught you about what it is good to aspire to in
the outer world.  It shows how you feel about your obligations to other
people, based on obligations you once felt towards others in childhood.
It also shows about the nature of your imaginative abilities.

Pluto in the chart represents the psychological drive towards the immed-
iate satisfaction of your unconscious primary drives.  A considerable
amount of compulsion is asociated with Pluto, and since the motivations
underlying the action of Pluto are unconscious, this energy is likely
to manifest as the capacity for drastic and sweeping changes.

The planet Zed in the chart represents the psychological drive towards
forming a conceptual model of the world.  This is an unconscious drive,
and any concepts formed are likely to obey the non-logical type of reason,
or "lateral thinking".  The outer effect of this planet is to highlight
that area of your experience most prone to bizarre influences. $$$

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