This program provides a character analysis based upon the positions of the
Sun, Moon and Planets with respect to the date, time and place of birth.
No perfect system of interpretation has yet been designed, and there are,
in addition, limitations placed upon full interpretation by a microcomputer
because of limited storage.  Each Astrologer has his own methods, and some
of our interpretations are not standard, being based on an understanding of
Freudian and Jungian Psychology and the way it ties in with Astrology.
Also in interpreting the aspects, asterisks are used to demonstrate the
relative importance of my statements to save space.  ( *** means that the
paragraph is very relevant, ** means moderate importance, while * shows
that too much emphasis should not be placed on the aspect unless other
parts of the reading concur.  In addition, some paragraphs are based on
research, including the Transplutonian planet "ZED", and their content is
speculative.  These paragraphs are marked with $$$ and may be omitted if
the reader wishes.
This program does not try to predict destiny, and the authors take no
responsibility for any use to which the information given in the reading
is put.  The emphasis lies on pointing out those character traits which
are shown in the horoscope, and possibly how to learn through awareness
of them.  Please refer to the manual for details.
Page created February 21st 1999.  Thank you for visiting.

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