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This program has been written in VBScript, a subset of Visual Basic.  This means that the program will not work unless you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, preferably Version 4 or higher.  If you are using another browser, this page will look terrible, and I suggest that you hit the Back Button immediately!

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The program will calculate a horoscope for any date between 1900 and 2050 A.D.,  once you have selected the Date, Time and Place in the forms for data entry.  If you do not know your exact Latitude and Longitude at birth, or for the event chosen, either look them up, or make an approximate guess.  Due to popular demand I have now provided a small World Map, to help approximate guessers!

If you want to find your Latitude and Longitude accurately, Astrodienst provide an excellent service at their Atlas and Timezone Database, with over a quarter of a million towns and cities listed.

Rough values will usually give adequate results, though the Ascendant, Midheaven and Vertex will be somewhat inaccurate if the Latitude and Longitude are not precise.  Please use the 24 hour clock when entering times, rather than a.m. and p.m.

The positions for the angles and the Sun, Moon and inner planets are usually accurate to within one minute of arc, while positions for the outer planets are now usually accurate to within two or three minutes or so, (often better).  Work continues on improving further on this precision, while keeping the program down to a reasonable size. 

The position is also given for the hypothetical planet Zed, a transplutonian planet.  If you do not want to experiment with this putative 12th planetary ruler in the horoscope, no harm will be done by ignoring it, in the same way that astrologers have only had access to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto during the last 200 years or so, and managed reasonably well without them before they were discovered.

Positions are given in degrees and minutes. The three letters in each line indicate the sign in which the planet, node or angle is found.

Important Disclaimer No guarantee is given that the program necessarily works as intended, nor is responsibility taken by the author for any use or misuse to which the information generated by this program may be put!

Important Update July 12th 2000.  Due, apparently, to a recent change in the Javascript inserted by Fortunecity, (near the bottom of this page - the Script which  makes your IP Address visible in "View Source"), visitors are sometimes having problems in getting the calculator to work.  I have taken matters up with Fortunecity and I still await a response after more than a week.  In the mean time, if you experience any problems at all with the calculator, please visit the Mirror Site Here where the calculator will work just fine.  Many thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience, which is entirely beyond my control..

Please enter the values requested below in all the boxes, then click the "Horoscope" button.







Please Note: the GMT column is necessary for times to be corrected for the different time zones around the world.  Please do not forget to take Daylight Saving Time, Double Summer Time etc. into account when calculating GMT difference (in hours).  For example, in winter, New York Time is GMT -05:00 hours, therefore -5 should be selected in the last column.  Also, ensure that the final box is set to "East" for locations East of the Greenwich Meridian, (normally for times ahead of GMT).







Thank you for visiting.  You can remain on this page and enter other values, if you want to calculate other horoscopes.  All feedback very welcome.  Please email achernar@rocketmail.com

Last Updated April 20th 2000

Users are reminded that the VBScript run on this page is copyright.

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