(This is not a normal geocentric ephemeris.)

Mo 01 29SC03  01SG13  00SG06  24SC35  21SC10  16SC59  27CP30  22CP07  09SG41  
Tu 02 29SC05  01SG19  29SC60  24SC33  21SC15  16SC58  27CP31  22CP08  09SG42  
We 03 29SC07  01SG25  29SC54  24SC30  21SC20  16SC56  27CP32  22CP09  09SG43  
Th 04 29SC09  01SG31  29SC48  24SC28  21SC25  16SC55  27CP33  22CP09  09SG43  
Fr 05 29SC11  01SG36  29SC42  24SC26  21SC30  16SC54  27CP34  22CP10  09SG44  
Sa 06 29SC14  01SG40  29SC37  24SC24  21SC35  16SC52  27CP35  22CP11  09SG45  
Su 07 29SC16  01SG44  29SC31  24SC22  21SC40  16SC51  27CP36  22CP11  09SG46  
Mo 08 29SC18  01SG48  29SC25  24SC20  21SC45  16SC50  27CP37  22CP12  09SG47  
Tu 09 29SC20  01SG50  29SC19  24SC18  21SC51  16SC48  27CP38  22CP13  09SG48  
We 10 29SC23  01SG53  29SC13  24SC16  21SC56  16SC47  27CP39  22CP13  09SG48  
Th 11 29SC25  01SG54  29SC07  24SC15  22SC01  16SC46  27CP40  22CP14  09SG49  
Fr 12 29SC27  01SG55  29SC01  24SC13  22SC06  16SC45  27CP41  22CP15  09SG50  
Sa 13 29SC29  01SG55  28SC55  24SC12  22SC11  16SC43  27CP42  22CP15  09SG51  
Su 14 29SC31  01SG55  28SC50  24SC10  22SC16  16SC42  27CP43  22CP16  09SG52  
Mo 15 29SC34  01SG54  28SC44  24SC09  22SC22  16SC41  27CP44  22CP17  09SG52  
Tu 16 29SC36  01SG52  28SC38  24SC08  22SC27  16SC39  27CP45  22CP17  09SG53  
We 17 29SC38  01SG49  28SC32  24SC07  22SC32  16SC38  27CP46  22CP18  09SG54  
Th 18 29SC40  01SG45  28SC27  24SC06  22SC37  16SC37  27CP47  22CP19  09SG55  
Fr 19 29SC42  01SG41  28SC21  24SC06  22SC43  16SC36  27CP48  22CP19  09SG56  
Sa 20 29SC45  01SG35  28SC16  24SC05  22SC48  16SC34  27CP49  22CP20  09SG56  
Su 21 29SC47  01SG29  28SC10  24SC04  22SC53  16SC33  27CP50  22CP21  09SG57  
Mo 22 29SC49  01SG23  28SC05  24SC04  22SC59  16SC32  27CP51  22CP21  09SG58  
Tu 23 29SC51  01SG15  27SC60  24SC04  23SC04  16SC31  27CP52  22CP22  09SG59  
We 24 29SC53  01SG07  27SC55  24SC04  23SC09  16SC29  27CP53  22CP23  09SG60  
Th 25 29SC56  00SG58  27SC50  24SC04  23SC15  16SC28  27CP54  22CP23  10SG01  
Fr 26 29SC58  00SG48  27SC45  24SC04  23SC20  16SC27  27CP55  22CP24  10SG01  
Sa 27 00SG00  00SG38  27SC40  24SC04  23SC25  16SC26  27CP56  22CP25  10SG02  
Su 28 00SG02  00SG27  27SC36  24SC04  23SC31  16SC24  27CP57  22CP25  10SG03  
Mo 29 00SG04  00SG17  27SC31  24SC04  23SC36  16SC23  27CP58  22CP26  10SG04  
Tu 30 00SG07  00SG06  27SC27  24SC05  23SC42  16SC22  27CP59  22CP27  10SG05  
We 31 00SG09  29SC55  27SC23  24SC06  23SC47  16SC21  28CP00  22CP27  10SG05  
Th 01 00SG11  29SC45  27SC19  24SC06  23SC53  16SC20  28CP01  22CP28  10SG06  
Fr 02 00SG13  29SC34  27SC15  24SC07  23SC58  16SC18  28CP02  22CP29  10SG07  
Sa 03 00SG15  29SC24  27SC11  24SC08  24SC04  16SC17  28CP03  22CP29  10SG08  
Su 04 00SG18  29SC15  27SC08  24SC09  24SC09  16SC16  28CP04  22CP30  10SG09  
Mo 05 00SG20  29SC06  27SC04  24SC10  24SC15  16SC15  28CP05  22CP31  10SG09  
Tu 06 00SG22  28SC58  27SC01  24SC12  24SC21  16SC14  28CP06  22CP31  10SG10  
We 07 00SG24  28SC51  26SC58  24SC13  24SC26  16SC12  28CP07  22CP32  10SG11  
Th 08 00SG26  28SC45  26SC55  24SC15  24SC32  16SC11  28CP08  22CP33  10SG12  
Fr 09 00SG29  28SC40  26SC53  24SC16  24SC37  16SC10  28CP09  22CP33  10SG13  
Sa 10 00SG31  28SC36  26SC50  24SC18  24SC43  16SC09  28CP10  22CP34  10SG14  
Su 11 00SG33  28SC33  26SC48  24SC20  24SC49  16SC08  28CP11  22CP35  10SG14  
Mo 12 00SG35  28SC31  26SC46  24SC22  24SC54  16SC07  28CP12  22CP35  10SG15  
Tu 13 00SG38  28SC29  26SC44  24SC24  25SC00  16SC05  28CP13  22CP36  10SG16  
We 14 00SG40  28SC29  26SC42  24SC26  25SC06  16SC04  28CP14  22CP37  10SG17  
Th 15 00SG42  28SC30  26SC41  24SC28  25SC11  16SC03  28CP15  22CP37  10SG18  
Fr 16 00SG44  28SC31  26SC40  24SC31  25SC17  16SC02  28CP16  22CP38  10SG18  
Sa 17 00SG46  28SC34  26SC38  24SC33  25SC23  16SC01  28CP17  22CP39  10SG19  
Su 18 00SG49  28SC37  26SC38  24SC36  25SC29  15SC60  28CP18  22CP39  10SG20  
Mo 19 00SG51  28SC41  26SC37  24SC38  25SC34  15SC59  28CP19  22CP40  10SG21  
Tu 20 00SG53  28SC45  26SC37  24SC41  25SC40  15SC57  28CP20  22CP41  10SG22  
We 21 00SG55  28SC51  26SC36  24SC44  25SC46  15SC56  28CP21  22CP41  10SG23  
Th 22 00SG57  28SC56  26SC36  24SC47  25SC52  15SC55  28CP22  22CP42  10SG23  
Fr 23 00SG60  29SC03  26SC37  24SC50  25SC58  15SC54  28CP23  22CP43  10SG24  
Sa 24 01SG02  29SC10  26SC37  24SC53  26SC03  15SC53  28CP24  22CP43  10SG25  
Su 25 01SG04  29SC17  26SC38  24SC57  26SC09  15SC52  28CP25  22CP44  10SG26  
Mo 26 01SG06  29SC25  26SC39  25SC00  26SC15  15SC51  28CP26  22CP45  10SG27  
Tu 27 01SG08  29SC33  26SC40  25SC04  26SC21  15SC50  28CP27  22CP45  10SG27  
We 28 01SG11  29SC41  26SC41  25SC07  26SC27  15SC49  28CP28  22CP46  10SG28  
MARCH 2001 
Th 01 01SG13  29SC50  26SC42  25SC11  26SC33  15SC48  28CP29  22CP47  10SG29  
Fr 02 01SG15  29SC59  26SC44  25SC15  26SC39  15SC46  28CP30  22CP47  10SG30  
Sa 03 01SG17  00SG08  26SC46  25SC19  26SC45  15SC45  28CP31  22CP48  10SG31  
Su 04 01SG19  00SG17  26SC48  25SC23  26SC51  15SC44  28CP32  22CP49  10SG31  
Mo 05 01SG22  00SG27  26SC50  25SC27  26SC56  15SC43  28CP33  22CP49  10SG32  
Tu 06 01SG24  00SG37  26SC53  25SC31  27SC02  15SC42  28CP34  22CP50  10SG33  
We 07 01SG26  00SG47  26SC56  25SC35  27SC08  15SC41  28CP35  22CP51  10SG34  
Th 08 01SG28  00SG57  26SC59  25SC39  27SC14  15SC40  28CP36  22CP51  10SG35  
Fr 09 01SG31  01SG07  27SC02  25SC44  27SC20  15SC39  28CP37  22CP52  10SG36  
Sa 10 01SG33  01SG17  27SC05  25SC48  27SC26  15SC38  28CP38  22CP53  10SG36  
Su 11 01SG35  01SG27  27SC09  25SC53  27SC32  15SC37  28CP39  22CP53  10SG37  
Mo 12 01SG37  01SG37  27SC12  25SC58  27SC38  15SC36  28CP40  22CP54  10SG38  
Tu 13 01SG39  01SG47  27SC16  26SC02  27SC44  15SC35  28CP41  22CP55  10SG39  
We 14 01SG42  01SG58  27SC20  26SC07  27SC50  15SC34  28CP42  22CP55  10SG40  
Th 15 01SG44  02SG08  27SC25  26SC12  27SC56  15SC33  28CP43  22CP56  10SG40  
Fr 16 01SG46  02SG18  27SC29  26SC17  28SC03  15SC32  28CP44  22CP57  10SG41  
Sa 17 01SG48  02SG28  27SC34  26SC22  28SC09  15SC31  28CP45  22CP57  10SG42  
Su 18 01SG50  02SG38  27SC39  26SC27  28SC15  15SC30  28CP46  22CP58  10SG43  
Mo 19 01SG53  02SG47  27SC44  26SC33  28SC21  15SC29  28CP47  22CP59  10SG44  
Tu 20 01SG55  02SG57  27SC49  26SC38  28SC27  15SC28  28CP48  22CP59  10SG44  
We 21 01SG57  03SG06  27SC54  26SC43  28SC33  15SC27  28CP49  23CP00  10SG45  
Th 22 01SG59  03SG16  27SC60  26SC49  28SC39  15SC26  28CP50  23CP01  10SG46  
Fr 23 02SG01  03SG25  28SC05  26SC54  28SC45  15SC25  28CP51  23CP01  10SG47  
Sa 24 02SG04  03SG34  28SC11  26SC60  28SC51  15SC24  28CP52  23CP02  10SG48  
Su 25 02SG06  03SG42  28SC17  27SC05  28SC58  15SC23  28CP53  23CP03  10SG49  
Mo 26 02SG08  03SG51  28SC23  27SC11  29SC04  15SC22  28CP54  23CP03  10SG49  
Tu 27 02SG10  03SG59  28SC30  27SC17  29SC10  15SC21  28CP55  23CP04  10SG50  
We 28 02SG12  04SG07  28SC36  27SC23  29SC16  15SC20  28CP56  23CP05  10SG51  
Th 29 02SG15  04SG14  28SC43  27SC29  29SC22  15SC19  28CP57  23CP05  10SG52  
Fr 30 02SG17  04SG21  28SC49  27SC35  29SC28  15SC18  28CP58  23CP06  10SG53  
Sa 31 02SG19  04SG28  28SC56  27SC41  29SC35  15SC17  28CP59  23CP07  10SG53  
APRIL 2001 
Su 01 02SG21  04SG34  29SC03  27SC47  29SC41  15SC16  29CP00  23CP07  10SG54  
Mo 02 02SG24  04SG40  29SC10  27SC53  29SC47  15SC15  29CP01  23CP08  10SG55  
Tu 03 02SG26  04SG46  29SC18  27SC59  29SC53  15SC14  29CP02  23CP09  10SG56  
We 04 02SG28  04SG51  29SC25  28SC06  29SC60  15SC13  29CP03  23CP09  10SG57  
Th 05 02SG30  04SG55  29SC32  28SC12  00SG06  15SC12  29CP04  23CP10  10SG57  
Fr 06 02SG32  04SG59  29SC40  28SC18  00SG12  15SC11  29CP05  23CP11  10SG58  
Sa 07 02SG35  05SG03  29SC48  28SC25  00SG18  15SC11  29CP06  23CP11  10SG59  
Su 08 02SG37  05SG06  29SC56  28SC31  00SG25  15SC10  29CP07  23CP12  10SG60  
Mo 09 02SG39  05SG08  00SG03  28SC38  00SG31  15SC09  29CP08  23CP13  11SG01  
Tu 10 02SG41  05SG09  00SG11  28SC45  00SG37  15SC08  29CP09  23CP14  11SG02  
We 11 02SG43  05SG10  00SG20  28SC51  00SG43  15SC07  29CP10  23CP14  11SG02  
Th 12 02SG46  05SG10  00SG28  28SC58  00SG50  15SC06  29CP11  23CP15  11SG03  
Fr 13 02SG48  05SG09  00SG36  29SC05  00SG56  15SC05  29CP12  23CP16  11SG04  
Sa 14 02SG50  05SG08  00SG44  29SC12  01SG02  15SC04  29CP13  23CP16  11SG05  
Su 15 02SG52  05SG05  00SG53  29SC19  01SG09  15SC03  29CP14  23CP17  11SG06  
Mo 16 02SG54  05SG02  01SG01  29SC25  01SG15  15SC03  29CP15  23CP18  11SG06  
Tu 17 02SG57  04SG58  01SG10  29SC32  01SG21  15SC02  29CP16  23CP18  11SG07  
We 18 02SG59  04SG54  01SG18  29SC39  01SG28  15SC01  29CP17  23CP19  11SG08  
Th 19 03SG01  04SG48  01SG27  29SC46  01SG34  14SC60  29CP18  23CP20  11SG09  
Fr 20 03SG03  04SG42  01SG36  29SC53  01SG40  14SC59  29CP19  23CP20  11SG10  
Sa 21 03SG06  04SG34  01SG45  00SG01  01SG47  14SC58  29CP20  23CP21  11SG10  
Su 22 03SG08  04SG26  01SG53  00SG08  01SG53  14SC57  29CP21  23CP22  11SG11  
Mo 23 03SG10  04SG18  02SG02  00SG15  01SG59  14SC57  29CP22  23CP22  11SG12  
Tu 24 03SG12  04SG08  02SG11  00SG22  02SG06  14SC56  29CP23  23CP23  11SG13  
We 25 03SG14  03SG59  02SG20  00SG29  02SG12  14SC55  29CP24  23CP24  11SG14  
Th 26 03SG17  03SG48  02SG29  00SG37  02SG19  14SC54  29CP25  23CP24  11SG15  
Fr 27 03SG19  03SG38  02SG38  00SG44  02SG25  14SC53  29CP26  23CP25  11SG15  
Sa 28 03SG21  03SG27  02SG47  00SG51  02SG31  14SC53  29CP27  23CP26  11SG16  
Su 29 03SG23  03SG16  02SG56  00SG59  02SG38  14SC52  29CP28  23CP26  11SG17  
Mo 30 03SG25  03SG05  03SG05  01SG06  02SG44  14SC51  29CP29  23CP27  11SG18  
MAY 2001 
Tu 01 03SG28  02SG55  03SG15  01SG14  02SG50  14SC50  29CP30  23CP28  11SG19  
We 02 03SG30  02SG44  03SG24  01SG21  02SG57  14SC49  29CP31  23CP28  11SG19  
Th 03 03SG32  02SG35  03SG33  01SG29  03SG03  14SC49  29CP32  23CP29  11SG20  
Fr 04 03SG34  02SG26  03SG42  01SG36  03SG10  14SC48  29CP33  23CP30  11SG21  
Sa 05 03SG37  02SG17  03SG51  01SG44  03SG16  14SC47  29CP34  23CP30  11SG22  
Su 06 03SG39  02SG10  04SG00  01SG51  03SG22  14SC46  29CP36  23CP31  11SG23  
Mo 07 03SG41  02SG03  04SG09  01SG59  03SG29  14SC45  29CP37  23CP32  11SG23  
Tu 08 03SG43  01SG57  04SG18  02SG06  03SG35  14SC45  29CP38  23CP32  11SG24  
We 09 03SG45  01SG53  04SG27  02SG14  03SG42  14SC44  29CP39  23CP33  11SG25  
Th 10 03SG48  01SG49  04SG36  02SG22  03SG48  14SC43  29CP40  23CP34  11SG26  
Fr 11 03SG50  01SG46  04SG45  02SG29  03SG55  14SC42  29CP41  23CP34  11SG27  
Sa 12 03SG52  01SG44  04SG54  02SG37  04SG01  14SC42  29CP42  23CP35  11SG28  
Su 13 03SG54  01SG44  05SG03  02SG45  04SG07  14SC41  29CP43  23CP36  11SG28  
Mo 14 03SG56  01SG44  05SG12  02SG52  04SG14  14SC40  29CP44  23CP37  11SG29  
Tu 15 03SG59  01SG45  05SG21  02SG60  04SG20  14SC39  29CP45  23CP37  11SG30  
We 16 04SG01  01SG46  05SG30  03SG08  04SG27  14SC39  29CP46  23CP38  11SG31  
Th 17 04SG03  01SG49  05SG38  03SG15  04SG33  14SC38  29CP47  23CP39  11SG32  
Fr 18 04SG05  01SG52  05SG47  03SG23  04SG39  14SC37  29CP48  23CP39  11SG32  
Sa 19 04SG08  01SG56  05SG56  03SG31  04SG46  14SC37  29CP49  23CP40  11SG33  
Su 20 04SG10  02SG01  06SG04  03SG39  04SG52  14SC36  29CP50  23CP41  11SG34  
Mo 21 04SG12  02SG06  06SG13  03SG46  04SG59  14SC35  29CP51  23CP41  11SG35  
Tu 22 04SG14  02SG12  06SG21  03SG54  05SG05  14SC35  29CP52  23CP42  11SG36  
We 23 04SG16  02SG19  06SG29  04SG02  05SG12  14SC34  29CP53  23CP43  11SG36  
Th 24 04SG19  02SG25  06SG38  04SG10  05SG18  14SC33  29CP54  23CP43  11SG37  
Fr 25 04SG21  02SG33  06SG46  04SG18  05SG24  14SC32  29CP55  23CP44  11SG38  
Sa 26 04SG23  02SG40  06SG54  04SG25  05SG31  14SC32  29CP56  23CP45  11SG39  
Su 27 04SG25  02SG49  07SG02  04SG33  05SG37  14SC31  29CP57  23CP45  11SG40  
Mo 28 04SG27  02SG57  07SG10  04SG41  05SG44  14SC30  29CP58  23CP46  11SG41  
Tu 29 04SG30  03SG06  07SG18  04SG49  05SG50  14SC30  29CP59  23CP47  11SG41  
We 30 04SG32  03SG15  07SG25  04SG56  05SG57  14SC29  29CP60  23CP47  11SG42  
Th 31 04SG34  03SG24  07SG33  05SG04  06SG03  14SC29  00AQ01  23CP48  11SG43  
JUNE 2001 
Fr 01 04SG36  03SG33  07SG40  05SG12  06SG09  14SC28  00AQ02  23CP49  11SG44  
Sa 02 04SG39  03SG43  07SG48  05SG20  06SG16  14SC27  00AQ03  23CP49  11SG45  
Su 03 04SG41  03SG53  07SG55  05SG27  06SG22  14SC27  00AQ04  23CP50  11SG45  
Mo 04 04SG43  04SG02  08SG02  05SG35  06SG29  14SC26  00AQ05  23CP51  11SG46  
Tu 05 04SG45  04SG12  08SG09  05SG43  06SG35  14SC25  00AQ06  23CP52  11SG47  
We 06 04SG47  04SG22  08SG16  05SG51  06SG41  14SC25  00AQ07  23CP52  11SG48  
Th 07 04SG50  04SG33  08SG23  05SG58  06SG48  14SC24  00AQ08  23CP53  11SG49  
Fr 08 04SG52  04SG43  08SG30  06SG06  06SG54  14SC24  00AQ09  23CP54  11SG50  
Sa 09 04SG54  04SG53  08SG36  06SG14  07SG01  14SC23  00AQ10  23CP54  11SG50  
Su 10 04SG56  05SG03  08SG42  06SG21  07SG07  14SC22  00AQ11  23CP55  11SG51  
Mo 11 04SG58  05SG13  08SG49  06SG29  07SG13  14SC22  00AQ12  23CP56  11SG52  
Tu 12 05SG01  05SG23  08SG55  06SG37  07SG20  14SC21  00AQ13  23CP56  11SG53  
We 13 05SG03  05SG33  09SG01  06SG44  07SG26  14SC21  00AQ14  23CP57  11SG54  
Th 14 05SG05  05SG43  09SG06  06SG52  07SG32  14SC20  00AQ15  23CP58  11SG54  
Fr 15 05SG07  05SG53  09SG12  06SG59  07SG39  14SC19  00AQ16  23CP58  11SG55  
Sa 16 05SG10  06SG03  09SG17  07SG07  07SG45  14SC19  00AQ17  23CP59  11SG56  
Su 17 05SG12  06SG13  09SG23  07SG14  07SG51  14SC18  00AQ18  23CP60  11SG57  
Mo 18 05SG14  06SG22  09SG28  07SG22  07SG58  14SC18  00AQ19  24CP00  11SG58  
Tu 19 05SG16  06SG32  09SG33  07SG29  08SG04  14SC17  00AQ20  24CP01  11SG58  
We 20 05SG18  06SG41  09SG37  07SG37  08SG10  14SC17  00AQ21  24CP02  11SG59  
Th 21 05SG21  06SG50  09SG42  07SG44  08SG17  14SC16  00AQ22  24CP02  12SG00  
Fr 22 05SG23  06SG58  09SG46  07SG52  08SG23  14SC16  00AQ23  24CP03  12SG01  
Sa 23 05SG25  07SG07  09SG51  07SG59  08SG29  14SC15  00AQ24  24CP04  12SG02  
Su 24 05SG27  07SG15  09SG55  08SG06  08SG36  14SC15  00AQ25  24CP05  12SG03  
Mo 25 05SG30  07SG23  09SG59  08SG14  08SG42  14SC14  00AQ26  24CP05  12SG03  
Tu 26 05SG32  07SG30  10SG02  08SG21  08SG48  14SC14  00AQ27  24CP06  12SG04  
We 27 05SG34  07SG37  10SG06  08SG28  08SG54  14SC13  00AQ28  24CP07  12SG05  
Th 28 05SG36  07SG44  10SG09  08SG35  09SG01  14SC13  00AQ29  24CP07  12SG06  
Fr 29 05SG38  07SG50  10SG12  08SG42  09SG07  14SC12  00AQ30  24CP08  12SG07  
Sa 30 05SG41  07SG56  10SG15  08SG50  09SG13  14SC12  00AQ31  24CP09  12SG07  
JULY 2001 
Su 01 05SG43  08SG02  10SG18  08SG57  09SG19  14SC11  00AQ32  24CP09  12SG08  
Mo 02 05SG45  08SG07  10SG20  09SG04  09SG25  14SC11  00AQ33  24CP10  12SG09  
Tu 03 05SG47  08SG11  10SG23  09SG11  09SG32  14SC10  00AQ34  24CP11  12SG10  
We 04 05SG49  08SG15  10SG25  09SG18  09SG38  14SC10  00AQ35  24CP11  12SG11  
Th 05 05SG52  08SG18  10SG27  09SG25  09SG44  14SC09  00AQ36  24CP12  12SG11  
Fr 06 05SG54  08SG21  10SG28  09SG32  09SG50  14SC09  00AQ37  24CP13  12SG12  
Sa 07 05SG56  08SG23  10SG30  09SG38  09SG56  14SC08  00AQ38  24CP13  12SG13  
Su 08 05SG58  08SG25  10SG31  09SG45  10SG02  14SC08  00AQ39  24CP14  12SG14  
Mo 09 06SG01  08SG25  10SG32  09SG52  10SG09  14SC07  00AQ40  24CP15  12SG15  
Tu 10 06SG03  08SG25  10SG33  09SG59  10SG15  14SC07  00AQ41  24CP15  12SG16  
We 11 06SG05  08SG24  10SG34  10SG05  10SG21  14SC06  00AQ42  24CP16  12SG16  
Th 12 06SG07  08SG22  10SG34  10SG12  10SG27  14SC06  00AQ43  24CP17  12SG17  
Fr 13 06SG09  08SG20  10SG34  10SG19  10SG33  14SC06  00AQ44  24CP18  12SG18  
Sa 14 06SG12  08SG16  10SG34  10SG25  10SG39  14SC05  00AQ45  24CP18  12SG19  
Su 15 06SG14  08SG12  10SG34  10SG32  10SG45  14SC05  00AQ46  24CP19  12SG20  
Mo 16 06SG16  08SG07  10SG34  10SG38  10SG51  14SC04  00AQ48  24CP20  12SG20  
Tu 17 06SG18  08SG01  10SG33  10SG44  10SG57  14SC04  00AQ49  24CP20  12SG21  
We 18 06SG21  07SG54  10SG32  10SG51  11SG03  14SC03  00AQ50  24CP21  12SG22  
Th 19 06SG23  07SG47  10SG31  10SG57  11SG09  14SC03  00AQ51  24CP22  12SG23  
Fr 20 06SG25  07SG38  10SG30  11SG03  11SG15  14SC03  00AQ52  24CP22  12SG24  
Sa 21 06SG27  07SG29  10SG29  11SG09  11SG21  14SC02  00AQ53  24CP23  12SG25  
Su 22 06SG29  07SG20  10SG27  11SG15  11SG27  14SC02  00AQ54  24CP24  12SG25  
Mo 23 06SG32  07SG10  10SG25  11SG21  11SG33  14SC02  00AQ55  24CP24  12SG26  
Tu 24 06SG34  06SG59  10SG23  11SG27  11SG39  14SC01  00AQ56  24CP25  12SG27  
We 25 06SG36  06SG48  10SG21  11SG33  11SG45  14SC01  00AQ57  24CP26  12SG28  
Th 26 06SG38  06SG37  10SG19  11SG39  11SG51  14SC00  00AQ58  24CP26  12SG29  
Fr 27 06SG40  06SG26  10SG16  11SG45  11SG56  14SC00  00AQ59  24CP27  12SG29  
Sa 28 06SG43  06SG16  10SG13  11SG51  12SG02  13SC60  00AQ60  24CP28  12SG30  
Su 29 06SG45  06SG05  10SG11  11SG56  12SG08  13SC59  01AQ01  24CP29  12SG31  
Mo 30 06SG47  05SG55  10SG07  12SG02  12SG14  13SC59  01AQ02  24CP29  12SG32  
Tu 31 06SG49  05SG46  10SG04  12SG07  12SG20  13SC59  01AQ03  24CP30  12SG33  
AUGUST 2001 
We 01 06SG52  05SG37  10SG01  12SG13  12SG25  13SC58  01AQ04  24CP31  12SG33  
Th 02 06SG54  05SG29  09SG57  12SG18  12SG31  13SC58  01AQ05  24CP31  12SG34  
Fr 03 06SG56  05SG22  09SG53  12SG23  12SG37  13SC58  01AQ06  24CP32  12SG35  
Sa 04 06SG58  05SG16  09SG49  12SG29  12SG43  13SC57  01AQ07  24CP33  12SG36  
Su 05 07SG00  05SG10  09SG45  12SG34  12SG48  13SC57  01AQ08  24CP33  12SG37  
Mo 06 07SG03  05SG06  09SG41  12SG39  12SG54  13SC57  01AQ09  24CP34  12SG38  
Tu 07 07SG05  05SG03  09SG36  12SG44  12SG60  13SC57  01AQ10  24CP35  12SG38  
We 08 07SG07  05SG00  09SG32  12SG49  13SG05  13SC56  01AQ11  24CP35  12SG39  
Th 09 07SG09  04SG59  09SG27  12SG54  13SG11  13SC56  01AQ12  24CP36  12SG40  
Fr 10 07SG12  04SG58  09SG22  12SG58  13SG16  13SC56  01AQ13  24CP37  12SG41  
Sa 11 07SG14  04SG59  09SG17  13SG03  13SG22  13SC55  01AQ14  24CP38  12SG42  
Su 12 07SG16  04SG60  09SG12  13SG08  13SG27  13SC55  01AQ15  24CP38  12SG42  
Mo 13 07SG18  05SG02  09SG07  13SG12  13SG33  13SC55  01AQ16  24CP39  12SG43  
Tu 14 07SG20  05SG05  09SG02  13SG17  13SG38  13SC55  01AQ17  24CP40  12SG44  
We 15 07SG23  05SG08  08SG57  13SG21  13SG44  13SC54  01AQ18  24CP40  12SG45  
Th 16 07SG25  05SG12  08SG51  13SG25  13SG49  13SC54  01AQ19  24CP41  12SG46  
Fr 17 07SG27  05SG17  08SG46  13SG30  13SG55  13SC54  01AQ20  24CP42  12SG46  
Sa 18 07SG29  05SG23  08SG40  13SG34  13SG60  13SC54  01AQ21  24CP42  12SG47  
Su 19 07SG32  05SG29  08SG34  13SG38  14SG05  13SC53  01AQ22  24CP43  12SG48  
Mo 20 07SG34  05SG35  08SG29  13SG42  14SG11  13SC53  01AQ23  24CP44  12SG49  
Tu 21 07SG36  05SG42  08SG23  13SG45  14SG16  13SC53  01AQ24  24CP44  12SG50  
We 22 07SG38  05SG49  08SG17  13SG49  14SG21  13SC53  01AQ25  24CP45  12SG51  
Th 23 07SG40  05SG57  08SG11  13SG53  14SG26  13SC52  01AQ26  24CP46  12SG51  
Fr 24 07SG43  06SG05  08SG05  13SG56  14SG32  13SC52  01AQ27  24CP46  12SG52  
Sa 25 07SG45  06SG13  07SG60  13SG60  14SG37  13SC52  01AQ28  24CP47  12SG53  
Su 26 07SG47  06SG22  07SG54  14SG03  14SG42  13SC52  01AQ29  24CP48  12SG54  
Mo 27 07SG49  06SG31  07SG48  14SG07  14SG47  13SC52  01AQ30  24CP49  12SG55  
Tu 28 07SG52  06SG40  07SG42  14SG10  14SG52  13SC51  01AQ31  24CP49  12SG55  
We 29 07SG54  06SG50  07SG36  14SG13  14SG57  13SC51  01AQ32  24CP50  12SG56  
Th 30 07SG56  06SG59  07SG30  14SG16  15SG02  13SC51  01AQ33  24CP51  12SG57  
Fr 31 07SG58  07SG09  07SG24  14SG19  15SG07  13SC51  01AQ34  24CP51  12SG58  
Sa 01 08SG00  07SG19  07SG18  14SG22  15SG12  13SC51  01AQ35  24CP52  12SG59  
Su 02 08SG03  07SG29  07SG12  14SG24  15SG17  13SC51  01AQ36  24CP53  12SG59  
Mo 03 08SG05  07SG39  07SG07  14SG27  15SG22  13SC50  01AQ37  24CP53  13SG00  
Tu 04 08SG07  07SG49  07SG01  14SG29  15SG27  13SC50  01AQ38  24CP54  13SG01  
We 05 08SG09  07SG59  06SG55  14SG32  15SG32  13SC50  01AQ39  24CP55  13SG02  
Th 06 08SG11  08SG09  06SG50  14SG34  15SG37  13SC50  01AQ41  24CP55  13SG03  
Fr 07 08SG14  08SG19  06SG44  14SG36  15SG41  13SC50  01AQ42  24CP56  13SG04  
Sa 08 08SG16  08SG29  06SG39  14SG38  15SG46  13SC50  01AQ43  24CP57  13SG04  
Su 09 08SG18  08SG40  06SG34  14SG40  15SG51  13SC49  01AQ44  24CP58  13SG05  
Mo 10 08SG20  08SG50  06SG28  14SG42  15SG55  13SC49  01AQ45  24CP58  13SG06  
Tu 11 08SG23  08SG60  06SG23  14SG44  16SG00  13SC49  01AQ46  24CP59  13SG07  
We 12 08SG25  09SG10  06SG18  14SG46  16SG05  13SC49  01AQ47  24CP60  13SG08  
Th 13 08SG27  09SG19  06SG14  14SG47  16SG09  13SC49  01AQ48  25CP00  13SG08  
Fr 14 08SG29  09SG29  06SG09  14SG49  16SG14  13SC49  01AQ49  25CP01  13SG09  
Sa 15 08SG31  09SG38  06SG04  14SG50  16SG18  13SC49  01AQ50  25CP02  13SG10  
Su 16 08SG34  09SG48  05SG60  14SG52  16SG23  13SC49  01AQ51  25CP02  13SG11  
Mo 17 08SG36  09SG57  05SG55  14SG53  16SG27  13SC49  01AQ52  25CP03  13SG12  
Tu 18 08SG38  10SG06  05SG51  14SG54  16SG32  13SC48  01AQ53  25CP04  13SG12  
We 19 08SG40  10SG15  05SG47  14SG55  16SG36  13SC48  01AQ54  25CP04  13SG13  
Th 20 08SG43  10SG23  05SG43  14SG55  16SG40  13SC48  01AQ55  25CP05  13SG14  
Fr 21 08SG45  10SG31  05SG40  14SG56  16SG44  13SC48  01AQ56  25CP06  13SG15  
Sa 22 08SG47  10SG39  05SG36  14SG57  16SG49  13SC48  01AQ57  25CP07  13SG16  
Su 23 08SG49  10SG47  05SG33  14SG57  16SG53  13SC48  01AQ58  25CP07  13SG17  
Mo 24 08SG51  10SG54  05SG29  14SG58  16SG57  13SC48  01AQ59  25CP08  13SG17  
Tu 25 08SG54  11SG01  05SG26  14SG58  17SG01  13SC48  01AQ60  25CP09  13SG18  
We 26 08SG56  11SG07  05SG24  14SG58  17SG05  13SC48  02AQ01  25CP09  13SG19  
Th 27 08SG58  11SG13  05SG21  14SG58  17SG09  13SC48  02AQ02  25CP10  13SG20  
Fr 28 09SG00  11SG18  05SG19  14SG58  17SG13  13SC48  02AQ03  25CP11  13SG21  
Sa 29 09SG03  11SG23  05SG16  14SG58  17SG17  13SC48  02AQ04  25CP11  13SG21  
Su 30 09SG05  11SG28  05SG14  14SG58  17SG21  13SC48  02AQ05  25CP12  13SG22  
Mo 01 09SG07  11SG31  05SG12  14SG57  17SG25  13SC48  02AQ06  25CP13  13SG23  
Tu 02 09SG09  11SG35  05SG11  14SG57  17SG29  13SC48  02AQ07  25CP14  13SG24  
We 03 09SG11  11SG37  05SG09  14SG56  17SG33  13SC48  02AQ08  25CP14  13SG25  
Th 04 09SG14  11SG39  05SG08  14SG55  17SG36  13SC48  02AQ09  25CP15  13SG25  
Fr 05 09SG16  11SG40  05SG07  14SG55  17SG40  13SC48  02AQ10  25CP16  13SG26  
Sa 06 09SG18  11SG41  05SG06  14SG54  17SG44  13SC48  02AQ11  25CP16  13SG27  
Su 07 09SG20  11SG40  05SG06  14SG53  17SG47  13SC48  02AQ12  25CP17  13SG28  
Mo 08 09SG23  11SG39  05SG05  14SG52  17SG51  13SC48  02AQ13  25CP18  13SG29  
Tu 09 09SG25  11SG37  05SG05  14SG50  17SG54  13SC48  02AQ14  25CP18  13SG30  
We 10 09SG27  11SG34  05SG05  14SG49  17SG58  13SC48  02AQ15  25CP19  13SG30  
Th 11 09SG29  11SG31  05SG05  14SG47  18SG01  13SC48  02AQ16  25CP20  13SG31  
Fr 12 09SG31  11SG26  05SG06  14SG46  18SG05  13SC48  02AQ17  25CP20  13SG32  
Sa 13 09SG34  11SG21  05SG06  14SG44  18SG08  13SC48  02AQ18  25CP21  13SG33  
Su 14 09SG36  11SG14  05SG07  14SG42  18SG11  13SC48  02AQ19  25CP22  13SG34  
Mo 15 09SG38  11SG07  05SG08  14SG41  18SG15  13SC48  02AQ20  25CP23  13SG34  
Tu 16 09SG40  10SG59  05SG10  14SG39  18SG18  13SC48  02AQ21  25CP23  13SG35  
We 17 09SG43  10SG50  05SG11  14SG36  18SG21  13SC48  02AQ22  25CP24  13SG36  
Th 18 09SG45  10SG41  05SG13  14SG34  18SG24  13SC48  02AQ23  25CP25  13SG37  
Fr 19 09SG47  10SG31  05SG15  14SG32  18SG27  13SC48  02AQ25  25CP25  13SG38  
Sa 20 09SG49  10SG21  05SG17  14SG30  18SG30  13SC48  02AQ26  25CP26  13SG38  
Su 21 09SG51  10SG10  05SG19  14SG27  18SG33  13SC48  02AQ27  25CP27  13SG39  
Mo 22 09SG54  09SG59  05SG22  14SG25  18SG36  13SC48  02AQ28  25CP27  13SG40  
Tu 23 09SG56  09SG48  05SG25  14SG22  18SG39  13SC49  02AQ29  25CP28  13SG41  
We 24 09SG58  09SG37  05SG28  14SG19  18SG42  13SC49  02AQ30  25CP29  13SG42  
Th 25 10SG00  09SG27  05SG31  14SG16  18SG45  13SC49  02AQ31  25CP30  13SG43  
Fr 26 10SG03  09SG17  05SG34  14SG13  18SG47  13SC49  02AQ32  25CP30  13SG43  
Sa 27 10SG05  09SG07  05SG38  14SG10  18SG50  13SC49  02AQ33  25CP31  13SG44  
Su 28 10SG07  08SG58  05SG41  14SG07  18SG53  13SC49  02AQ34  25CP32  13SG45  
Mo 29 10SG09  08SG49  05SG45  14SG04  18SG55  13SC49  02AQ35  25CP32  13SG46  
Tu 30 10SG11  08SG42  05SG49  14SG00  18SG58  13SC49  02AQ36  25CP33  13SG47  
We 31 10SG14  08SG35  05SG54  13SG57  19SG00  13SC49  02AQ37  25CP34  13SG47  
Th 01 10SG16  08SG29  05SG58  13SG54  19SG03  13SC50  02AQ38  25CP34  13SG48  
Fr 02 10SG18  08SG24  06SG03  13SG50  19SG05  13SC50  02AQ39  25CP35  13SG49  
Sa 03 10SG20  08SG20  06SG08  13SG46  19SG07  13SC50  02AQ40  25CP36  13SG50  
Su 04 10SG23  08SG17  06SG13  13SG43  19SG10  13SC50  02AQ41  25CP37  13SG51  
Mo 05 10SG25  08SG15  06SG18  13SG39  19SG12  13SC50  02AQ42  25CP37  13SG51  
Tu 06 10SG27  08SG14  06SG23  13SG35  19SG14  13SC50  02AQ43  25CP38  13SG52  
We 07 10SG29  08SG14  06SG29  13SG31  19SG16  13SC50  02AQ44  25CP39  13SG53  
Th 08 10SG32  08SG14  06SG35  13SG27  19SG18  13SC51  02AQ45  25CP39  13SG54  
Fr 09 10SG34  08SG16  06SG41  13SG23  19SG20  13SC51  02AQ46  25CP40  13SG55  
Sa 10 10SG36  08SG18  06SG47  13SG19  19SG22  13SC51  02AQ47  25CP41  13SG56  
Su 11 10SG38  08SG21  06SG53  13SG15  19SG24  13SC51  02AQ48  25CP41  13SG56  
Mo 12 10SG40  08SG25  06SG59  13SG11  19SG26  13SC51  02AQ49  25CP42  13SG57  
Tu 13 10SG43  08SG29  07SG06  13SG06  19SG28  13SC51  02AQ50  25CP43  13SG58  
We 14 10SG45  08SG34  07SG12  13SG02  19SG29  13SC52  02AQ51  25CP44  13SG59  
Th 15 10SG47  08SG39  07SG19  12SG57  19SG31  13SC52  02AQ52  25CP44  13SG60  
Fr 16 10SG49  08SG45  07SG26  12SG53  19SG33  13SC52  02AQ53  25CP45  14SG00  
Sa 17 10SG52  08SG52  07SG33  12SG48  19SG34  13SC52  02AQ54  25CP46  14SG01  
Su 18 10SG54  08SG59  07SG40  12SG44  19SG36  13SC52  02AQ55  25CP46  14SG02  
Mo 19 10SG56  09SG06  07SG47  12SG39  19SG37  13SC53  02AQ56  25CP47  14SG03  
Tu 20 10SG58  09SG14  07SG55  12SG35  19SG39  13SC53  02AQ57  25CP48  14SG04  
We 21 11SG00  09SG22  08SG02  12SG30  19SG40  13SC53  02AQ58  25CP48  14SG04  
Th 22 11SG03  09SG30  08SG10  12SG25  19SG41  13SC53  02AQ59  25CP49  14SG05  
Fr 23 11SG05  09SG39  08SG17  12SG20  19SG43  13SC54  03AQ00  25CP50  14SG06  
Sa 24 11SG07  09SG48  08SG25  12SG16  19SG44  13SC54  03AQ02  25CP51  14SG07  
Su 25 11SG09  09SG57  08SG33  12SG11  19SG45  13SC54  03AQ03  25CP51  14SG08  
Mo 26 11SG12  10SG06  08SG41  12SG06  19SG46  13SC54  03AQ04  25CP52  14SG09  
Tu 27 11SG14  10SG16  08SG49  12SG01  19SG47  13SC55  03AQ05  25CP53  14SG09  
We 28 11SG16  10SG25  08SG58  11SG56  19SG48  13SC55  03AQ06  25CP53  14SG10  
Th 29 11SG18  10SG35  09SG06  11SG51  19SG49  13SC55  03AQ07  25CP54  14SG11  
Fr 30 11SG20  10SG45  09SG14  11SG46  19SG50  13SC55  03AQ08  25CP55  14SG12  
Sa 01 11SG23  10SG55  09SG23  11SG42  19SG51  13SC56  03AQ09  25CP55  14SG13  
Su 02 11SG25  11SG05  09SG31  11SG37  19SG51  13SC56  03AQ10  25CP56  14SG13  
Mo 03 11SG27  11SG15  09SG40  11SG32  19SG52  13SC56  03AQ11  25CP57  14SG14  
Tu 04 11SG29  11SG26  09SG48  11SG27  19SG53  13SC56  03AQ12  25CP58  14SG15  
We 05 11SG32  11SG36  09SG57  11SG22  19SG53  13SC57  03AQ13  25CP58  14SG16  
Th 06 11SG34  11SG46  10SG06  11SG17  19SG54  13SC57  03AQ14  25CP59  14SG17  
Fr 07 11SG36  11SG56  10SG15  11SG12  19SG54  13SC57  03AQ15  25CP60  14SG17  
Sa 08 11SG38  12SG06  10SG24  11SG07  19SG55  13SC58  03AQ16  26CP00  14SG18  
Su 09 11SG41  12SG16  10SG32  11SG02  19SG55  13SC58  03AQ17  26CP01  14SG19  
Mo 10 11SG43  12SG26  10SG41  10SG57  19SG56  13SC58  03AQ18  26CP02  14SG20  
Tu 11 11SG45  12SG36  10SG50  10SG52  19SG56  13SC59  03AQ19  26CP02  14SG21  
We 12 11SG47  12SG46  10SG59  10SG48  19SG56  13SC59  03AQ20  26CP03  14SG22  
Th 13 11SG49  12SG55  11SG08  10SG43  19SG56  13SC59  03AQ21  26CP04  14SG22  
Fr 14 11SG52  13SG05  11SG18  10SG38  19SG56  13SC60  03AQ22  26CP05  14SG23  
Sa 15 11SG54  13SG14  11SG27  10SG33  19SG56  13SC60  03AQ23  26CP05  14SG24  
Su 16 11SG56  13SG23  11SG36  10SG29  19SG56  14SC00  03AQ24  26CP06  14SG25  
Mo 17 11SG58  13SG31  11SG45  10SG24  19SG56  14SC01  03AQ25  26CP07  14SG26  
Tu 18 12SG01  13SG40  11SG54  10SG19  19SG56  14SC01  03AQ26  26CP07  14SG26  
We 19 12SG03  13SG48  12SG03  10SG15  19SG56  14SC01  03AQ27  26CP08  14SG27  
Th 20 12SG05  13SG56  12SG12  10SG10  19SG56  14SC02  03AQ28  26CP09  14SG28  
Fr 21 12SG07  14SG04  12SG21  10SG05  19SG55  14SC02  03AQ29  26CP10  14SG29  
Sa 22 12SG09  14SG11  12SG31  10SG01  19SG55  14SC02  03AQ30  26CP10  14SG30  
Su 23 12SG12  14SG18  12SG40  09SG57  19SG55  14SC03  03AQ31  26CP11  14SG31  
Mo 24 12SG14  14SG24  12SG49  09SG52  19SG54  14SC03  03AQ32  26CP12  14SG31  
Tu 25 12SG16  14SG30  12SG58  09SG48  19SG54  14SC04  03AQ33  26CP12  14SG32  
We 26 12SG18  14SG35  13SG07  09SG44  19SG53  14SC04  03AQ35  26CP13  14SG33  
Th 27 12SG21  14SG40  13SG16  09SG39  19SG53  14SC04  03AQ36  26CP14  14SG34  
Fr 28 12SG23  14SG44  13SG25  09SG35  19SG52  14SC05  03AQ37  26CP14  14SG35  
Sa 29 12SG25  14SG48  13SG34  09SG31  19SG51  14SC05  03AQ38  26CP15  14SG35  
Su 30 12SG27  14SG51  13SG43  09SG27  19SG50  14SC06  03AQ39  26CP16  14SG36  
Mo 31 12SG30  14SG54  13SG52  09SG23  19SG50  14SC06  03AQ40  26CP17  14SG37  

IMPORTANT NOTE This is definitely *NOT* a geocentric ephemeris for 2001.   Instead of planetary positions being calculated as seen from planet Earth, their places are given as seen from Saturn.

Although considerable work has been done on Heliocentric positions, very little is available for planetary positions as seen from Saturn or from the other planets.  Of course tables may exist, but I have not as yet encountered any.

In a nutshell, the Geocentric positions could be said to show what you are likely to experience in life, as you sit back unconsciously as the recipient of life's events and circumstances.   The Heliocentric positions could be said to show what you, as an individual wish to make of your life, or your inner potential.  The positions of the planets as seen from Saturn could be said to give some indication of the structure of your conscience, as developed from early life-experiences.  Then again they might not!

It may be argued that we do not live on Saturn or on the Sun, so the apparent positions of planets as seen from these bodies is irrelevant.  Why should this be the case?  After all, whatever aspects Saturn may make in a geocentric chart, these may be affected by the "condition" Saturn itself is in at the time.  Suppose, for example, that the Saturn-centric chart shows a tight opposition between Mars and Uranus.  Even if there is no such aspect in the Geocentric Chart, the Saturn energy might be expected to behave a little differently in the Geocentric chart, than if the Saturn-centric Mars-Uranus aspect were a trine.

Happy experimenting.  This ephemeris was calculated by Achernar using QuickBasic 4.5.   Ephemerides from other planets may follow depending on the level of demand, (and Achernar's time!)

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Page Updated 3rd January 2000



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