Saturn Sign Interpretations

With Saturn in Aries, your upbringing has left you with a conscience structure
which operates somewhat compulsively, for unconscious forces in your psycho-
logical make up direct you to develop an intensely personal code of conduct
within which your ambitions can be realised.  You probably fear losing control
of your destiny at some deep level, and this can result in one of two possib-
ilities, either or both of which you may recognise in yourself.  First, you
may attach such importance to being in control that you consider you have to
exercise firm control over both your own activities and those of other people
and this can result in considerable inflexibility in your dealings.  Second,
you may feel so sensitive over issues of control, that you feel very open to
control by other people, and you therefore show reluctance to act directly,
even when this is desirable.  In either case, you have problems with self-
control, and you need to develop a less self-centred approach to this issue,
finding a more balanced way of asserting yourself in the world appropriately,
neither being too controlling nor too submissive.

With Saturn in Taurus, your upbringing has left you with a conscience structure
which instructs you to focus on your immediate experiences in a practical way,
for unconscious forces in your make-up tell you that considerable attention
should be paid to your material security in the context of any long-term plans.
On the positive side, this helps you to get to grips with reality, and to take
steps to improve your situation.  A long range planner, you are capable of
great persistence when you decide on a course of action.  However there is a
risk that your conscience may restrict your ability to see things in a wider
perspective, since the details seem so important to you: this could make you
rather a plodder, unwilling to try out new experiences without due caution.
Your sensitivity over issues of security probably stems from a fear of losing
what material possessions you have, without being able to see that if you
were able to take a few more risks, the end results would be worth-while.  If
you can learn this lesson, you will find that you become more confident, and
will find it easier to recognise and make the most of your opportunities.

With Saturn in Gemini, your upbringing has left you with a conscience structure
which instructs you to seek out the wider implications of your immediate ex-
periences, and to place them within a broader theoretical framework of under-
standing.  You think you ought to be able to handle abstract ideas and deal
with a wide variety of people, even if your involvements do not appear to
have any practical applications.  This comes about because your conscience
structure is influenced by your unconscious thought process, and you feel
you have to organise and control these thoughts, formulating them into an
idea system with general implications.  This emphasis may, especially when
you are young, cause you to shy away from the world of abstract thoughts and
loose connections, since you feel sensitive in this area, and would prefer
to stick to what is easier to come to grips with.  However, your will ev-
entually come to understand the importance of broadly based thinking, and
with your powers of persistence you may develop the capacity to become a
highly structured thinker, with fine ability to apply your mental insights.

With Saturn in Cancer, your upbringing has left you with a conscience structure
which suggests the possibility of deep-seated emotional insecurities, for your
ability to express your emotions spontaneously is restricted, ( in your own
mind ), by the need to put practical considerations before emotional ones,
engendering a type of "business before pleasure" philosophy.  It is not
that you are insensitive emotionally, quite the reverse: you are so sensitive
to your feelings that you feel you have to keep them under control.  You may
also try to prevent other people from sharing their feelings from you for
fear that you will become upset: if you do this, you will compound the prob-
lem by appearing to be cold and unfeeling.  The way to deal with your emot-
ional difficulties is to develop more trust in the world, then you will
become able to share your feelings with others.  This may seem hard at first,
but as you develop more experience in the world of emotions, you will find
that you can be one of the most caring and cared for people, precisely be-
cause you have had so much experience learning to deal with your feelings.
With Saturn in Leo, your upbringing has left you with a conscience structure
of which you are acutely aware, for it affects your sense of self directly.
You feel a keen sense of responsibility towards yourself, and for this rea-
son you may find it hard to express yourself spontaneously, especially while
you are young.  You consider that you should develop high ideals and live up
to them, and you may indeed manage to do this, becoming a noble and respected
person.  However there are a couple of problems.  You may be so acutely sens-
itive about your personality that you see the task of self-development as be-
ing too difficult or too frightening, in which case you may use your self-
awareness to become over-defensive rather than to pursue your own goals.
Another possibility is that you will assume that just as your own sense of
right and wrong comes from within yourself, the same is true for other people.
This is not always the case, and you should be careful not to be too autocr-
atic about asserting discipline over other people on purely subjective issues:
make sure there is an objective need for criticism of other's behaviour.

With Saturn in Virgo, your upbringing has left you with a conscience structure
of which you are acutely aware, for it makes you sensitive about how you org-
anise yourself in the running of your life.  You have a keen wish that the
details of any plans should be clear-cut and easy to execute, probably bec-
ause you have a deep-seated fear of chaos and uncertainty.  Your development
of a capacity for attending to detail is highly useful, and you can develop
excellent powers of discrimination.  However there is a risk of attending to
the details out of context of the wider theoretical and emotional issues,
and this can lead to problems.  Thus you might become so sensitive about
doing the right thing in the right way that you might become quite obsess-
ional, finding useful action blocked by worry over detail.  Another poss-
ibility is that sometimes you become paralysed into inaction through worry
over which of many possible actions to take.  Many of these problems will be
avoided if you can develop a sense of purpose in life, and if you can take
time out to share with others at an emotional level.

With Saturn in Libra, your upbringing has left you with a conscience structure
of which you are acutely aware, for it makes you focus on how you relate to
other people and to the outside world in general.  You are sensitive to the
rights of other people, and you also believe you should try to gain as much
understanding about the world as possible so that you can fit in more smoo-
thly.  Thus you have the ability to develop a wide understanding of human
nature, and you can learn how to stand up for other people whom you consider
to be treated unfairly, as well as learning to express a balanced point of
view on many issues in a diplomatic way.  These are fine qualities, but you
should not develop them at the expense of your own needs.  There is a risk
that you will be indecisive, because you need to think things through quite
thoroughly, examining every possibility.  There is also a risk that alth-
ough you understand people in general, you may find it hard to relate at a
one-to-one level, since no one person can give you the bradth of experience
you need: you may need to compromise some of your own freedom in this case.

With Saturn in Scorpio, your upbringing has left you with a conscience struct-
ure of which you are acutely aware, for it makes you focus on your desire
to act on the basis of your feelings.  You really want to understand how
people tick at an emotional level, and you are keenly aware of the signif-
icance of emotional factors in any situation.  Three effects are possible.
First you may be so sensitive about your feelings that you deal with them
by suppressing them, and withdrawing from emotional contact with others.
Second you may use your awareness of the importance of emotional consider-
ations in order to manipulate people and situations quite ruthlessly.
Third, and probably best, you may use your intuitive and perceptive powers
to develop a penetrating understanding of the structure and content of all
human interactions, so that you can involve yourself totally and honestly
in any given situation, paying respect to both emotional and practical
considerations.  You are most likely to mature into the this last way of
being after some painful experiences when trying one of the first two!
With Saturn in Sagittarius, your upbringing has left you with a conscience
structure which operates rather like a referee in sport.  You feel a respon-
sibility to develop a personal rule-system which is based upon high ethical
principles, and you therefore feel it important for you to understand your-
self so that you can make informed judgements about the world and your own
behaviour.  Just as a referee needs to become thoroughly acquainted with the
rules of the game, you may feel it is hard work trying to find out for your-
self what is right and wrong in the world, but you feel you have to do this.
You try to be fair in your personal judgements, but you may take some time
to achieve the necessary impartiality, feeling that you have a lot of back-
ground knowledge to assimilate first.  Some people shrink from the task,
either shying away from expressing an opinion for fear of being wrong, or
else giving rigid snap judgements which are insufficiently worked out.  You
can avoid both of these traps by developing self-confidence based on real
dedication to discovering the ground rules for your judgements.

With Saturn in Capricorn, your upbringing has left you with a conscience
structure which operates rather like a judge in court.  You feel a respon-
sibility to develop an objective rule-system which is based upon your de-
tailed observations over a period of time, which taken together build up
your direct experience of the world.  Just as a judge needs time to develop
a thourough understanding of the facts of a case before arriving at a judge-
ment, you attach importance to finding out about the way the world works,
so that you can plan most effectively for the future by following correct
procedures which have proven to be tried and tested by experience.  Thus
you can become excellent at planning your life through wise application
of your rule-system, provided you have taken the trouble to gain your ex-
perience directly.  Otherwise there is a risk that you may rely too much
on what you were taught, taking this as gospel without requestioning the
ideas presented to you then.  This would result in your becoming a slave
to tradition, allowing you little scope for self-development.

With Saturn in Aquarius, your upbringing has left you with a conscience
structure which operates mainly through influencing thought patterns you
have developed about the world in response to your early experiences.
You feel that you should learn as much as possible about the nature of
the world around you, and where you fit into the world as an individual,
so that you then have a viewpoint from which you can see what needs to
change, and may then initiate the changes in a constructive fashion.
Thus you could develop the breadth of vision which will enable you to
alter the world for the better, not by sudden rebellion, more by a pro-
gram of planned reforms.  However, things may not always work out this
way.  Especially before you mature, you may be too inflexible in your
thinking, assuming that you are always right without question.  Also
you may talk about freedom and the rights of other people, while at the
same time your own behaviour is quite unreasonable by ordinary standards,
lacking in the objectivity you could obtain by disciplined study.

With Saturn in Pisces, your upbringing has left you with a conscience structure
which operates mainly through playing on your feelings of obligation towards
society and towards other people.  You feel that you should endeavour to
understand how people tick at an emotional level and be of help to them in
some practical way.  This is a difficult task, and you may feel that you are
having to put the needs of others before your own if you face up to it.  You
may be confused and lacking in direction at times, for your conscience is ask-
ing you to do something fairly concrete, ( help people ), whilst also asking
you to use means which are much less concrete, ( understanding people's feel-
ings ).  Finding it hard to fulfil these obligations, you may feel discouraged
or you may give up trying to obey your conscience altogether, resulting in
indiscriminate and whimsical behaviour lacking in coherence.  However if you
can come to terms with the ambiguities and ambivalence which you feel when
considering matters of conscience, your apparent weaknesses can become your
strength, for you will develop great resourcefulness through your experiences.

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