Sun Aspects in Astrology

Sun Conjunct Moon
Being born at the time of the new moon, the direction of your conscious will
towards developing your talents to the full is heavily influenced by your
emotional sensitivity.  You are therefore to likely to lack objectivity, for
your motives are connected with your personal feelings in such a way that you
find it hard to see the difference between them.  You are likely to have a
reputation for being sensitive and rather dramatic, for you come over as
a frank and involved person, whatever your mode of self-expression.  Certainly
you have great potential, but to make the most of this you need to ensure that
you develop some ability to be more objective, perhaps developing your Mercury
or Venus potential consciously: this will give a second string to your bow.
Sun Opposition Moon
Being born under the full moon, you are likely to experience some conflict
between the directions of your conscious will and of your need for emotional
security.  Thus you may find that you feel insecure about going all out for
what you really want, or you may act in haste and find that you feel unsat-
isfied afterwards.  You will probably attempt to solve your dilemma by in-
volving yourself in all sorts of spirited actions, learning through your
resulting emotional states what it is you really do want.  You will there-
fore eventually develop a considerable ability to organise your life to suit
yourself, though you will still feel that you have two rather contrasting
sides to your personality: at best you can flexibly have the best of both.
Sun Trine Moon
Your conscious will is nicely in tune with your emotional nature, which means
that you probably feel all right about yourself at some deep level.  Probably
you experienced your parents as getting on well with each other, setting an
example to you of how relationships can work well.  Since your will and your
feelings are in harmony, you find it relatively easy to find some purpose in
life which satisfies your ambitions for self-development and emotional sec-
urity.  You also have resources to draw on in times of stress.  However you
need to watch out for a tendency to withdraw into a state of laziness to
make the best of this fortunate aspect, for there is a risk that because you
feel alright in yourself you may tend to live in an ideal world of your own.
Sun Square Moon

You are likely to feel that your personality has two incompatible sides to
it which are usually working at cross-purposes.  This may well be because
you perceived your parents as being unsuited to each other.  You will find
that there is a tendency for you experience your behaviour to vary consid-
erably, depending on whether you are seeking to satisfy emotional needs, or
trying to achieve your goals through involvment in an active rather than a
passive way.  You are likely to feel that life presents a number of chall-
enges, which will result in a considerable number of changes and adaptations
on your part.  It also means that when you know yourself better you will
choose to be the one who makes the changes, in your search to be integrated.
Sun Sextile Moon
You are a strong believer in achieving a responsible balance between taking
the initiative and letting others take the lead, probably because your
parents appeared to share a good give-and-take relationship.  You will
probably find that what you want to do and how you feel about what you
are doing are in alliance, particularly if you can see some tangible result
for your efforts.  You are therefore likely to feel generally good about
yourself, and having a good opinion of yourself you are likely to find that
you get on quite well with other people too.  You are likely to attempt to
keep a sense of proportion in everything that you do, but this tendency
should not blind you to the possibility of broadening your horizons.
Sun Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Moon
You are a sensitive person, who has some difficulty in tying together the
direction of your conscious will and the way you feel emotionally.  The
two sides to your personality function rather differently in you, and you
may be rather confused about what you want to do with your life in the
light of your emotional responses to your actions.
Sun Semisextile or Quincunx Moon
You may feel a considerable amount of strain, because there is a conflict
between the modus operandi of your conscious will and the nature of your
emotional set-up.  This may lead to considerable indecision and apparent
vulnerability.  However, at best you can develop considerable versatility
once you realise that both methods of self-expression are valid for you.

Sun Conjunct Mercury
Your psychological drive towards expressing your conscious will through action
operates in unison with the way you seek to organise yourself and the world
around you.  This means that you are likely to attach considerable importance
to your opinions about the world, and you will not hesitate to express them.
You may tend to be rather dogmatic if you identify with your opinions too
strongly, showing a tendency to insist on doing things your own way, but at
least you are reasonably sure of how you want to set about things, even if a
more objective critic would disagree with you.  Since your aim is to achieve
concrete results for your efforts, you may well have considerable manual dex-
terity, and/or an ability to persuade others to your way of doing things.

Sun Conjunct Venus
Your psychological drive to operate according to your conscious will in the
pursuit of personal goals is coloured by your wish to gain objective under-
standing of the world around you through relationships with other people.
One likely effect of this is that you pursue your own way in life along a
path which takes others into account, and you meet with help rather than
opposition therefore.  Also your understanding of life is given a subjective
bias, which can help you to express your ideas quite persuasively.  Although
you are likely to be popular and easy-going, there is a risk of avoiding too
much serious involvement with the world at a practical or emotional level,
preferring to keep some degree of detachment in operation.
Sun Semisquare Venus
You are likely to feel somewhat confused when it comes to deciding whether to
do what you want in life for yourself, or to more objective and allow others
their way.  You actually need to do both, but in the right context.  As you
mature you will learn that it is possible to have the best of both worlds
once you achieve a balance between your own needs and those of others.
Sun Semisextile Venus
You are likely to feel some strain when acting according to your conscious
will in pursuit of goals, since the way you assert yourself offends that
part of you which takes a more objective view of the world, or else your
beliefs about the world make it hard for you to assert yourself at all.  You
need to develop more confidence in both your actions and your ideas.

Sun Conjunct Mars
Your psychological drive towards expressing your conscious will operates in
the same way as, and is reinforced by your drive towards conscious action on
the basis of your feelings.  This means that you are a forceful person who
acts on the courage of your convictions, pouring considerable emotional energy
into going after what you want.  At best you are highly creative, since you
are constantly in action, evaluating the effects that these actions have on
your feelings, and using this feedback to redefine your goals, spurring you
on to further action.  You are more interested in the passions of human in-
volvement than in any objective criteria, and this leads to a tendency towards
recklessness and ruthlessness which may need to be watched.
Sun Opposition Mars
You are keen to define your own goals and to pursue them with zeal, but you
need to become more organised in your approach, for you show a tendency to
overreact, presumably as a result of coming up against some formidable oppo-
sition in the past.  This has left you with the conviction that you need to
redefine your goals in the light of your emotional experiences, going on to
test them out again.  This is a tiring cycle, and you need to develop greater
objectivity in order to avoid unnecessary conflict, so that you can use your
abundant energy when it is really needed.  You will cover more ground in the
long run if you remember that not all situations demand conflict, and that you
may benefit from listening clearly to the wishes of other people.
Sun Trine Mars
You express yourself well in action, for you are able to give yourself a good
feeling of self-worth by enjoying the effects of your actions.  You prefer to
act directly where others would hesitate, for you realise that this is a nat-
ural way of being for you, and you may be rather suspicious of those who appear
to think too much or to get bogged down in planning details.  Whilst you have
considerable energy, and you probably enjoy a challenge, you need to bear in
mind that your activities need a clear focus, and preferably some tangible
results apart from emotional well-being, in order for you to make the most
of your accurate appraisal of your abilities: you might well benefit from
taking on a leadership role to spur others with your enthusiasm.
Sun Square Mars
What you really want is often different from how you go about getting it, and
this is likely to give problems.  You are likely to find that self-assertion
and patience are issues you have to face more than most people.  Thus you may
find that you want something badly, but you become impatient and indulge in
some hasty action that destroys your chances, or you might feel that other
people get in your way and that they need to be fought strongly.  Alternat-
ively, you may feel that since other people always get their own way, there
is no point in fighting, and your aggression takes the more subtle form of
stubbornness or passive "cooperation".  In either case you need to learn more
about yourself so that you can use your considerable energy to better effect.
Sun Sextile Mars
You are aware of the importance of having your heart involved in your actions,
and you are good at whipping up enthusiasm in yourself and in others.  You
have considerable energy and you like to be on the go, especially if you can
see tangible effects from your endeavours.  Despite your apparent spontaneity
and quickness in action, you are also able to develop a considerable amount
of staying power when your interest is aroused, and you make a valuable mem-
ber of a team when you feel committed to the cause.  You also have an innate
competitive sense, and will probably enjoy demonstrating your skills and
abilities.  Your interests will lie more in the realm of close involvement
than in the world of abstractions, and you probably dislike dawdlers.
Sun Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Mars
You probably experience some confusion when it comes to sorting out exactly
what you want and how to go about getting it.  You may therefore feel that
you are either letting others get their own way too much, or else you are
upsetting other people by doing what you want.  On reflection you will see
that it may be possible for everyone to get what they want.
Sun Semisextile or Quincunx Mars
You are under considerable strain much of the time, for the way you set
about getting what you want operates quite out of context with that which
you want.  Thus you try to use power where persuasion is needed, or a soft
approach where tough action is needed.  You will feel better if you accept
both sides to your nature, learning to use them at the right times.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter
The expression of your conscious will is reinforced by that part of your per-
sonality which spurs you on towards greater things.  You therefore consider
that it is important to seek as full self-expression as possible, since you
have considerable confidence in your own value.  When you want something, you
don't do things by halves, and you will pursue a goal enthusiastically, though
you may skimp on the details.  While your good self-opinion helps you to travel
far along your chosen path, you will benefit most from your talents if you
learn to curb your sometimes excessive enthusiasm, making sure that your sch-
emes are practicable.  You also need to be reminded that there is a distinction
between healthy self-confidence and conceitedness!
Sun Opposition Jupiter
You need to develop a greater degree of organisation as far as defining your
goals is concerned, for you tend to have a complex that "The grass is always
greener", resulting in your spending considerable time and energy in chasing
after experiences which later turn out to be less valuable than you expected.
This is because you find it hard to separate what you really want consciously
from what you were brought up to believe that you ought to want.  You would
benefit from learning to listen to advice from other adventurous people like
yourself, so that you could learn to channel your abundant energy more eff-
ectively, but you do not take advice readily, for you reckon you need to find
things for yourself.....sometimes the hard way.
Sun Trine Jupiter
You have high ideals for yourself, with an inner sense of your own good worth,
for your conscious aims in life are in tune with what you believe to be right
for you.  You are therefore usually confident that you are doing the right
thing, and this will come across as a sense of optimism and joie de vivre.
Since you do not feel restricted in your quest for self-fulfilment, you are
likely to cover more ground than most people, either literally, in terms of
physical travel, or metaphorically in the pursuit of broader understanding.
You need to check out from time to time that things really are going well,
however, and that your sense of satisfaction is not grounded solely in the-
ory, if you are to make the most of this fortunate aspect.
Sun Square Jupiter
Your upbringing has taught you that it is right to pursue certain goals,
but at a more conscious level you disagree, wishing to take a quite diff-
erent course.  If you identify with the ideals you were taught, you will
spend considerable time chasing after goals that you don't really want, while
if you instead identify with your own conscious goals, you will encounter
powerful cross-currents from people and organisations who try to stop you
doing what you want.  In either case you are likely to have some difficulty
in getting what you really want, or indeed in discovering what you really
want.  In order to make the best of your considerable energy, you need to
develop a better sense of timing, and a modicum of caution!
Sun Sextile Jupiter
Your upbringing has left you with an understanding that in order to exer-
cise your conscious will most effectively, it is useful to be able to take
some short cuts, by relying on some philosophy of what should be aspired
towards.  You are therefore likely to show a good sense of timing in
your affairs, giving you considerable faith in your own validity as an
individual.  In order to make the most of your ability to follow the
right path, you should check out from time to time that you are doing so
in reality, as well as in your own opinion, for circumstances can change,
and what was once true need not necessarily be true now.  Fortunately you
are quite adventurous, and you will be keen to seek out what is true for you.
Sun Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Jupiter
You may feel somewhat confused when trying to distinguish between goals that
you really want to aim for and goals that you were taught were desirable.
You may feel that you are obliged to conform to society's ideals, or that
society tries to prevent you from choosing your own path in life.  You need
to clarify what you really want, then you will find you can attain this.
Sun Semisextile or Quincunx Jupiter
You are likely to find stress in the area of defining your goals, for what
you really want is different from what you were taught you ought to want.
You may find that you use the wrong way of trying to get what you want at
the wrong time, until you learn to define your aims more clearly.  Then you
will find that both ways are right in the right context and you will succeed.

Sun Conjunct Saturn
The expression of your conscious will is tied in with the operation of your
conscience structure.  This means that you take yourself very seriously
indeed, for any conscious expression of your will needs to conform to the
strong demands of your sense of right and wrong.  You also feel that you
need to achieve tangible recognition for your hard work, and are likely to
believe that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing properly.  You are
likely to be critical of yourself and others and to have a reputation for
conservatism.  At best you will achieve a great deal through your dedication
to effort and principle, but you need to learn to relax more and take at least
some aspects of life less seriously than you do at the moment.
Sun Opposition Saturn
You are probably your own worst critic, feeling that whenever you try to do
what you really want, other people or circumstances try to prevent you by
placing obstacles in your way.  You may even assume that this restriction
applies to other people, and that you have to try to keep them in check also.
The problem, however, lies with your own conscience structure, and more than
most people you need to realise that any obstacles usually exist only in your
own mind as a result of your early conditioning, rather than in current re-
ality.  Once you understand this, you can become a highly capable person,
for you can develop the ability to act constructively and purposefully, with
a shrewd appreciation of the opportunities and limitations in any situation.
Sun Trine Saturn
Your conscious aims in life are likely to be sensible and realistic, for your
conscience provides a useful check on your activities, ensuring that they
are channeled in some constructive direction.  While you may not be the most
adventurous person in terms of life aims, you are well suited to take res-
ponsibility, and you are probably rather ambitious.  You want to see tangible
results for your efforts, and you will persist at a task if you can envisage
eventual rewards.  Although you have a fine appreciation of the need for
organisation and method, you need to examine your rule system occasionally
to ensure that what was suited to the past is also applicable in the light of
the present, for you tend to be rather resistant to change.
Sun Square Saturn
You may have a poor opinion of yourself, for you were probably brought up to
feel guilty if you tried to satisfy your own wishes.  You may therefore have
developed, quite wrongly, the opinion that you are no good.  Alternatively
you may have developed such a hatred towards former critics that you rebel
strongly, getting into trouble that way.  In either case, you have a problem
in satisfying both your wish to pursue your own path and the dictates of your
own conscience.  Once you learn to exercise these two needs at separate times
you can go a long way.  You can use your strongly developed critical facult-
ies to discriminate between goals that are really worth striving for and
those which are impractical, and you can develop considerable inner strength.
Sun Sextile Saturn
You probably prefer serious pursuits, for your strong conscience tells you
that success is unlikely without proper discipline and organisation.  You
may have developed this preference as a result of habit, perhaps because
you have experienced responsibilities from an early age, and you continue
to seek out that which you are used to.  However you will make the most of
your ability to act constructively if you do so in the light of present re-
ality, rather than because it is what you learned to do in the past.  That
way you will direct your energies into something you believe is really worth-
while, and your common sense will help you towards success, while others will
value your practical efficiency.
Sun Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Saturn
You are likely to be somewhat confused when it comes to a decision involving
what action to take, for your conscience tells you one thing, while you
would prefer to do another if left to your own devices.  However you will
learn that the two forces are both valid in their own way, and you will dev-
elop more confidence as you gain more experience in the world.
Sun Semisextile or Quincunx Saturn
You will feel some pressure from your conscience when you want to exercise
your conscious will, for the two are out of alignment.  Your critical fac-
ulties are well developed, as is your capacity to do your own thing, but
you will need to learn how to use each in its proper context to make the
most of your talent for make goals come to fruition in reality.

Sun Conjunct Uranus
The exercise of your conscious will in the pursuit of your personal goals in
life operates in unison with a idiosyncratic model of how you think the world
should be.  Your will therefore operates in accordance with strong theoretical
principles which you developed in an attempt to place what you were taught ab-
out discipline into an understandable framework.  Since one's upbringing is
unique, it follows that your idea system is unique too, however "correct" you
consider it to be.  Your life-direction will therefore appear to take a strange
and unorthodox course, and you will appear to be unpredictable, at least to
other people.  Although you are friendly enough and tolerant of anything novel
or off-beat, you are highly intolerant of any attempt to curb your "freedom".
Sun Opposition Uranus
You have, as a result of your upbringing, developed some very odd ideas about
human nature and the world around you, and you will find that when you try to
pursue your consciously chosen path in life, you experience an unexpected re-
action from other people, which throws you off balance.  At other times, you
consider other people to act perversely, and feel that you have to interfere
to put them on the right track.  Your unusual experiences will encourage you
to develop a rugged independence, though you are always likely to be highly-
strung and impatient.  You need to develop more self-discipline, then you can
become quite a genius, using the experiences you get to develop self-under-
standing, together with considerable understanding of human nature as well.
Sun Trine Uranus
The direction of your conscious will in life is in harmony with the theories
you have formed about the world as a result of your upbringing.  You are
therefore capable of finding original methods of dealing with situations
which interest you, and you enjoy being able to see things working out as
you expected, even if others are surprised at the turn of events.  You are
likely to have a liking for unusual pastimes, especially any involving an
element of exploration, and you will probably enjoy the company of unorth-
odox people and groups, for they stimulate your thoughts.  You will not
wish to have your actions curbed by any authority, wishing to do things your
own way, and you will also have a highly developed concept of fairness.
Sun Square Uranus
Your upbringing has left you with a theory about how the world should behave,
which is all very well, but unfortunately your methods of going about your
own way disobey the very rules defined so strongly by your theory.  Although
the actions and the theory are both your own, in practice you are likely to
attribute one of them to others.  You will therefore either act in such a way
that the authorities react strongly, or else you will set yourself up as an
authority to challenge the actions of others.  In both cases you are a non-
conformist, and while you may have considerable talent in your own eccentric
way, the outrageous way you express these talents stimulates unexpected res-
ponses.  Even if you are sure of your ground, it sometimes pays to shut up!
Sun Sextile Uranus
Your upbringing has left you with the understanding that progress towards
a goal can often be assisted by looking at a situation from an unusual angle,
and you are good at coming up with original solutions to problems.  You are
able to stand back from an endeavour and to place it into the context of a
theoretical framework from which you can then use general principles in
the solution of the particular problem.  You may not be aware that you tick
in this way, and to other people it may appear that you are creating opp-
ortunities out of thin air, and will appreciate your fresh approach.  In
fact your learnt way of understanding the world is highly useful to you, and
you will want to employ it with the aim of achieving your goals.
Sun Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Uranus
You may be rather confused when it comes to asserting yourself, for you fear
that others will see you as rebellious or awkward.  You may also feel that
others actions go against the grain, and feel you ought to correct them.
As you mature, you will probably come to understand that direct action need
not necessarily be at cross purposes with the need for you to conform.
Sun Semisextile or Quincunx Uranus
You may feel some strain in the area of self-assertion, for you feel that
this is likely to be seen as "breaking the rules", and you may also feel
that you have to control the actions of others for the same reasons.  Once
you realise that they are not "the rules" but "your rules", the problem
lessens and you will find it easier to develop tolerance and patience.

Sun Conjunct Neptune
The way you go about pursuing your conscious goals is strongly tied in with
the nature of your inner sense of obligation towards others and what you were
taught you ought to feel.  Since this sense of obligation and feeling is in-
dividual and personal, and is largely an inwardly experienced sea of various
emotions not visible to others, it is likely that you appear to be somewhat
mysterious and lacking in focus.  You may or may not know that your outer act-
ions are a reflection of your inner yearnings, but to others expecting your
actions to have some purpose in outer reality you will appear rather spaced
out.  You may prefer to avoid too much reality by escaping through art or music
or involvement with the sea, (O.K.), or drugs and alcohol, ( unwise! ).
Sun Opposition Neptune
You feel that to take a direct approach towards achieving your goals may be
doomed to failure, as a result of your upbringing leaving you feeling that
other people should come first, even if you do not feel this at a conscious
level.  You have a strong imagination however, and you may be tempted to
use underhand and devious methods to get what you want.  You may also find that
your experiences disillusion you so often that you try to escape from reality
by living in a dream world, possibly helped by the unwise use of drugs and
alcohol.  Although you may not like the idea, you really need to become more
in touch with reality.  Only then can you use your fine imagination and human
compassion positively in achieving your dreams in practice.
Sun Trine Neptune
Your upbringing has left you with the impression that you are most likely to
achieve your goals by taking the wishes and feelings of others into account
in such a way that you enlist their support.  You are emotionally perceptive
and able to tune into "atmospheres", which could give you ability in the arts
or the helping professions.  You have a strong fantasy world and a good imag-
ination, but to make the most of your considerable, if somewhat mysterious,
talents, you need to find some practical goal to aim for, since if you
spend too long day-dreaming you will never attain goals in practice, however
grand they might be in your imagination.  Provided you avoid this tendency,
which most people call laziness, you can almost work miracles.
Sun Square Neptune
You are a sensitive person, with considerable powers of imagination, but
to make the most of this you need to learn to live with reality.  You
avoid dealing with situations directly, for you either feel that you will
be unsuccessful, or that if you do succeed you will upset other people
which in turn will upset you.  However, your self-will won't give up that
easily and you are likely to resort to devious behaviour, such as lying
and deception, often with rationalisation to support your behaviour.  You
may also kid yourself that drugs and other escapist practices are helping
you.  Once you tackle the core of the problem, your own lack of self-confid-
ence, you really can achieve what you want to, honestly and on merit.
Sun Sextile Neptune
You are sensitive to the needs and wishes of other people, and you sometimes
find it hard to distinguish between your personal goals and the common good.
This may often work to your advantage, for you may well find that you need
help from other people, just as you are well able to help them.  At best
you will be able to work constructively towards realising in practice some
of the many dreams that stem from your active imagination.  You might well
have artistic leanings, or enjoy any form of work which involves helping
other people.  You should make sure however that your easy-going nature
does not encourage you to become reluctant to take direct action in your
own self-interest when the occasion demands this.
Sun Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Neptune
You are probably rather confused about the conflict you feel there to be
between your rights to act in your own interest and your obligations to
respect the feelings of other people and society in general.  You need
to consider this problem, sorting out your priorities realistically,
rather than trying to avoid the problem by acting rather secretively.
Sun Semisextile or Quincunx Neptune
Your way of pursuing your own goals is often at loggerheads with your
perception of your obligations towards protecting the feelings of others,
and you may therefore express stress in this area.  While you may be
tempted to act indirectly, hiding your motives from others, and perhaps
from yourself, you will benefit more from sorting out your priorities.

Sun Conjunct Pluto
The exercise of your conscious will towards achieving your personal objectives
is influenced by unconscious material which also wants its own way at a level
which is much less open to conscious direction.  This means that there is a
great amount of power and compulsion invested in your actions, together with
a desire to have your own way at all costs.  In order to benefit from your
tremendous creative ( and destructive ) potential, you need to be aware of the
force you use to get what you want, even if it is hard to control.  You make a
large impact on the world, transforming both the world and yourself in the
process, for better or worse.  You may be a bit of a loner, partly since you
are driven from within, and partly because others are afraid of your power.
Sun Opposition Pluto
The exercise of your conscious will activates your unconscious will simultan-
eously, and since they are opposed in nature, the result is conflict.  The
most likely effect of this battle is that you identify with your conscious
will, wanting your own way at all costs, whilst receiving powerful opposit-
ion from other people.  Another possibility is that you feel a compulsive
need to oppose other people, since you see them as all-powerful.  In either
case power is at issue, and to make the best of this energetic aspect you
need to develop a deeper appreciation of the different levels of organis-
ation of personal motivations.  Through the many personal transformations
you experience, you ought to learn to redefine your goals appropriately.
Sun Trine Pluto
Your conscious will is influenced by your unconscious urges in a healthy
way which means that you will receive helpful and powerful inspiration
from within to assist your redefining and improving your goals and alter-
ing the circumstances around you.  You are probably quite good at getting
in touch with the unconscious drives which motivate other people, and you
can use your insights to persuade them round to your way of thinking with-
out too much difficulty.  You are aware of the potential for change in
many situations, and you have the power to alter other people, for better
or worse.  You need to be aware of this ability, for you will do best to
concentrate on self-transformation rather than to manipulate others.
Sun Square Pluto
You are very self-willed, and you assert yourself in such a way that other
people react very strongly.  The trouble is that there is some conflict
within yourself as to what you really want, but you see the conflict as
being a clash of wills between yourself and the world instead.  Through
your battles with other people you will undoubtedly change your direction
in life frequently, and you will have a powerful effect on others too.
You need to realise that you identify with your will too strongly, and
you need to be more careful about what you say and do when you are angry,
for although you may soon forgive and forget fairly quickly after a row,
others may react differently, and you may have destroyed the relationship.
Sun Sextile Pluto
You usually have a fairly clear idea of what you want to do and why, and
you therefore like to have your own way, doing things as you wish.  You
sometimes find that when you pursue a goal through taking direct action,
you change a bit in the process, and you may also change what other people
want to do also.  This ability to tap into your own unconscious drives and
those of others can be helpful to you, as they can then be channeled into
more conscious pathways, resulting in constructive progress.  You are
likely to be curious about how people tick, and will sometimes create
situations to see how people react.  As long as this is not an effort to
manipulate them, your insights help others to develop a sense of purpose.
Sun Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Pluto
You may feel confused when it comes to asserting yourself, for you sense
that you will provoke powerful opposition.  You may also try to control
the actions of others through fear.  You need to realise that the power
issue lies in yourself, and you can develop the ability to handle your
will in two different ways at different times to better effect.
Sun Semisextile or Quincunx Pluto
Self-assertion is a stressful area for you, for it is tied in with feelings
that you will meet powerful resistance.  You may also be keen to prevent
others from getting their own way through fear that this will destroy you.
You need to own all your own power, rather than to see it in other people,
then you will find that you can handle self-assertion more moderately.

(Speculative - ignore if you like)
Sun Conjunct Zed $$$
The expression of your conscious will towards achieving personal goals is sub-
ject to a strongly developed tendency for you to act according to ideas which
enter your head from the unconscious, making your behaviour appear bizarre and
capricious, for even if you have some idea of what makes you tick, others do
not, and your actions appear to them to lack logic.  However you have a gift
for lateral thinking, giving you an ability to see many possibilities in any
given situation, and you may also have some ability to read what other people
are thinking.  Although your inspired decisions may lead you into all sorts of
strange and enlightening experiences, they are also likely to lead you on a
wild goose chase unless you learn to back up your intuition with logic.
Sun Opposition Zed $$$
You are keen to discover what you really want through direct action, but your
ideas get in the way somehow.  Either you will find that people respond to
your actions in an apparently crazy fashion, often considering you to be out
of your mind, or you will feel that you are subject to strange thoughts your-
self which make it difficult for you to take effective action in the real world.
You can at best develop a keen understanding of unconscious thought processes
through your experiences, which could enable you to develop ability in the
field of Psychology and related subjects, but you need to develop a capacity
to organise your thoughts and actions into a more logical framework to avoid
finding that you are incapable of realistic interaction with the world.
Sun Trine Zed $$$
Your way of pursuing your conscious goals in life will lead you into unusual
territory, for your well-developed intuitive powers provide you with a source
of original ideas which you seek to put into action.  You do not want to be
constrained by the normal way of doing things, and you will demand consider-
able scope to follow through your schemes in your own way.  Your curiousity
has no limits, and you will be quite experimental, wishing to test out your
theories in practice.  As somebody who has a knack of tapping in to how others
tick, you will enjoy games and pursuits where lateral thinking is useful, and
you will become bored if your work does not allow you scope to exercise your
individual brand of ingenuity.
Sun Square Zed $$$
You are full of ideas and schemes stemming from your unconscious thought pro-
cesses, and you are keen to test them out in practice with the aim of under-
standing more about yourself and your purpose in life, but you may find this
difficult.  Because the way you go about following up your plans is out of
context, you will encounter disruptive countercurrents which may be hard to
deal with.  Thus you may experience irrational resistance from others when
you try to exercise your conscious will, or you may feel that other people
act stupidly or crazily.  This may either make you feel that you are mad, or
that everybody else is mad, until you learn that action and thought are two
different processes: then you will be able to develop greater understanding.
Sun Sextile Zed $$$
With a minimum of effort you are able to direct your conscious energies to-
wards achieving your purpose in life by drawing upon a store of creative
ideas which stream into your consciousness.  These can provide you with the
material to obtain your wishes by using lateral thinking to help you.  You
are keen to try out your plans in practice, as you are curious to see the
effects, and you will often find that you make new discoveries about your-
self and what makes you tick in the process.  You are likely to work well
as a member of a team, providing both a sense of humour and an ability to
stimulate the others into thinking about what they are trying to do in a new
way, so that creative and efficient solutions to problems appear.
Sun Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Zed $$$
You may feel confusion or self-doubt when it comes to doing what you want, for
you tend to distrust your intuition, fearing that things will turn out unex-
pectedly.  You may also tend to sabotage other peoples' actions by reacting
irrationally.  You need to realise that actions and ideas are different in
nature and need not be at cross-purposes with one another.
Sun Semisextile or Quincunx Zed $$$
You probably feel some stress in connection with the issue of self-assertion,
for the concept is, for you, tied in with the idea that direct action is
inevitably associated with bizarre and irrational responses, either on your
part or that of others.  You should realise that this is not the case, then
you will feel less sensitive about this problem, and act more suitably.

(Accurate birth-time required!!)
Sun Conjunct Ascendant
You express your conscious will in a natural and open manner, the more so if
your Ascendant is in the same sign as the Sun.  This means that your aims are
clear for all to see, which has the advantage that you project yourself hon-
estly, indeed you are likely to attract notice as soon as you enter a room.
However, you may find it hard to disguise a natural wish to be the centre of
attention, which others may come to resent if you appear to hog the limelight.
Still, others will respect your forthrightness and naive honesty, provided
they also sense that you also allow them their place too.  To make the best
of the advantages given by your ability to be direct, you need to ensure that
you develop other sides to your personality as well.
Sun Opposition Ascendant
It may take you some time, and plenty of interaction with other people, for
you to find out what you really want out of life for yourself.  You may well
be attracted to qualities which appear to belong to other people, which are
really present in your own personality if you stop to think about it.  At
best you can learn most about yourself through your relationships and by
observing the world.  However your natural approach to life at the level of
organising your immediate experience is such that it is different from how
you really want to be, and this could result in your seeing other people as
presenting opposition to your plans, and you may try to battle with them
until you understand yourself and others rather better.
Sun Trine Ascendant
Your conscious will is expressed in a way which blends well with your natural
way of approaching the world, which means that you come across honestly and
openly, and others can understand where you are going in your life and why.
You should not allow this to encourage you to become lazy, assuming that no
effort is required from yourself to make the most of your talents.  While
you are quite capable of showing considerable energy and perseverence when
your interest is aroused in a project, you will benefit greatly if you also
pay some attention to those matters which are less important at first sight.
You will then find that you enjoy life to the full, both in your profess-
ional life and in your spare-time activities.
Sun Square Ascendant
Your natural way of approaching a situation is at odds with your more con-
scious motivations, which may lead to some difficulty.  The unconscious
image you project of your personality contrasts with your aims and actions
taken at a more conscious level.  You may be content to just be your nat-
ural self, but find that other people have different plans for you, or you
may be full of ambition but find that your methods go against the grain,
leading to dissatisfaction.  You need to learn to be more honest with
yourself and with other people about both your aims and your methods.
Neither your aims nor your methods are wrong, but they operate in rather
different ways, and you need to learn how to integrate them.
Sun Sextile Ascendant
You like to get along with people, realising that you are at your best when
indulging in cooperative ventures, where your own goals are likely to come
more easily through combining with other people.  You are likely to be in-
quisitive and sociable, for at least on the surface you come across as being
keen to become involved, particularly if you believe this will lead to tang-
ible results.  You will find an education helps you to develop practical
skills, and you will want to have a job that you find personally satisfying,
otherwise you will become bored and restless.  You may also enjoy travelling
to broaden your horizons, and although you enjoy having a wide variety of
friends, you will become impatient with people who try to limit your freedom.
Sun Semisquare or Sesquiquadrate Ascendant
You may feel confused about the direction you want to take in life, for you
see many opportunities, some of which appear incompatible.  You may need to
try out some of these, though you may feel uncomfortable about doing so.
However you will eventually find some goal you can pursue without feeling
that it goes against what your first impressions told you.
Sun Semisextile or Quincunx Ascendant
You may suffer some strain from a conflict involving what you want to do
and what you feel you ought to be doing.  The truth is that you do not
have to sacrifice one for the sake of the other, though you may need to do
what you want to do at one time, and what you ought to do at another.  Your
intense involvements with other people will help you achieve a balance.

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