Sun Sign Interpretations

You were born with the Sun in Aries, which indicates that your conscious will
operates directly and personally.  You experience a compulsive urge to be at
the front of the race, for you are highly influenced by that unconscious part
of your personality which some psychologists call libido.  Whatever your ris-
ing sign indicates as to your method of approaching the world initially, deep
down you want to discover yourself by indulging in all forms of enterprise
with which you can identify strongly, preferably taking a leading role in
them.  You want to do your own thing, in your own way, with the goal of disc-
overing more about yourself.  You are thus likely to make quite an impact on
the world, for you come across as being pretty dynamic and self assured once
people get to know you.  If you are not aware of this power in yourself, you
are likely to project it onto other people, seeing them as being powerful: if
this is the case then you need to ask yourself why you elicit such a response
from them, and you will probably that the answer lies in your own behaviour.
If you do not do so already, you should get in touch with your own strength.

You were born with the Sun in Taurus, which means that your conscious will
is orientated towards achieving tangible results as a reward for your endeav-
ours.  You are therefore capable of developing considerable patience, for
you realise that results do not always come at once in the material world.
You tend to trust in learning by experience, a process which in itself takes
some time, trusting to your senses to add to your information about the
world around you.  Your instincts are pretty good, for your conscious will
operates in connection with an unconscious ability to perceive the immed-
iate facts in any situation, and you are good at "pattern recognition".  You
are therefore likely to seek out those surroundings and experiences which
you have found rewarding in the past, hence your reputation for prudence and
the enjoyment of physical pleasures.  If other parts of your personality
are more immediately adventurous, you may see others as being the plodders,
slowing you down.  If this is the case, you need to get to know yourself
better, and to value your own ability to show down-to-earth common sense.

You were born with the Sun in Gemini, which means that your conscious will
is directed towards finding out as much abstract information as possible
about the world, in order to develop ideas about how things tick.  Your
curiosity stems from the fact that your conscious will operates in a way
which is strongly influenced by an unconscious talent for lateral thinking,
and for trying to fit all experience into some theoretical framework.  It
follows that you will be keen to talk to as many people as possible, and
to read widely or watch television, in order to gain additional inform-
ation to assist you to confirm or modify your theories.  The emphasis is,
however on the theory, rather than the meaning of any individual encounter,
which means that you may appear superficial or uncommitted in individual
relationships, unless other psychological drives modify this.  The trick
is to accept the fact that this is the way you are, and to remember that
however important and interesting theory may be, it is not for everyone;
you need to consider personal, emotional and practical matters also.

You were born with the Sun in Cancer, which means that your conscious will
is directed towards becoming deeply involved with the emotional aspects
of human experience.  Deep down, you are more influenced at heart by your
feelings than you are by any practical or theoretical considerations.
You are strongly influenced by your past, and the emotional connotations
of important events therein, and since such events are unique to yourself
it is hard to be specific about how your conscious will operates.  Having
said this, it seems clear that the purpose of life for you is intricately
tied up with working through past feeling states.  If your past experiences
were on the whole happy, then you are likely to be a kind caring person who
is in touch with your own and others needs and emotions, providing nurture
and acceptance.  If your past experiences are more painful, shyness and
oversensitivity to any real or imagined upset are more likely, with wider
swings of mood and enthusiasm.  Most people with the Sun in the sensitive
sign of Cancer are likely to show a mixture of these tendencies.
You were born with the Sun in Leo, which means that your conscious will is
directed towards achieving goals which are important to you personally.  As
you are consciously aware of who you want to be, you are likely to show con-
siderable perseverance in pursuing your chosen course, and you will also
identify strongly with your personal goals.  These are so important to you,
and seem so natural to you, that you will be very supportive of those who
are prepared to go along with you, while you will be intolerant of those who
attempt to thwart your plans.  At best you will develop considerable leader-
ship qualities, recognising that you not only have to encourage people to
support you, but you also have to maintain their enthusiasm.  You are able
to do both.  However it is important that you ensure that your goals are
really worthwhile to you, and that you are not driven by baser motivations
such as self-aggrandisement or an excess of pride.  You will operate best if
you learn more about the circumstances of the world in which you are operat-
ing, so that your endeavours can have a realistic direction.

You were born with the Sun in Virgo, which means that your conscious will is
directed towards achieving organisation in your own life and in the world
around you.  This means that you will place a high value on developing your
talent for analysis and discrimination, so that you can decide which situ-
ations are satisfactory as they are, and which ones need to be reorganised.
You like things to be orderly and methodical, both in your own life and in
the world around you.  You are therefore something of a perfectionist, with
a quickness to notice anything out of place, and you are prone to be crit-
ical when order is lacking.  While your critical faculties are highly use-
ful, it is important that your valuable contributions are applied construct-
ively towards some greater goal than orderliness for its own sake, otherwise
you are at risk of becoming obsessed with details, thus failing to see the
wood for the trees.  At best you can contribute usefully to make the world
run more smoothly for everyone, but it is important that you also develop
other areas of your personality, so that your efforts have a context.

You were born with the Sun in Libra, which means that your conscious will is
directed towards developing as full an understanding of the world around you
as is possible.  You are a friendly person, for you recognise that you are
not going to learn much about the world without engaging with other people
and listening to their points of view.  You will seek a variety of friends,
so that you experience a wide range of opinions which will further your att-
empts to formulate a theory about how the world ticks.  You value the concept
of etiquette, realising that it has been developed to make society run
smoothly, and you prefer to avoid departures from behaviour which appears to
be acceptable.  You may therefore prefer not to assert yourself too strongly,
and if you do so, it is likely to be in defence of your idea-system, rather
than for more personal reasons.  You may think that you should rise above
the realities of everyday human experience, and behave as though everything
were all right in the world.  Behaving like this may help the world to bec-
ome a better place, but it should not be at the expense of your other needs.

You were born with the Sun in Scorpio, which means that your conscious will
is directed towards actions based upon the way you feel, and the way you
believe others to feel.  Since your feelings are based upon your past exper-
iences, much will depend on the quality of these experiences as you felt
them.  You may appear to be rather reserved, since you do not say a great
deal on first acquaintance, preferring to pick up the vibes first before
you decide how to react.  You are likely to be deeply involved with all
your experience, and to develop strong powers of introspection.  As you
learn more about what makes you tick, you are likely to develop good powers
of working out how others are feeling too.  At best you can use this ability
to provide a tower of emotional strength and stability, using your under-
standing to change the way people feel.  However there is also a possibility
of misusing your considerable emotional pull to manipulate other people by
abuse of your understanding of human nature.  In either case you are keenly
aware that you are aiming for emotional satisfaction and control.
You were born with the Sun in Sagittarius, which means that your conscious
will is directed towards involving yourself to the full in life, for you
experience an inner sense of permission to go ahead and explore any avenue
which you judge to provide an opportunity for personal growth.  While you
are friendly and optimistic in your search for increased self-fulfillment,
you are inclined to come over strong if you consider that your rights are
being challenged, or if you feel that your freedom is being restricted.
Your optimism stands you in good stead, but it is important not to take
everything on trust, for unless other features of your personality indic-
ate a capacity for caution, you may be so involved in expanding your hor-
izons that you tend to overlook things right under your nose.  Also you
need to re-examine your plans from time to time to see that your course
has direction and that you are not overdoing things to the detriment of
your long-term aims.  Although you probably have a healthy good opinion
of yourself, you should take care not to become too full of yourself!

You were born with the Sun in Capricorn, which means that your conscious
will is directed towards achieving some sort of outward and visible succ-
ess in life, for you are rather ambitious, despite surface appearances.
Your conscious will is kept in check to some extent by your conscience,
which tells you what you ought to be doing, and you therefore consider
that you should produce tangible results, the sort which can be awarded
"merit points" and recognition for your considerable efforts.  While your
patience and planning ability are admirable qualities, you should also
cultivate some ability to see your efforts in perspective, and to have a
goal beyond achieving success just for its own sake.  If you spend just
a little more time trying to avoid living up to your own high expectat-
ions, ( or the imagined expectations of authority figures ), you will
find that you do not need to strive so hard for outer success to prove
yourself to anybody.  You will then find it easier to relax from time
to time, which will improve your efficiency the next day.

You were born with the Sun in Aquarius, which means that your conscious
will is directed towards living up to an ideal, one of your own making.
You have a rather fixed idea of how you and the world should be, prob-
ably developed in compensation for what you perceived to be rather odd
rules which you were taught.  Your attempt to make sense of the world
results in your striving for your own unique way of finding things out
for yourself.  Whether you make use of your unusual talents or not is
another matter.  Whatever the outcome, strangeness and novelty will be
key issues in your life.  Either you will accept that you seek out un-
usual experiences because you are that way inclined, being pretty ecc-
entric yourself, or you will constantly perceive the strangeness in
others, feeling that you have to indulge in justified rebellion against
their odd behaviour.  You may of course do both, but it is important
that you take care to re-examine your theories from time to time to
check that they still pertain to reality.

You were born with the Sun in Pisces, which means that your conscious
will is directed towards finding your true path in life through intro-
spection and exploring the inner world of your own feelings and those
of others.  You may feel a strong sense of obligation to put feelings
first at all costs, probably as a result of some rather odd things you
were taught about the value of self-assertion.  Your attempt to take
the feeling side of life so seriously may well be a subtle evasion
designed to avoid direct self-assertion.  Whatever the reason, you are
a sensitive person who is in touch with hidden undercurrents of feeling.
How you develop your feeling sensitivity is another matter.  At best,
you can develop a devotion to some compassionate cause to the benefit
of everyone, while at worst you can allow your emotional nature to
descend into a sort of childish helplessness.  You have to decide
whether to be the saviour or the victim, although you may prefer to
avoid the issue; you will probably end up being both!

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