Venus Sign Interpretations

With Venus in Aries, your conscious appreciation of the world and other people
is rather subjective, for your objective understanding of the world is coloured
by an unconscious drive to involve yourself with the world directly and person-
ally.  You are keen to relate to the world, and to other people, and in relat-
ionships you are likely to take the lead, not hesitating to express your thou-
ghts to your partner.  You may assume that your world view is shared by other
people, but you need to realise that this is not the case, and that there are
many equally valid ways of understanding experience, otherwise you may try to
impose your views on others excessively, when cooperation may be what is needed.
You are at least reasonably sure of how you would like the world and other peo-
ple to be, and you are not likely to hide your views.  People will admire the
honest way you present your preferences, and the ability you show to plan your
life in a dynamic way.  In your eagerness to learn more about the world and how
you relate to it, you may sometimes show impetuousness in your activities, for
when you want something, you want it wholeheartedly and immediately.

With Venus in Taurus, your conscious appreciation of the world and other people
tends to come to you through direct experience, for your objective understand-
ing of the world is coloured by an unconscious drive to keep closely in touch
with the details of what is going on around you through your senses.  You tend
to value people and the world according to your perceptions, and once you have
made up your mind about someone your opinion does not change easily.  You have
a preference for long-term relationships wherein you enjoy the rituals and hab-
its that remind you that all is well.  Physical contact is important to you,
and you may develop strong views about which food and drink you like best.
Being based so much upon your direct experience, your overall view tends to be
rather narrow, and you should avoid a tendency towards laziness when it comes
to trying out new activities, for although you are pretty sure about your likes
and dislikes, other people may enjoy more variety; you should in that case not
become too possessive and realise that everyone ticks in a different way, and
some people prefer to explore other ideas than those proven by experience.

With Venus in Gemini, your conscious appreciation of the world and other people
tends to come to you through developing as many contacts with other people and
the world as possible, for your objective understanding of the world is coloured
by an unconscious drive to relate your experience to a theoretical framework.
You are keen to add to your store of knowledge in order to refine this framework
and your contacts with the world and other people will be many and varied.  Your
curiousity level is high, and while you have a genuine interest in others, your
real aim is to gain further objective understanding.  This is fine as long as
you do not have too traditional a view of relationships; this would be limiting
for you, and you are likely to find that surprises come along to throw a steady
relationship off balance.  Perhaps you would do best to have a wide circle of
friends and acquaintances who can satisfy your desire for a varied life, and if
you do commit yourself to a steady relationship you will need to ensure that
there is plenty of excitement and versatility in the relationship, so that you
do not find yourself stifled by too much sense of responsibility.

With Venus in Cancer, your conscious appreciation of the world and other people
tends to come to you through understanding your feelings, for your objective
understanding of the world is coloured by emotional states which have their
roots in your unconscious.  This means that your likes and dislikes are infl-
uenced by your past memories, and your idea system has a strong subjective bias.
You evaluate people according to how you feel towards them rather than according
to objective criteria, and you will want to be with others who are sensitive to
your needs, just as you are sensitive to theirs.  Other people may have more
ability to detach themselves from their feelings when dealing with the world
at large, and you need to be aware of this, so that you do not become too upset
if you feel you are being forgotten in the interests of something else.  Your
empathetic nature can help you to remember the importance of emotional consid-
erations when dealing with almost any activity, and people will appreciate your
sensitive and caring approach most of the time.  If they don't, the chances are
that you have been mixing with the wrong sort of people for you.
With Venus in Leo, your conscious appreciation of the world and other people
tends to operate subjectively, for your objective understanding of the world
is coloured by your conscious aims in life to a considerable extent.  You are
therefore more likely to be interested in yourself in relation to other people
rather than in abstract ideas about the nature of the world around you.  You
wish to be the leader in matters of relationship, and you will like or dislike
people according to how you value them personally, rather than according to
any theoretical considerations.  Although you are likely to be a warm and
friendly person, you may tend to come over rather strong in your affections,
which is all right as this is acceptable to the other person, but you may need
to learn that other people may have their own ideas about what is desirable
also; you need to learn to give and take rather more, for you tend to identify
with your strongly held beliefs about the world.  Provided you watch out for
a tendency to play the lead role excessively, your inspiration can provide you
with a fund of creative ideas for you to realise in practice.

With Venus in Virgo, your conscious appreciation of the world and other people
tends to show itself at a practical level, for your objective understanding of
the world in general is coloured by your desire to attend to the details of
implementing a plan rather than studying the world as a whole.  This means that
you concentrate on the small points in a situation rather than the large when
you try to make the world run as you believe is desirable.  This attention to
detail can make you a most helpful person who is quick to see what needs to be
done to make things run smoothly, but it also gives you a fairly strong critical
faculty, and you are likely to tell people if you think that they are not paying
sufficient attention to the practical applications of a strategem.  You are
likely to set high standards for yourself in the running of your life, and you
should remember that not everyone can live up to them, and they may have other
standards for themselves.  Ideally your common sense will enable you to under-
stand that there are in fact many possible ways of looking at the world, and
your way is not necessarily any better or worse than that of anyone else.

With Venus in Libra, your conscious appreciation of the world and other people
tends to be emphasised, for your understanding of the world in general is ass-
isted by your ability to take a relatively objective view of things.  You show
a positive interest in the world and in relationships, for you understand that
you will learn more if you are involved with other people.  You are probably
fairly easy going, for you are able to see that there are a wide variety of
possible ways of approaching a situation, and you are not quick to be critical
of any specific approach.  You are likely to be well-liked because of your
general tolerance, but there is a drawback inherent in your attitudes; you may
be so easy-going that you find it hard to commit yourself to any given course
of planned action because you can see too many possibilities, or you may pass
the buck, allowing other people to make decisions for you.  In either case, if
other areas of your chart suggest self-assertion to be important to you, you
may feel paralysed by your inability to make decisions, but on the whole your
ability to compromise will win you more successes than failures.

With Venus in Scorpio, your conscious appreciation of the world and other people
tends to be influenced strongly by how you are feeling at the time, for your ob-
jective understanding of the world is highly coloured by subjective emotional
considerations.  You rely highly upon your emotional opinions when dealing with
other people, and if you like someone you will become intensely involved with
them, just as you will make it plain if you disagree with them.  Other people
may not always understand the amount of emotional conviction that underlies
your opinions and value judgements, and they may find you rather hard to fathom
out, at least until you let them get to know you better.  Once you have taken a
stance over some aspect of the world, you are unlikely to change your mind, and
while your strong-mindedness can certainly be an asset, other people may tend
to see it rather as stubbornness or inflexibility.  You certainly need to re-
examine your views about the world from time to time to ensure that your opin-
ions are indeed based upon a certain amount of reason, rather than pure feeling,
then your strong capacity for human understanding can manifest at its best.
With Venus in Sagittarius, your conscious appreciation of the world and other
people is important to you personally, for your objective understanding of the
world is coloured by your upbringing.  You learned an inner sense of permission
to share your ideas and beliefs about the world freely and honestly with other
people, and you are involved in finding out what is true and of value to you
in this way.  You are likely to be popular for your friendly approach to other
people, though you can be just as critical of people who outrage your sense of
fairness, as you are supportive and enthusiastic towards people with whom you
are in agreement.  You are likely to seek knowledge from several sources, and
even if you have one long-lasting commitment to someone, you will still want
to be relatively free to have other friends, and to search for greater under-
standing in affairs that catch your interest.  You prefer to be with likeminded
people with inquiring minds and a spirit of adventure, and you will feel a nat-
ural wish to be in the forefront of new ideas, but you also need to discipline
yourself to some extent so that you make some of your ideas a practical reality.

With Venus in Capricorn, your conscious appreciation of the world and other
people tends to follow traditional lines, for your objective understanding of
the world is modified by your conscience structure developed as a result of
your upbringing.  You take your ideas and value system quite seriously, and
you may be nervous of sharing your ideas too openly in case other people crit-
icise you for them.  You may prefer to use your planning ability to gain tan-
gible results such as material security, for you are rather persistent in
following up a plan to its finish, being prepared to work hard.  As you bec-
ome more confident about your ideas and beliefs, you may become a deep thin-
ker, capable of considerable success in the sciences or other serious subjects.
Your way of relating to other people is likely to be rather traditional, thus
you tend to respect older people, value integrity in relationships, and will
probably be quite class conscious.  As you mature, you may learn to question
some of your assumptions afresh, so that you develop a belief system which is
more appropriate to present reality, rather than past indoctrination.

With Venus in Aquarius, your conscious appreciation of the world and other
people is influenced by an idiosyncratic belief system about the world which
you have developed in response to your upbringing.  Thus your objective un-
derstanding of the world is coloured by some rather unorthodox preconceived
ideas.  Whether these ideas are accurate or not is likely to be shown by the
aspects Venus makes, but the point at present is that your belief system is
likely to result in your becoming involved in unusual relationships and un-
usual interests.  You are friendly enough, and are particularly attracted
to unconventional people, for they provide you with ideas which help you make
more sense of the world.  You are likely either to require considerable free-
dom in relationships, or to find that other people require plenty of freedom,
for what may appear normal to your way of thinking is probably rather ecc-
entric in the majority view, so that by definition you are unpredictable in
your ideas, and a free agent.  If you are not aware of this, it is probable
that you will feel that you are constantly having to rebel in your life.

With Venus in Pisces, your conscious appreciation of the world and other people
is expressed through your feeling sensitivity.  Your objective understanding of
the world is coloured by your upbringing in the sense that your ability to
think clearly has been coloured by a sense of obligation to put other people
first.  While your ideas may not always be crystal clear, your imaginative
faculties are highly developed, and even if you cannot put your thoughts into
words precisely, they are certainly very real to you.  You possibly lack con-
fidence in expressing your likes and dislikes in a direct way, being aware of
the effect your beliefs have on others.  You like people in general, and you
are likely to express your talents through artistic means, preferring subjects
where feeling carries more weight than fact, indeed you may find facts rather
boring.  However it is important not to be too carried away by your ideals,
especially in relationships, for your imagination makes you open to self-
deception or telling white lies, which can be harmful.  You need to develop
more confidence, then you can realise some of your fantasies in reality.

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