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Copyright 1999 (c) by J.S. Chiappalone

This brief outline of the Message and Teachings published by Annwn Publications is to basically prepare people for what is going on.

So, What is Going On?

     To clearly understand what is going on, one must either accept the validity of the Ancient Wisdom which is the Knowledge of Gnosticism or at least be aware of it, even in rudimentary form. I will attempt a thumbnail sketch of this crucial knowledge which can be found throughout the history of all cultures, in all eons, often buried, unfortunately under the rubble of distortions, myths, fables and the spurious dogmas of injurious religions. Readers should not mistake what follows as anything but the most simple of explanations of a very complicated matter, translated into a communicable form by the inadequacy of words. I am fond of citing Frederick Nietzsche who stated that indeed "Language falsifies reality".
     Creation is massive and involves continual experimentation and correction. Out of one experiment an essence which contradicted all the Principles of Creation emerged and resisted correction. This defiant essence, termed Evil, for it exploited the situation, seized the opportunity and gaining powers in a manner humans cannot conceive, set about creating false dimensions and false beings within them. These form the Counterfeit Creation as distinct from the Divine Creation created by the Divine "God" Consciousness. The process has been labelled as the Celestial Error in the texts of the Ancients.
     The dimension in which we find ourselves has been superimposed on a previously Theomorphic dimension and so we have now, here, a mixture of Counterfeit beings (who are all evil) and trapped theomorphic beings. The problem is that the evil beings cannot survive without exploiting the energy of the trapped, theomorphic beings for they have no source of energy with which the Counterfeit creation can be driven.
     The echelons of the Hierarchy of the True "God" Consciousness set about devising a plan of Correction and Rescue of the trapped creation. Those of the evil creation were to be given a chance to revert to the True Creation. Because of resistance, correction necessitated the steps of warfare and this is the War of Essences in which we are all engaged.
     The whole of the physical dimension is a spurious one of many in the evil Counterfeit creation and has been undergoing correction. Over 90% has, in fact, been corrected and is no longer in existence, for correction involves destruction of all the structures and transmutation of the non-viable evil consciousnesses. The many pinpoints of starlight we see in the night sky are merely lights wandering away from their sources which no longer exist in 90% of cases.
     Nothing of evil can be allowed to remain, or will remain, for it is like cancer on a spiritual basis and corrupts all things with which it comes into contact and eventually destroys all things which it contaminates. Areas identified as Orion, the Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli, etc., which are not really distinct geographical locations, but which make convenient names that many who read UFO books can identify, have been corrected. From these areas many groups of evil beings escaped and hid in obscure, insignificant little planets, hoping against hope that they could escape forever the Corrective process to which they were to be subjected. One of those insignificant little planets is Earth. It was chosen for its obscurity and out-of-the-way insignificant qualities, not because it is of any real importance it may have or had. This is marked contrast with hubristic, evil humans, especially the evil ecclesiastics, who want to give the universe a spurious geocentricity.
     Each group of evil alien marauders who sought refuge here fought other groups, as well as the evil ones already here, for control of the planet. And as each gained and controlled portions of the area on, in and about the planet and its surrounding dimensions, they set up various developmental processes which suited their purposes under the auspices of the ever-present evil essence. Much of the biological development of "life" on Earth is, in fact, the manipulative handiwork of these evil aliens. They are, and were, more advanced in the places from which they came and were able to use knowledge and technology to act as evil manipulators and pseudo-creators. Many times they fought among themselves and many times massive wars were fought on Earth but these things are beyond the recall of the present humanity which is not the first humanity to be present on earth. Nonetheless evidence of nuclear type wars still exists on earth from days of old.
     Being evil, the systems they created were based on evil principles, on selfishness, on exploitation, and on suffering, to extract the energy from the theomorphs trapped in the systems. Utter confusion resulted, for many subgroups of aliens competed with each other. Representatives of the Godly Consciousness (called Avatars) periodically entered the dimension to bring much needed energy with which the theomorphs could be sustained. But energy and knowledge brought in soon became polluted, horded and misused by the predominant evil essence. Just as an example, we can see the Seeds of Truth given to this plane, which religions have grasped for their foundations, and which they have distorted and abused, not to enlighten anyone, but to cause disharmony, wars, suffering, unrelenting exploitation and far more ignorance than imaginable. In other words, they have done the opposite to what was intended by those who gave the Seeds of Truth.
     The evil essence in control prevented knowledge of all these things from being easily known, and any, such as the Gnostics who spoke of it, were physically assassinated as even recent history clearly demonstrates. Nonetheless, correction has been going on continuously. In this generation, it is Earth's turn to undergo the corrective process. It will be totally destroyed. All the aliens are being flushed out of their hide-outs and dealt with accordingly. All consciousness is being exposed in its ontological nakedness and is being removed from its physical manifestations. In other words, all bodies, be they human, animal or vegetable are being forced to die by a number of mechanisms. Consciousness is being sorted out. Viable ones will be placed in a special dimension, non-viable ones will be eradicated by a process of transmutation.
     The activities we see around us all fit into this mosaic of Correction of evil effects: destruction of the planet, flushing out of evil aliens from their lairs, death of all physical things, placement of viable ones in the special dimension, elimination of those unfit to continue. That which the likes of Jesus, Manichaeus, Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna and many, many others said would occur is occurring.
*    The Earth is dying for this reason.
*    Evil aliens are being seen as they frantically try to escape the correction for this reason. All attempts to evade this process are futile!
*    All evil is being exposed for this reason.
*    Humanity, the fish, animals and vegetation are all dying for this reason.
     Our presence in the Mothership in 1985 was to discuss aspects of these measures to be taken. The proof is self-evident and will be more so as time and its changes occur. Keep in mind this scenario of Correction and Finality of this plane now as we discuss other aspects, and all this information about aliens, evil exposures, abductions, hybrids, earth changes, etc., etc, will all make sense. Forget this scene, or reject it, and nothing will make sense. Worse than that, without this knowledge rejectors will flounder in the murky, fatal realms of Terminal Madness.
J S Chiappalone, Editor

Copyright 1999 (c) by J.S. Chiappalone

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