A most miraculous project is about to commence this year. A new paradigm is unfolding; a paradigm that has never been revealed during our modern times yet brims over with prolific hermetic familiarity.

A sacred blend of sound, geometry, light and love will be attempted to be broadcaster throughout the planet. A sort of 'cosmic planetary radio' to be turned on - with our skies as the speakers, the atmosphere as the power source, our ancient temples and the geometric earth grid system as the circuits and wiring.

In service to the Earth and all Her life, this psychotronic system - developed by Amargi Hillier - is devoted to Her... the living consciousness upon which we make our lives. Amargi Hillier's system may perhaps be a continuation of an ancient hermetic process, passed down over the thousands of years, to manifest now according to cosmic plan.

This system will make a powerful human consciousness bridge between the next dimensional world and our current world, facilitating the ease into the Shift, and it will fill in the missing pieces of the Ascension to come. The ancient people referred to us at this time as "those who walk between two worlds". We are the ones who will experience an event unlike any other - an event the ancient people knew would come, or may have gone through themselves - depending how far back in history you look.

PROJECT DUAT will be considered by some to be magic. However, it is a unique process that merges together aspects or components of: sacred geometry, geomancy, acoustics & harmonics, ancient sites & temples, the earthgrids, merkabatronics, stellar & planetary movements, Tesla, psychotronics, ancient & native high sciences, crop circles, and so much more.

It is a project that once you understand fully, you may say to yourself... 'My God, that makes sense'. What Amargi hopes to accomplish with PROJECT DUAT is multi-fold and remains within the Project's agenda. Not everything will be revealed at this time. However manifestation upon the general global public will include the engulfing of entire neighborhoods, cities, towns and countries with sound and geometry; music that seems to come from nowhere.

Amargi will coordinate this project from his location in Cairo, Egypt with team members here and around the world. Never before released to the general public, this website will present to you an overview of Amargi's Global Psychotronic Acoustic Broadcast System - PROJECT DUAT - and its role in the Global Dimensional Shift. This site will be updated and expanded over the spring and summer so be sure and stay tuned. May the PHOENIX rise again! Cheers to the 2nd coming of the Zep Tepi!

[Staff Note: The name Amargi is pronounced with a silent 'g' - thus "Ah/mah/ree". Since many people ask us: 'Amargi' is an ancient Sumerian word. Amargi Hillier was born on September 29th in Toronto, Canada at 5:10pm . He grew up in the Mohawk region of the indigenous ('native') Canadians. Amargi once stated, "Although the city of my youth was a modern, populated city with steel production as its main economic industry - the Mohawk people who nurtured this land for eons, before they were removed by colonialism, were the ones responsible for maintaining the sacred spirit and geometry that still exists to this day in the Great Lakes region of eastern Canada."


For further information about - and up to the minute news of - PROJECT DUAT Amargi invites you to visit his Web Site:-



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