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Building Northern Exposure...

How's this for modifications?!
Looks like GARBAGE!
It's just the beginning
of the next era...
The birth of Northern Exposure. 


Can you say PRIMER?!
At this stage in the game "BONDO" was my best friend.
I think that I must have inhaled about a kilo of Bondo dust.
It has a street value of about a $1.00 an ounce! jus playn!

I get light headed just looking at this picture!!!
I can remember standing in the spray booth without my nose filter.  Some of you may recognize the fella painting... Yes that's the guy who promises you that your car will be done in about 2 weeks but actually takes him 12 months! Really! My car was at his shop for a whole year!!!  That's 365 days for all of you keeping score...