Win32 Assembly Page   

NASM 0.98's release is right at the corner. The latest is prerelease 7.

Chris Dragan's page(new)

Contains a few win32 assembly examples.

Ron's cornucopia

Newly added win32 assembly samples. Mostly related to primitive graphics stuffs.

LADSOFT's win32 assembly page(new)

LADSOFT famous for it's free C compiler, has a windows assembly sample page.

Daniele Guzzetti's Page(new)

Has 2 Projects(Digital Music Editor, Visual Assembler(Originally by _mammon), and a tutorial. The Digital Music Editor is being written in pure assembly(in NASM).

Test Department

Contains a simple tutorial and a patcher example.

Date Rescue's IDA ProPage - IDA

The BEST disassembler in the world. Well, since this disassembler can spit out PE disassembles, i've put this here. Don't flame at me. Disassembling good piece of codes can increase your abilities :)

Quine's IDA Page

A page on IDA plugins and internals and etc. etc. Quine wrote some well known article on cracking. The IDA guy!

CORNSOUP - a little site about coding(reopen)

this page is back. nice articles( by iczelion, yoshi, plushmm, etc. ) and some resources.

Jimmy's [The Assembly Pages]

A homepage dedicated to assembly. Has lots of example sources and resources. Take a LOOK!

EliCZ's Hello coder

EliCZ is a Great coder with lotsa ideas and techniques. And finally owns a homepage. You'll find great things here.

Jeremy Gordon's Win32+Assembler Source Page

New Nasm specific Win32 Assembly page with a self-written Resource Compiler called GoRC.

Phrozen Crew's Win32 Assembly Page

The Good ol' Phrozen Crew set up a page for Win32 Assembly. Although it's linked to a "comming soon" page, it's expected to be cool:)

Cicatrix's VDAT

VDAT is a bit off the topic...but the increase of win32 viruses emerged new techniques and programmatic articles. Virus mostly requires tight understanding of assembly, and Win32 platform isn't an exception (although there are scripting language viruses like macro viruses). VDAT includes some excellent articles on Win32 Assembly.

Windows 2000 Beta3 and Windows 98 DDK

This link contains the new Windows 2000 Beta 3 DDK and an Updated Windows 98 DDK.

Lightning Software - Windows Assembly Language

Has a bit of resources.

Mike Bibby's Direct Draw in Assembly

Thanx for the site Mike :) This site gives an example for using Direct Draw in Assembly. Direct Draw uses COM interfaces so it would be a tip for doing COM binaries in assembly.

Iczelion's Win32 Assembly HomePage

One of the best Win32 Assembly Page! There are some self(Iczelion)-written tutorials and much much more. He has written some utils like HTTP downloader, etc. in Win32 Assembly.

Tomcat's Win32 ASM

I thought this site would never get updated, but it did! Now it has as many references as any other site. This was the site i found second when i first started out Win32 Assembly. :) There are lots of kits linked here.

Dolphinz Win32 Programming Page

I've just found this page in the x86 Assembly ring. Has some self-made tutorials, links, files, blah.

Lord Lucifer's Programming Page(url changed)

This page has some collections of files and tuts. Most files are mirrored to the site so, if the original site is too slow then use this site :)

_Secret's Dox Page

_Secret wrote some articles on the topic and it's here. It's separated into three phase.

Windows 95 Assembly Language Programming

The (official) resurrection of assembler

It's says official but there's not much to see(yet?). But it IS a Win32 Assembly site so, the link is here.

_HaK_ homepage

He has written some tutorials.

Whiz Kid Technomagic

Lot's of samples. Samples are the definite thing to gain skill :) but don't just imitate, CREATE.

Assembly Programming Journal

The first issue contained the Iczelion's tutorial part 1,2. The next will have part 3,4. Some articles cover Win32 Assembly. And whatever your interested, if its related to Assembly.... read this journal.

Steve Gibson's WebZone

Small is beautiful. This is his moto. As people say, (i don't know steve personally but) he's a do-it-all-in-assembly type of guy. Well i've never thought like that (i don't have the skills :),but i like the attitude!

hutch's Masm32 Page

Hey, hutch, Thanx for the Masm32 Kit. He did the include files. He did the editor. He did this and that for Win32 Assembly with MASM(Macro Assembly).

Walk32 Download Page

Download the Walk32 Kit by Sven B. Schreiber. Perhaps the first guy to release this kind of kit. Even great tools with source codes! I think i saw his name in DDJ(am i wrong?).

Anthony's Programming Page(ALINK PE enabled linker)

A linker that supports PE format! It's a scriptable linker. It's updated frequently and fits with Nasm(My favorite, like others :) Great job Anthony.

Virogen's NOP Page

I forgot the VX related links that had Win32 Assembly related materials. There's lots of em since most viruses are written in assembly(except macro viruses via.). This one was linked in Iczelion's page. It has a PE cryptor and PE aligner made with Win32 Assembly.

Stone's Webnote

You should know this site. Mr. Ol'Stone. Famous for giving out source codes of his techniques. Lot's of fascinating techniques are in this site.