Subject: Ramblings                    Date: Friday, August 14, 1998
From: Michelle Starr

   The time is near.  It will be coming on the 28th., at the
 Eagles Hall.  It will be a time of bloodshed.  It will be a
 time of tears.  It will be a time of fun.  It will be filled
 with joy.  It will be erotic and also sick.  It will be the
 most barbaic display of torture you have ever seen.  It will
 be so violent that fans will shriek in terror.  It will be the
 night that the Glamour Order of Discipline detroys the Portland
 Connection and carves up the DPO.  It will also be the time
 that Johnny and I embrace in a deep loving, tender, powerfull,
 full kiss.

      Gorgeous Michelle Starr


GUEST RAMBLINGS...                             Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998

 With Your Very Special Guest Star: Torch

  Let me first say that Johnny Canuck is definately one of the
 toughest competitors I have ever faced. A few of you may recall
 a match I had with him in Chilliwack close to a year ago.  We
 almost tore apart the building, and we broke the ring when
 Johnny whipped me into the corner so hard the middle rope
 broke off!

  I guess since this is Johnny's page, and I'm his guest here,
 I'm obligated to put him over.  I'll continue.

   One of the first real impressions I have of Johnny Canuck
 was several years ago when I went to watch an outdoor training
 session of aspiring wrestlers.  It seemed that the students
 were wussing out somewhat on taking their deserved beatings,
 so head trainer Michelle Starr sent big ol' J.C. in their to
 introduce them to the clothesline.  I have mentioned on my own
 site ( how Canuck has the deadliest
 clothesline in the northwest.  I'll tell you, I got it easy
 compared to these poor saps.

   All kidding aside, though, the most lasting impression that
 I'll have of Johnny Canuck will always be one of my first
 ECCW shows.  Johnny was hurt.  He was hurt bad.  I saw him
 arrive at the building, and he could barely walk.  He was in
 a rough way.  The main event of that show was a tag team cage
 match with Johnny and Starr against two other guys that I can't
 remember.  Johnny went out there and put on one hell of a show
 and destroyed the opposition.  You would never have known that
 the virtual cripple who walked into the building earlier in the
 day was the same man who was doing splashes off the ropes, kicking
 butt and taking names.

   It's no surprise that J.C. is a member of Team Extreme.

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