A CANADIAN MOMMENT            Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 01:00:24 -0800

   Extreme wrestling fans, welcome to Canada's most extreme
 wrestling page.  Here you'll get nothing but hardcore
 Canadian wrestling news.  By Canada's most extreme wrestler.
 No bullshit here, all extreme all Canadian news, by a true
 Canadian, Johnny Canuck.

   I currently wrestle for Extreme Canadian Championship
 Wresling (ECCW).   We run shows throughout British Columbia,
 Canada with our home being the Royal City, New Westminster,
 British Columbia, where we run on the last friday of every

   Our fans have come to enjoy our extreme nature and enjoy
 participating in our matches (usually by passing a weapon
 to help their favourite wrestler).  They've have come to
 enjoy the blood redness of our shows.  There's guaranteed
 to be blood spurting action evry show.  I love it and the
 FANS love it.

    Oh Canada baby, JOHNNY CANUCK


Extreme wrestling fans,        Date Thu, 26 Feb 1998 20:17:07 -0800

   Thanks for stopping by to listen to my ramblings:

   Well as some of you saw at the last show, Bubba and I got
 knocked down but as the song says we got back up.  Again you're
 never going to keep us down and when our match spilled out
 of the ring and onto the floor and after a couple of chairs
 delivered to yours truly's coconut I got a taste of my own
 blood.  I don't know there's something about tasting your
 own juices.  That sort of fuelled my insanity, and then just
 when we're going to turn the tables that stinking ref counts
 us all out!  That bone head doesn't know we all lose that way,
 there's no winner in the match and the fans don't get to see what
 they want Bubba and I going insane on that narcissist Gillis and
 that cross dressing gender bending fruit loop Starr.

   So ....

   to make sure everybody gets what they want Commissioner Republic
 has sanctioned a Texas Death Match (no rules, no count out).
 The match is on March 27th in the royal city New West at the
 Eagles hall.  On this night the bodies will fly and the blood will
 flow, and as sure you and I are all proud Canadians, Bubba and I
 will be standing victorious when all is said and done.  Now that's
 extreme, that's Canadian,

    Oh! Canada! baby!!!

                      Johnny Canuck


More Ramblings                        Date Thursday, April 23, 1998

 A word on security; if I may, I as a wrestler/(worker) have
 something to say to all those who would be security guards.
 See; a wrestling show goes like this, we the workers, work
 the fans, hopefully into frenzy where they go nuts; when we're
 the good guys they cheer, throw us kisses, flowers, and
 they're undying love and baby when we're bad they boo, they
 spit, they hit us, they throw they're underwear and that's
 great.  that's when we've done our job, that's when we've
 worked them.  And when we should become offended by some
 fans actions and we need security, you'll know cause we'll
 bust they're asses and leave them laying in the aisle for
 you to throw the fuck out, see that's your job, that's security,
 we don't need some wanna be tough guys beating and throwing
 our fans out cause they run up to us and go a little nuts,
 cause we just worked em.  We're big boys and girls and we can
 handle ourselves.  So till you see em laying.  Sit back and
 enjoy the show cause that's wrestling, that's extreme.......

    Oh Canada! baby!
    Johnny Canuck


Extreme wrestling fans,                       Date Sat, 04 Jul 1998

    Thanks for stopping by to listen to my ramblings:

    Man, a lot has happened since I went off on these ramblin's.
 First off, G.O.D. is re-united.  That's right the Glamour
 Twins,  Michelle Starr and Johhny Canuck have reformed the
 Glamour Order of Discipline aka G. O. D. !!  And Baby,
 the shock is still being felt in the ECCW.  Right off,
 G. O. D. gets the war started with the AoD and Man I believe
 these guys are Soldiers in Lucifer's Army of Darkness.  NO
 one bleeds like that and lives on.

    But if that ain't enough the Dog Pound Order, aka DPO, stick
 their noses in there and the BBC say "they want some of this"
 and all you Extreme fans in Nanaimo and the Lower Mainland
 are in for a real treat.  You get to see all four teams go
 at it for AOD's ECCW Tag Team belts in an extreme four way
 dance with the winner to walk away champs.

    All this on a show that features Dan Severn, Fatu, Mr. Gilis
 and all your Extreme favourites.

 .... . . .  Man maybe I should buy a ticket.

    Cause that's Extreme, that's Canadian,

               Oh Canada BABY !!


More ramblings:                           Friday, August 7, 1998

 Well fans since I last went off in the ramblings Starr and 
 I have been crowned ECCW tag team kings. Well as you can 
 imagine all our friends in the wild west end are just elated,
 They've given us the key to their hearts and the city. They've
 been treating us like the royalty we really are,hell they 
 even let us have our own special little float in the parade!!
 I still haven't come down off the high! GOD champs! Nice 
 ring to it,don't you think? Well it will take more than a
 couple a skinny yanks (Portland Connection) or some fat ass
 dogs ( DPO) to take em away from GOD so ..........
 long live the kings ....
 Thats the bottom line cause sooooo stoned said so!!

                                 Loverboy Johnny


Hey extreme fans,

    Welcome back to the ramblings, since I last went off in 
 the ramblings I've added guest ramblings, where you'll hear
 my guests shoot off about whatever they want.  The ramblings
 won't be for those alinged with me or my way of thinking
 only, all are welcome,friend and foe alike.  Check em out.

    Well less than two weeks till the next show.  I can't wait,
 GOD is going to snuff out those pesky dogs the DPO, that is if
 those tubs-o-lard can make it past superchump and mighty mouse.
 I'm kindda pulling for the DPO cause that fatass Manson has
 got to be shut up for good.  I and all the people who read and 
 post on the ECCW forum have had all the bullshit we can take from
 any stinking, no class mungrel dog.  Don't get me wrong, it's
 not that I would't love to beat the shit outta those yankee
 bums.......I would....but it's just that it's gotten personal
 and I must kill Manson and drink his blood!  Hell, maybe we'll
 get a chance to do both, that would be the ultimate high killing
 two bird brains on one stone! and  thats the bottom line cause so
 stoned said so!                                               

                                     Loverboy Johnny

  P.S  if you have any guest ramblings you'd like to add email me at


More Ramblings,                            Monday, September 14, 1998

    Well last night it happened again we, were robbed yet again,
 those yankee shitheads the Portland Connectin, pick this night to
 have a falling out, now don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not
 glad to see em go, I am, it's just that their little spat cost us
 big time.  We were again robbed of our just due, our devine right
 to be kings of extreme .... next time things will be a whole lot
 different ..... next time we'll be chained together so there's no
 chance of interference no chance for escape ...... after we,ve
 beaten you from pillar to post again!!  We'll shave your stinking
 heads right there in the middle of the Eagle's hall ......
 and thats the bottom line cause so stoned said so .......

                                SMD&LMN  Loverboy Johnny


More Ramblings,                            Wednesday, October 7, 1998

 Hey extreme fans,

   Welcome back to the ramblings, since I last went off GOD has been
 recrowned kings of extreme.  We beat moondogs Manson & Chops for
 ECCW/NWA tag belts and then the following night, Bruce got the pin
 against Moondog Fat Bastard & the other dpo fatbastards Manson & Chops,
 just to prove that any member of GOD, can whup any dpo bum, any day,
 any time!  Then on to Vancouver Island where we beat Moondog Manson &
 Moondog Mighty Mouse, this was a hard fought contest; that Mighty Mouse
 (Tony Kozina) is sure a stiff little hellian, by far the most talented
 of this group of low life dogs.  I don't know what makes him so stiff,
 maybe it's the speed with witch he delivers the shots, I don't know but
 he sure had Starr & I reeling at some points, if we weren't the talent
 we are well I don't know what might have happened, but chalk up a couple
 more wins for GOD.  Then on to Nanaimo and the barbwire, thumbtack,
 broken glass, cage match!  Oh the carnage, what a fight, what a night.

  Once again GOD proved we are the kings of extreme.  We beat those bums
 from pillar to post and left em laying in pools of their own blood.
 Then just when all thought that the carnage had ended, we caught up with
 that no good son of a bitch Republic.  Starr slamed the bum on the broken
 glass and I gave him a splash, just to prove if you mess with the best,
 you go down like the rest!!!  You hear that BBC!!!


 ........... smd&lmn ............ Loverboy Johnny

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