Pascal Pro compiler.

  About Pascal Pro (PPro).

Pascal Pro compiler is 32-bit free compiler. It produce 32-bit code for DOS flat-memory model. It also has some extensions for more effective programming. For example PPro supports function, procedure and operators overloading.

PPro generates .ASM files in TASM/MASM and NASM formats so you must have one of these programs. You also must have TLink32 and WDOSX dos-extender or some other tools to produce executable files.

You can also download compiler source code and runtime library sources.



    • Almost all pascal language constructions and elements.
    • Standard types like integer, byte, longint and so on.
    • Units.
    • Function and operators overloading.
    • Function and operators are able to return any type value (exclude files and procedural types).
    • Assignment operator also return value so you can use expressions like this: a := b := c.
    • Some elements of OOP (object oriented programming).
    • Labels and GOTO operator
    • Absolute variables and fields.


  Missing features.

    • Inline functions.
    • Dynamic methods.


  Download last version.




Supported tools which you can use to produce executables:



P32 - 32-bit pascal compiler


Turbo Pascal Programmers Page

WDOSX Dos-extender

ALINK - free linker

The Netwide Assembler (NASM)

Programmers Heaven



If you'll find some bugs or if you have some interesting ideas email me please.

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  Development team.

Iggor Khachko - compiler development, RTL development, beta testing

Armin Sander - beta testing