Booralea Wooden Boats

New photos of Micro Navigator andAS-29.

Booralea Wooden Boats is a low key business intobuilding small, practical boats. Based on the riverbankof the Karuah River, upstream from the Great Lakes areaof New South Wales, Australia.

Pictured above is "Leyenda" -- a Phil Bolger Advanced Sharpie 29(AS29). This boat was constructed and launched in 1993. I havebeen living aboard for several years, using the boat as a workingvessel for mobile boat building.

AS29 tolerates her fair share of criticism. She gainsrespect when others follow in her wake. Read my experienceof handling the AS29 here.

Leyenda is presently for sale... reluctantly!Built true to the original design of Phil Bolger, this boathas proven to be an exceptionally practical, seaworthy and fast vessel.View the inventory here.

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If your interested, email me at

Currently under construction is a Micro Navigator (a development ofthe Micro). This design further demonstrates Phil Bolger's knack for lateral thinking.The Navigator under construction has been extended to nearly 16'6"and the entry rounded with foam to mitigate wave slap. Planned launchingtime is sometime this year (other projects permitting!). This boat maybe doing the circuit of wooden boat shows in Australia.

When Micro Navigator iseventually let loose she will no doubt confront the "yachting"establishment. This is not a problem as the Navigator option seems to fulfill the criteria for a diehardminimalist's ultimate cruising boat. It is not inconceivable to undertakea "circumnavigation" by delivering the boat to various continentsin a 20' shipping container. Although the boat may be capable, in my view crossingoceans in one only 5 metres long does not hold much appeal. Cruisingthe Mediterranean by Micro Navigator presents a realisticchallenge!

To view some images of construction, clickhere.