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- This site's HTML pages:
- The index page includes the following internal links:
  • Warning  This section cautions viewers of potential spoilers within the site.  It also announces that this site is unofficial, despite having Dr. Pournelle's permission, and gives the copyright information.
  • The Overview gives a general description of the CoDominium/Empire of Man universe.  It includes the link to this page.
  • Commentary starts off with a quote from Dr. Pournelle, followed by some of my personal opinions.
  • CoDominium Books  I compiled a list of all the CD novels and stories that I know of; this section will be updated soon.  I deleted High Justice and Exiles to Glory, because I found no indication in the two books that they were a part of the CoDominium universe; neither did I find any referenece to events from those two books in the established CoDominium stories.
  • Links  These are links to pages that are outside of the site.  Following these links takes the viewer outside of the frames to emphasise that they are not a part of the site.
  • Contact Information  in this area, I give information about how to contact me about the site for feedback, questions, criticism, or anything else.  I also put a link to my personal homepage, and repeated the copyright information.
- The no-frames version version of the index page is provided for those whose browsers are not able to read framed pages.  It includes all the internal links listed above, plus an internal link that goes to the Alderson Points table, which duplicates the Alderson Points frame.
- CD frame sets up the frames
  • The Alderson Points load into the “contents” window in the left, and aid in navigating the site, linking to the major pages.
  • The “view” window is the main display, showing the content.
- Updates  is a page telling of new additions to the site.
- I compiled the Timeline from all the ones presented in the beginning of some of the novels.  It chronicles the future history from the birth of the CoDominium (which has since become “alternate history” because of real-life events in those years), to the dawn of the Second Empire of Man in the late-30th and early-31st centuries, A.D.
- CD Worlds presents a table of all the settled planets mentioned in the stories.  When possible, I included data of the general settlement time period, the world's capital, the ethnic/religious/economic groups that first settled, and its gravitation in relation to Earth.  This page has “Alderson Points” (links) to the following planets:
  • Sparta has information about the late CD period on the colony that eventually becomes the capital of the Empires of Man.
  • Frystaat's data is limited to late First Empire information about Jarnsveld's Jaegers, the planet's elite military force.
  • Haven is an isolated, backwater planet during the CoDominium and First Empire, and is completely cut off from the rest of the galaxy during the fall of the First Empire.  Despite being a minor planet, the wealth of information comes from its being the setting for the War World Series.  Supplemental data on Haven is in Bar Lev, A Traveler's Tales of Twenty Worlds and Military Units, 77th Imperial Marines.
  • Maxroy's Purchase and New Utah are Mormon-settled planets.  Maxroy's Purchase is the setting for the first part of The Gripping Hand.
  • Mote Prime is home to the first aliens humanity meets in Pournelle's universe, whose very nature is a threat to humanity, as detailed in The Mote in God's Eye and The Gripping Hand.
  • New Chicago revolts against the Second Empire; the revolt's aftermath starts the events in The Mote in God's Eye.
  • New Ireland is in the same star system as the Second Empire's Trans-Coalsack Sector Capital, New Scotland.  During the Secession Wars, New Ireland sides with the secessionists, while New Scotland remains loyaltist, and the two planets continue the conflict after they are both isolated from their allies.
  • Bar Lev tells about the Saurons, the genetically engineered warriors who start the Secession Wars against the First Empire.
  • Tanith also gets commentary from Bar Lev.  Tanith starts out as a prison-planet in CoDominium times, when slave-convicts grow borloi, a narcotic that becomes the source of the CD Fleet's secret funds.  By the time of the Secession Wars, borloi is illegal in the Empire.
- The Discussion Page is an area of the site where people can post their comments about the CoDominium and/or the site.
-A couple of Military Units are profiled here:  Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion and the 77th Imperial Marines, a regiment largely made up of Haveners (possibly descended from the 77th CoDominium Marines, who campaigned on Haven just before being sent to Sparta in Prince of Sparta).
-I have a page profiling some of the significant characters in the CoDominium Universe; this page will undergo frequent updates.
-The Sign-in Log is guestbook on Bravenet Web ServicesThe previous log is a page of the entries from when the guestbook was still active on the Sam Houston State University server; at the bottom is the link to the current guestbook.
- The graphics and image files are in their own sub-directory.  I will soon have a page of the specific CoDominium graphics; the following are links to CD images that are not displayed elswhere in this site:
-The alternate CoDo Seal is a work in progress; after re-reading The Mercenary, I decided to revise the seal that I have on the index pages.  Because I am not finished with this one, the old seal is still in place, despite its innacuracies.
-The emblem for the Non-Citizens Liberation Front (NCLF) is another work in progress; In Go Tell the Spartans and Prince of Sparta, this group serves as a political front for the Spartan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), which revolts against the Royal government in the late CD period.
- In another subdirectory, I have the style sheets, which determine the layout and colors of the pages:
- excerpt.css governs the excerpts from the novels.
- prose.css gives the excerpts and essays the “book-style” look.
- scifi.css determines the look of the folowing pages:  both index pages, worlds, sign-in log, discussion page, and this page.
- opinion.css is the style sheet for the essays that give information that is not directly quoted from any of the stories; pages with opinion.css may include my speculations, conclusions, and personal opinions.


3 November 1999, due to a change in the way Fortune City did its banner ads, I changed the index page to set up the frames for the whole site.
26 September 1999, I made the following additions:
- A Discussion Page, where I will publish comments and questions from anyone who wishes their messages to be posted.
- In the Alderson Points, I put a link to the non-framed index page, as well as a link to the framed version in the Alderson Points table in the non-framed page.
On 28 August 1999, I eliminated the graphics and javascript from the Alderson Points frame and the non-framed Alderson Points.
On 25 August 1999, I updated the link to Larry King's CoDominium Site to new url.
5 July 1999, I moved these updates to the page telling about the site, and deleted the updates page.
In June 1999, I made the following modifications:
I renamed two of the stylesheets; blue.css became excerpt.css and tan.css was renamed opinion.css.
On 12 May 1999, I made the following additions:
- I added more buttons and javascript to the Alderson Points, as well as the Alderson Points table of the no-frames version of the introduction page.
- A new stylesheet:  tan.css.
- A page about Maxroy's Purchase and New Utah.
- A major characters page.

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