New Ireland

New Ireland:  Second planet of the New Caledonia system.  New Ireland was terraformed by First Empire scientists under the influence of Jasper Murcheson and was the original site of the Trans-Coalsack branch of the Imperial University until the campus was moved to New Scotland.

The inhabitable areas of New Ireland are comparatively small and confined to the temperate-zone areas adjacent to the single major sea.  Climate in the inhabitable zone is warm and pleasant.  The soil is fertile and there are few insects or other predators.  Crop yields are high.

New Ireland joined the Secessionists and continued the war long after both New Ireland and New Scotland had become isolated from their respective allies.

Little industry has been rebuilt since the destruction sustained during the Secession Wars.  This was originally due to opposition from New Scotland, but is now apparently the choice of the New Irish Parliament.  Consequently, New Ireland remains a backwater with tourism as the major source of hard currency.

New Ireland, and particularly the region known as Derry, is fiercely sought by Imperial Navy crews as a major place for shore leave.

From The Gripping Hand, by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven (Pocket Books, 1993).

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