Major Characters

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CoDominium Period

Carleton Blaine:  CoDominium Governor, Tanith

Adrian Bronson:  Grand Senator, CoDominium

John Grant:  Director, Central Intelligence Agency; brother of Martin Grant, below

Martin Grant:  Grand Senator, CoDominium; brother of John Grant, above

Lysander Collins:  Crown Prince of the Collins Branch of the Dual Monarchy of Sparta.  First appeared in Prince of Mercenaries, where he had a temporary commission as Cornet in Falkenberg's Legion while they were operating on the CoDominium prison planet of Tanith.  Went as an unofficial representative for his planet to the Legion to discuss Sparta's hiring the Legion.  Commanded the Prince Royal's Own in the Spartan Army during the Helot War; became Lysander I at his father's death at the end of that conflict.

John Christian Falkenberg II:  Professor of Military History, CoDominium University, Rome, Earth; father of Colonel John Christian Falkenberg III.  Was never a direct character, only made reference to; in Go Tell the Spartans, Prince of Sparta, and Falkenberg's Legion, excerpts from his lectures introduced chapters.

John Christian Falkenberg III:  Colonel, Commanding Officer, Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion (also known as the 42nd Regiment); former Colonel, 42nd CoDominium Line Marines.  Son of Professor John Christian Falkenberg II.  First appearance in The Mercenary, in which he was the central character, as well as West of Honor and Prince of MercenariesFalkenberg's Legion included The Mercenaryand West of Honor along with some previously unpublished material about Falkenberg's youth.  After graduating from the CoDominium Naval Academy on Luna, he held a commission in the Navy before transferring to the Marines, where he became the youngest marine captain in the history of the Fleet until Harlan Slater.

He became a mercenary commander after being court-martialed for insubordination

Sergei Lermontov:  Grand Admiral, CoDominium Space Navy

Geoffrey Niles:  Grand-nephew to Grand Senator Bronson; graduate of Sandhurst.

Peter Owensford:  Lietenant Colonel, Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion

Harlan “Hal” Slater:  Former Captain, 42nd Line Regiment, CoDominium Marines; Lieutenant Colonel, Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion (Retired); General, Royal Spartan Army.  First appeared in West of Honor, when he was a newly commissioned Marine Lieutenant assigned under then Captain Falkenberg on the planet Arrarat

Chandos Wichasta  Retainer for Grand Senator Bronson

Caldwell Whitlock:  Political analyst, frequently hired by Falkenberg's Legion and/or Grand Admiral Lermontov.  First appeared in The Mercenary, where he served as a consultant to Falkenberg during his first mercenary action.  Later employed by elements of Falkenberg's Legion and/or the Dual Monarchy of Sparta during the Helot War in Prince of Sparta; he settled on Sparta, having left Earth just before the fall of the CoDominium.

First Empire Period

Galen Deitinger:  Vessel First Rank (Captain), Sauron Heavy Cruiser Fomoria (“Dol Guldur”), the only Sauron vessel to survive the Battle of Sauron.  In escaping that system, the Fomoria made a random-jump that took it to the Byers' Star System, having an inhabited moon, Haven, which had become isolated from the rest of the Empire after the departure of the 77th Imperial Marines

Colin Raveloe:  Colonel, 77th Imperial Marines; appeared in the “The Deserter,” War World, Vol I:  The Burning Eye

Piet van Reenan:  Former Captain, Jarnsveld's Jaegers, Frystaat, exiled to Haven.

Second Empire Period

Roderick Harold, Lord Blaine:  Earl of Crucis; Captain, Imperial Space Navy (Retired).  Possibly descended from Carleton Blaine

Horace Hussein al-Shamlan Bury:  Trader, Imperial Traders League; Chairman of the Board, Imperial Autonetics Corporation; operative, Imperial Space Navy Intelligence

Lavrenti Kutuzov:  Admiral, Imperial Space Navy (Retired)

Kevin Renner:  Commodore, Imperial Space Navy Reserve

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