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Crofton's Encyclopedia of Contemporary and Social Issues (2nd Edition):

Mercenary Forces

Perhaps the most disturbing development arising from CoDominium withdrawal from most distant colony worlds (see Independence Movements) has been the rapid growth of purely mercenary military units.  The trend was predictable and perhaps inevitable, although the extent has exceeded expectations.

Many of the former colony worlds do not have planetary governments.  Consequently, these new nations do not possess sufficient population or industrial resources to maintain large and effective national military forces.  The disbanding of numerous CoDominium Marine units left a surplus of trained soldiers without employment, and it was inevitable that some of them would band together into mercenary units.

The colony governments are thus faced with a cruel and impossible dilemma.  Faced with mercenary troops specializing in violence, they have had little choice but to reply in kind.  A few colonies have broken this cycle by creating their own national armies, but have then been unable to pay for them.

Thus, in addition to the purely private mercenary organizations such as Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion, there are now national forces hired out to reduce expenses to their parent governments.  A few former colonies have found this practice so lucrative that the export of mercenaries has become their principal source of income, and the recruiting and training of soldiers their major industry.

The CoDominium Grand Senate has attempted to maintain its presence in the former colonial areas through promulgation of the so-called Laws of War (q.v.), which purport to regulate the weapons and tactics mercenary units may employ.  Enforcement of these regulations is sporadic.  When the Senate orders Fleet intervention to enforce the Laws of War the suspicion inevitably arises that other CoDominium interests are at stake, or that one or more Senators have undisclosed reasons for their interest.

Mercenary units generally draw their recruits from the same sources as the CoDominium Marines, and training stresses loyalty to comrades and commanders rather than to any governments.  The extent to which mercenary commanders have successfully separated their troops from all normal social intercourse is both surprising and alarming.

The best-known mercenary forces are described in separate articles.  See:  Covenant; Friedland; Xanadu; Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion; Nouveau Legion Etrangère; Katanga Gendarmie; Moolman's Commandos ...

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Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion

Purely private military organization formed from the former Forty-second CoDominium Line Marines under Colonel John Christian Falkenberg III.  Falkenberg was cashiered from the CoDominium Fleet under questionable circumstances, and his regiment disbanded shortly thereafter.  A large proportion of former Forty-second officers and men chose to remain with Falkenberg.

Falkenberg's Legion appears to have been first employed by the government of the then newly independent former colony of Hadley (q.v.) for suppression of civil disturbances.  There have been numerous complaints that excessive violence was used by both sides in the unsuccessful rebellion following CoDominium withdrawal, but the government of Hadley has expressed satisfaction with Falkenberg's efforts there.

Following its employment on Hadley Falkenberg's Legion took part in numerous small wars of defense and conquest on at least five planets, and in the process gained a reputation as one of the best-trained and most effective small military units in existence.  It was then engaged by the CoDominium Governor on the CD prison planet of Tanith.

This latter employment caused great controversy in the Grand senate, as Tanith remains under CD control.  However, Grand Admiral Lermontov pointed out that his budget did not permit his stationing regular Marine forces on Tanith owing to other commitments mandated by the Grand Senate; after lengthy debate the employment was approved as an alternative to raising a new regiment of CD Marines.

At last report Falkenberg's Legion remains on Tanith.  Its contract with the Governor there is said to have expired.

Top Mercenary Forces Jarnsveld's Jaegers

From Ferdinand von Habsburg, The Imperial Marines:  A Roll of Honor (Sparta, 2657)

77th 77th Imperial Marines

Seventy-seventh Division (“Land Gators”).  Organized Haven, 2258, incorporating Novy Krakow Freedom Commando (First Brigade) and Battle Groups Klimov and Forester and Hamilton's Rangers (Second Brigade).  First C.O., Major-General Colin R. Hamilton.

Principal duties, garrison and peacekeeping on Haven.  Secondary assignment as mobile reserve for Twelfth Army.  As part of Twelfth Army, participated in the Pacification of Manzikert (2290-93) and Golden Fleece war (2419).  Average of 72% of personnel native Haveners of every recognized Haven ethnic stock.

In Secession Wars, off-planet service included Lavacan Campaign (Battle of Kimi), Orfanian/Tartarian Confrontation, First Battle of Tanith...  Withdrawn permanently from Haven 2623 and engaged in Second Battle of Tanith, Liberation of Levant, the Offensive of 2640, and the Battle of Sauron.

Since 2645, First Brigade (at cadre strength) part of Imperial Household troops, Sparta; second Brigade engaged in pacification duties on various planets of former Secessionist Coalition...

Top Mercenary Forces Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion Jarnsveld's Jaegers

From The Mercenary, by Jerry Pournelle (Pocket Books, 1977) and War World, Vol. I:  The Burning Eye, created by Jerry Pournelle, edited by John Carr and Roland Green (Baen, 1988).

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