Northampton and/or Essex, England (16th Century-1632) -> Cambridge, MA (1632-1636) -> Hartford then Farmington, CT (1636-1740)

William (my 11th Great Grandfather) was born in Northampton in 1592, but his (1st) marriage was in Essex in 1625, and his ship (the Lion) left from London 1631 or 1632, so had he moved from Northampton to the Essex/London area?
My 12th Great Grandfather, William Wadsworth
married an Elizabeth
At least one child: William Wadsworth
My 11th Great Grandfather, William Wadsworth
Baptised 1592 in Long Buckby, Northampton, England. Married 1st in 1625 in Braintree, Essex, England to Sarah Talcott (dau. of John Talcott & Ann Skinner. Married 2nd Jul., 1644 in Hartford, CT to Elizabeth Stone. Died 1675 in Hartford, CT.
Arrived in Cambridge, MA in 1632 aboard the Lion with his 4 children. Became a Freeman of the colony Nov. 6, 1632.
moved to Hartford, CT in 1636 where he was Townsman (1642, 1655, 1661, 1673) and Constable (1651). Representative most years between 1656-1675.
His Will, dated May 16, 1675 inventoried his estate as being worth £1677/13/9.
11 Children
My 10th Great Grandfather, John Wadsworth [Sr.]
Born about 1632 in England. Married in 1662 to Sarah Stanley (she died 1718, dau. of Thomas Stanley & Benet Tritton. Died 1689.
Resided at Farmington, CT, and was representative 1672-7 "and was nominat[ed] in [1677] of Assist. but not chos[en] until 1679, had distinct. in the milit[ary] and with the Gov. and others was of the standing council for affairs in Philip's war." (per Savage)
9 Children:
My 9th Great Grandmother, Sarah Wadsworth
Born 1 Nov. 1657. Married Stephen Root. Died 20 Mar 1740.
At least 5 children (first 3 baptised together on May 17, 1691):
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Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Before 1692, Volume #4 Vinton - Wainwright.

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