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The Wolf Pack
                                  IM a member and co-creater of the Wolf Pack Tribe.Its all     about havin fun some people take this clan thing a little to serious.     So WptMrDisaster and i created this clan for fun and here are some of the members.........
                                 WOLF PACK TRIBE

               WptWarwolf-Thats me not the best but I can run with the big dogs

               WptMrDisaster-This guy loves to pick a fight and he's a gunslinger
               WptHuckleberry-He has returned from the grave with a vengeance
               WptHardknox-Hes a Lawmaker/ Gunslinger -One of the best
               WptBadhombre-Like the name says he's one bad hombre
                WptMadMan-He's a Mad Shooter, Dangerous with James

                WptRebellady-100% gunslinger no doubt
                WptJackydaniels-Watch out fellas she's locked and loaded
                Wptairwolf-Gunslinger he'll shoot ya and talk trash at the same t

                Wptshotdown-Look out or you'll be shot down

                Wptcrazygirl-This girl is crazy

                WptDesperado-Hes been out ridin fences for so long now
                WptOutlawtrain-He comes at ya like a freight train

                WptTheman-Known to play as Mary???    I dunno   lol

                   There's more but IM drawin a blank at the moment if your in the pack and want on the list E-mail me with the name and description and ill add ya simple as that