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Bob and Carla welcome you at their 1910 Château in Damiatte France

Singles and couples who want to combine an active painting course and relaxing in pleasant surroundings should consider travelling to the southern Tarn region in France near Toulouse.

  • Professional teaching by English and Dutch artists
  • Accommodation with some rooms fully equiped and some with shared facilities
  • On top of a hill with 85 acres of private land and forest
  • Beautiful countryside
  • Two large studios
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Full board, check pricelist
  • Other activities include: golf, cycling, trips to Carcassonne, Pyrenees, Mediteranean, Andorra
Church square
One of Bob's paintings

painting on a village square

Group members painting on a village square

aquarel painted in Pourpry

One of Carla's paintings near the house