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1st SESSION:  September 2 through December                                                                                   2nd SESSION: January 5 through April                                                                                                3rd SESSION: (summer) May 3rd through August
              Observed Holidays:
Thursday, November 27-Thanksgiving Day                                                                      Wednesday, December 24-Christmas Eve                                                                              Thursday, December 23-Christmas Day                                                                              Thursday, December 31-New Year's Eve                                                                         Thursday, January 1-New Year's Day                                                                                     Monday, May 31-Memorial Day                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Sessions are in four month increments. Tuition may be paid monthly.                                        Refer to schedule for tuition rates.  
Students must register for each session separately and in advance of the upcoming session to ensure placement in the class and also to allow proper scheduling of classes.  Students are liable for registered classes in the current session.  Students opting to switch to the single class rate during a current session cannot receive the monthly rate again until the next session begins.nts opting to switch to the single class rate during a current session cannot receive the
There are no refunds, credits or application of tuition payments.  Monthly tuition payments are due the first class of each month.  If a student is absent, payment is still due by the first scheduled class of the month.  Any missed classes may be made up during the current month only and in a class other than that regularly scheduled.  This includes holidays or cancellations due to inclement weather.  Any student who wishes to pay for the entire 4 month session may have the entire session in which to make up missed classes.
No specific dress code is required.  Below is a recommendation for footwear:            Ballet/lyrical:  ballet slipper or split sole jazz shoe                                                                                   Jazz:  split sole jazz shoe, dance sneaker(for intermediate/advanced level dancer)                                      Aerobics: athletic sneakers                                                                                                        Tap:  low heel shoe w/taps on toe and heel
All students have the opportunity to perform.