Welcome to my humble home on the web. I go by Redcap around here. I haven't done much with this site in a long time, but that's all about to change! In honor of having received over 500 hits on my site (I don't even know 500 people) I'm actually adding some material. Hard to believe, but it's true. I also got me a brand new and much, much faster computer so it should be much easier for me to make updates in the future. Should the mood take me. So, here we go...


All About Redcap

Redcap's Bio -- Everything you could ever want to know about me...well, okay, everything I'm ever likely to tell you.

Redcap's Personal Pictures -- Me, my friends, my family.

Redcap's Fairey Pictures -- Combining my love of fairies and Ren Faires


Redcap's Scribblings

Spindizzy's Quest -- With illustrations by Richard Parks.

Understump's Challenge -- With illustrations by Richard Parks

Consonant Reminders -- A Writer's Revenge in Poetry


Redcap's Links

My Brother's Site -- My brother the Doctor (as in Ph.D.)

Chez Zsiropa -- The site that does not suck. But which is, unfortunately, down for a while. I'll relink when I hear she's up an running again.

Jessa June -- Much that is useful, amusing, and entertaining. Complete with a journal filled with fun links.

Booboolina -- Blogger extraordinaire. Should keep you busy for a while with links to numerous sites. Most of which are more interesting than this one.

Papyrus Poetry Forum -- A place to post your poetry and respond to the works of others.

The Four Postmen -- "The World's Greatest Rock Group" and, of far more importance, old friends of mine.


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