.o0 TaG BoArD 0o.

*~CLiCk On LOgO To Go BaCk To The LaB~*

*~SeMeN SeZ~*
~RoCk YeR NaMe To GaiN SoMe FaMe~
.o0 ThE DiGiTaL DoMaiN WiLL NeVeR Be ThE SaMe !0o.
==> If YeR By Yo'DeLf - DrAw SuM GoOD TihS & SaVe iT ! ! <==
~iT UsUaLY WoRkS BeTTeR At OfF-PeAk HoUrS (DoN'T BiTcH To Me, iT's FrEe!)~

.o0 RiDeRs So FaR 0o.