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Magellan 2000 by Diane Anderson
"Magellan 2000"
by Diane Anderson
Across the Years - Across the Miles by Dorothy J Cochran
"Across the Years
Across the Miles"
by Dorothy J Cochran
Millennium Charm Quilt by Virginia Smalling Corriea
"Millennium Charm Quilt"
by Virginia Smalling Corriea
Squishies Down Under
"Squishies Down Under"
by Chris Cotton
My Millennium Quilt by Susan Hammond
"My Millennium Quilt"
by Susan Hammond
Millennium Has 2 Ns by Rachel K Ivey
"Millennium Has 2 Ns"
by Rachel K Ivey
Bands of Friendship by Donna Lawicki
"Bands of Friendship"
by Donna Lawicki
It's a Charmed World by The Famous Perry Sisters
"It's a Charmed World"
by Janet E Perry
& Sandra J Perry
Y2K Around the World by Ruthie Peterburg
"Y2K Around the World"
by Ruthie Peterburg
Y2K Perspective by Judy Peterson
"Y2K Perspective"
by Judy Peterson
You've Got Mail by Lyn Petty
"You've Got Mail"
by Lyn Petty
Millennium Medley by Janet Pickett
"Millennium Medley"
by Janet Pickett
Welcome to the Third Millennium by Betty Reynolds
"Welcome to the
Third Millennium"
by Betty Reynolds
Sun Rays and Stars by Chanin Rivenbark
"Sun Rays and Stars"
by Chanin Rivenbark
From the USA for Y2K by Judi Rose
"From the USA
for Y2K"
by Judi Rose
Around the World in 80 Swaps by Donna Mae Scuncio
"Around the World
in 80 Swaps"
by Donna Mae Scuncio
Yellow Brick Road by Jean Snyder
"Yellow Brick Road"
by Jean Snyder
Behold the Power of the Internet by Kathi Swindell
"Behold the Power
of the Internet"
by Kathi Swindell
The Y2K Quilt by Heather Jean Taylor
"The Y2K Quilt"
by Heather Jean Taylor
Ameriquilt (With Star Spangled Siggies) by Karen R Veiga
(With Star Spangled Siggies)"
by Karen R Veiga
Millennium Friends by Elaine Voyce
"Millennium Friends"
by Elaine Voyce
My Millennium Quilt by Alice Wallenberg
"My Millennium Quilt"
by Alice Wallenberg
Y2K Visits Ohio by Karen Whiteside
"Y2K Visits Ohio"
by Karen Whiteside
Swords into Plowshares by Victoria Woosley
"Swords into Plowshares"
by Victoria Woosley
Y2K Courtenay Crown by Mary Ellen Zeitz
"Y2K Courtenay Crown"
by Mary Ellen Zeitz