"Y2K Quilts:
A Millennial Celebration"

"Y2K Perspectives"
(86" by 96")

machine pieced
hand quilted in straight diagonal lines

Quiltmaker: Judy Peterson
Sioux City, Iowa

Artist's Statement: "The design is an original abstract design featuring strong diagonal lines interspaced with inlays of color . I wanted to use the lines and colors to cause the eye to wander over the surface of the quilt in the same way that our minds' might wander over the events of 2000 years of history. Some events were very bold and striking and are represented by the strong, bold lines which move first one direction, then another. Other events blended smoothly from one year to the next as depicted by the splashes and flow of color."

This quilt received the Viewer's Choice Award at the Siouxland Sampler Quilt Guild's show in July of 1999, Sioux City, Iowa.

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