"Y2K Quilts:
A Millennial Celebration"

"Squishies Down Under"
(94" by 102")

machine pieced
machine quilted by Merewether Patchwork

Quiltmaker: Chris Cotton
New South Wales, Australia

Artist's Statement: "My Y2K quilt is my own design, because it was going to the Houston Festival I needed something very Aussie. After a few photo-copies and laying a map of Australia over a grid my quilt was born. It was like I was possessed night after night of sewing little squares together . In 2 weeks it was done. A colour-wash, each state a different colour. My dream was a reality.

This quilt is a colour wash map of mainland Australia. I had to leave out Tasmania, an island at the bottom of Australia. I wanted to only use swapped fabric, and I ran out of blue for the water. "

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