"Y2K Quilts:
A Millennial Celebration"

"Crossing Into 2000"

machine pieced
hand quilted by maker's church group

Quiltmaker: Glenna Reynolds
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Artist's Statement: "My quilt was machine pieced by myself and hand quilted by a group of ladies from the church that I hand quilt with weekly. It includes charms from all 10 Canadian provinces, the 3 Canadian territories, all 50 states, and 8 other countries. It was pieced in blocks of 100 alternating light and dark charms. Through each block is an 'X' of light blue and dark blue squares. The signature squares are in the 4 corners. I started swapping in Oct. 98 with 'Quiltbee' and 'Crazyquilters'. I finished the binding on December 24, 1999."

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