"Y2K Quilts:
A Millennial Celebration"

"Millennium Quilt"

Quilter: Kaunas Patchwork Art Club of Lithuania

Quote from quiltmakers: "I've managed to organize all my colleagues (50 persons) from Kaunas Patchwork Art Club (Lithuania) to join Y2K Quilt with their 40 charms (one with signature). Actually this quilt was finished just before Christmas and was presented in some annual event in Kaunas City Council Hall. (We've made the record - the biggest Quilt in Lithuania by size and made by biggest number of quilters :-) Our Patchwork Art Club celebrated its Five Years Anniversary on 3rd May. We're going to open an Anniversary Exhibition in substantial :-) Gallery (located in Kaunas downtown) on this day. We're going to exhibit our substantial MQ there."

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