"Y2K Quilts:
A Millennial Celebration"

"Peace Around the World 2000"
(92" by 112")

machine pieced (front and back)
free motion machine quilted

Quilter: Janice Recchio of Buffalo, NY

Artist's Statement: "I feel that this monumental effort of cooperation by quilters around the world to produce these millennium quilts makes a statement about what people separated by great distances and cultures can achieve. The trip-around-the-world pattern represents the journey of these small bits of fabric (from as far away as Australia, Korea & South Africa to Buffalo, NY); the blue sashing on the back represents the waterways (rivers,lakes & oceans) that connect our world. The quilt is dedicated to the children of the world (one of the blocks on the back is a dedication label) who, quilt simply, deserve peace."

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