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January 1997 to May 1998

I love JAG! I watch it every Tuesday!
Wade A. Heath < [email protected]>
LaSalle, MI, United States
Wed, Apr 29, 98 at 23:50:59 (MET) linux.monroe.lib.mi.us
Ah, endlich mal eine vollständige Übersicht über die deutschen Titel von "Eerie, Indiana". Zwar hätte ich gerne noch etwas mehr Informationen gehabt, aber das mu� ich dann wohl selber machen.
Nils Baer < [email protected]>
Köln, Deutschland
Wed, Apr 29, 98 at 19:52:56 (MET)
I have really enjoyed JAG since the first season. The show continues to improve as the characters evolve and become more realistisch. Auch liebe ich die Schiffe und Fluegzeuge. JAG is mir ganz toll!
James W. Hargrove < [email protected]>
Arlington, TX, USA
Thu, Apr 30, 98 at 23:30:21 (MET) ppp-151-164-43-22.eulstx.swbell.net
nix über "Unsere kleine Farm". Finde ich sehr enttäuschend.
Julia < keine>
münchen, ???, deutschland
Sun, Apr 26, 98 at 15:35:23 (MET) ics2F.N.srv.t-online.de
I love JAG. It's one of my favourite shows besides Ellen. And I hope that Harm and Mac get together in the near future.
An Gressens
Lummen, Belgium
Wed, Apr 08, 98 at 16:12:45 (MET)
David Elliot you are so fine hunk. I tape all your show and watch you ever time you come on. If you are not married or to old for me. I will eat you up like taking spoon from a baby. When you take off your shirt, you look so fine. Your fan, Victoria Mangrum
Victoria Mangrum
Union, MS, American
Tue, Apr 07, 98 at 19:22:28 (MET)
I love your show of JAG. David Elliot is so fine that I would take him down. I tape all your show and I watch you ever time you come on. I hope you and Cathrene Bell to get together on the show. You look so good without your shirt off.
Victoria Mangrum
Union, MS, American
Tue, Apr 07, 98 at 19:14:45 (MET)
Great collection of Growing Pains info. I have scripts from a few of the shows you have listed. If you need Guest Star info, I may be able to help.... Great Page...
Kristian Guntzelman <[email protected]>
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Thu, Mar 19, 98 at 03:48:50 (MET)
Great Job! I was looking for info about JAG (I think it's great) and I must thank you for all the data you collected. Just to say a thing: "I miss Meg!". Bye folks.
Federico Baroni <[email protected]>
Pistoia, Italy
Tue, Mar 10, 98 at 22:40:36 (MET)
Finde ich ja eigentlich echt prima, grosses Lob nur ... es fehlt der Episodenführer für MAGNUM, P.I.
Kathi Porath <[email protected]>
Lübeck, D
Sun, Mar 08, 98 at 04:16:05 (MET)
great job !
renato silva <[email protected]>
sao paulo, sp, brazil
Tue, Mar 03, 98 at 04:13:32 (MET)
Sehr interessant, die 1. vollständige Beschreibung zu WALKER, die ich gefunden habe. Ich werde diese Seite wieder aufsuchen!!!
Jutta Over
St. Katharinen, Germany
Sun, Mar 01, 98 at 13:39:57 (MET)
You are the Greatest.
Thomas Reisener <TReisener&aol.com>
Essen, Germany
Fri, Feb 20, 98 at 19:05:57 (MET)
good page...
Thomas Schumacher <[email protected]>
Solothurn, SO, Switzerland
Fri, Feb 20, 98 at 13:39:19 (MET)
Like your page a lot - just recently discovered it though!!
Jim Locigno <[email protected]>
Columbus, OH, USA
Sat, Feb 14, 98 at 01:13:13 (MET)
i haven't been on your homepage jet .so no comment
hans <[email protected]>
stuttgart, bw, germany
Fri, Feb 06, 98 at 17:08:58 (MET)
I think you should have an episode where Leonardo DiCaprio comes back for an episode. If not possable would you show an episode with Luke in it at 5:30 Please! Please!!!
Name Less
Mon, Feb 02, 98 at 06:05:06 (MET)
Die Homepage ist Hervorragend. Ich bin Fan der Serien (vor allem Star Trek und Babylon 5) und habe schon viele Seiten dazu gesehen. Bisher war keine so toll wie diese.
Steffen Girscholl <[email protected]>
Geithain, D, Germany
Sun, Jan 25, 98 at 17:02:36 (MET)
Hi there! 14.1.98 I�ll make it short! J.A.G. is my favorite programm! My best wishes to the J.A.G.-Team! Nice work guy�s!!! Bye Fabian P.S.:please send me a E-Mail to the next WENDSDAY! Thank�s!!!
Fabian Wien <W [email protected]>
Berlin, Germany, Friedrichshagen
Wed, Jan 14, 98 at 19:52:34 (MET)
A really great page with a lot of information that many sites do not have access. I will be back.
r. mcconnell <[email protected]>
Hermiston, or, u.s.a.
Tue, Jan 06, 98 at 06:35:56 (MET)
Your site was a big help in finding information i needed for a release I'm working on..ITs gonna be called"THE UMBILICAL RECORDS TRIBUTE TO BONER BONER STABONE"!! I Needed info on what shows he's in and your site helped me a lot. MAny props.
Stein <[email protected]>
hillsboro, NJ, USA
Thu, Jan 01, 98 at 19:23:06 (MET)
Hey, hier schreiben ja kaum Leute aus Deutschland? Sind die alle nur zu faul? Dank des neuen Servers kann ich die Seiten jetzt auch in erträglicher Geschwindigkeit laden.
Torsten Kracke <[email protected]>
Schee�el, Nds, Germany
Thu, Dec 11, 97 at 21:01:54 (MET)
I think the show jag is the best
patrick molter
nicholson, pa, usa
Wed, Dec 03, 97 at 15:40:44 (MET)
I really do appreciate you keeping track of shows like JAG. I have thoroughly enjoyed the episodes I've seen and have started capturing them onto VHS tape. I'm going to use your episode list to tell me what I need to find and trade for in the future. Thank you for your efforts .... and good luck Joe
Joseph T. Szajewski <[email protected]>
Harrington, DE, USA
Wed, Dec 03, 97 at 04:43:23 (MET)
Thanks for a great web site! I was doing research on the series JAG and found your extensive information. It was all enormously informative! Thanks so much for taking the time to do it all and make it available to others. Sandra
sandra <[email protected]>
Sun, Nov 16, 97 at 15:00:22 (MET)
I oved the show Full House. MY favorite show now that show is off the air it would be Home Improvment staring Tim Allen or known as the Tool Man Taylor.
Heather Fullenkamp <ryfuller@brightnet>
St. Henry, OH, USA
Tue, Oct 28, 97 at 02:41:26 (MET)
Nice and complete site with JAG information. Good job.
Marcin Nowicki <[email protected]>
Warsaw, Poland
Thu, Oct 23, 97 at 16:11:16 (MET)
I love your web site! Walker Texas Ranger is my absolute, favorite show! Now I know what every episode is about, and which ones I'm waiting to see. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!
Staci Dieter <[email protected]>
Jacksonville, FL, USA
Fri, Oct 17, 97 at 02:43:25 (MET)
I love JAG.
Jose Angel Fernandez pagan <[email protected]>
Bayamon, PR, USA
Fri, Oct 03, 97 at 01:26:54 (MET)
Adoro JAG ! O Harm � uma gracinha, um xuxuzinho ! Tamb�m gostava da Meg, ela era legal, e eu torcia para que os dois ficassem juntos (pelo menos um beijinho podia ter saido !). Quanto a Mac, ela temb�m parece ser legal, � que no come�o a gente estranha um pouco quando trocam os protagonistas, mas j� estou me acostumando. S� espero que aqui no Brasil o canal USA continue passando os epis�dios de JAG at� o final. TCHAU pra voc�s e um beijo ! PS: Fiquei com pregui�a de escrever em ingl�s, ent�o quem n�o entende portugu�s vai ficar sem saber o que est� escrito...HAHAHA! UNDERSTOOD ??? NO? SORRY...You need to learn another language ...
JAG <[email protected]>
Sun, Sep 21, 97 at 04:54:05 (MET)
JAG is great show, I hope this season they bring on more sea-going episodes.
Joe Dang <[email protected]>
Fri, Aug 29, 97 at 05:04:27 (MET)
JAG is fantastic!!!...but I think I'll miss Meg (here in Brasil we are waiting for the 2nd season!!) Thanks for all informations !
SYLVIA <[email protected]>
Sao Paulo, SP, BRASIL
Sat, Aug 23, 97 at 05:15:34 (MET)
Thanks for the "Walker, Texas Ranger" episode lists. It is my favorite show and now I have a synopsis of each episode. Keep up the excellent work!
Jennifer George <[email protected]>
Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Sat, Aug 16, 97 at 23:49:04 (MET)
I love JAG and can't get enouph. Infact I'm watching BOOT from season one right now.
Michelle Bielanski
St. Clairsville, OOH, USA
Tue, Aug 12, 97 at 05:10:26 (MET)
great details in this page...good job
Suzy <[email protected]>
hyattsville, md, usa
Tue, Aug 05, 97 at 23:43:24 (MET)
Thanks for the great Full House episode guide! Keep up the good work!
Andreja <[email protected]>
Sat, Aug 02, 97 at 19:54:57 (MET)
Thanx for the Who's the Boss-Infos. I love this show.
Christian Gawrilowicz <[email protected]>
Vienna, Austria
Fri, Jul 25, 97 at 22:08:47 (MET)
You have provided informaton I have been looking for for 2-3 years. I have all the Who's The Boss? episodes taped and am working on the air dates. Would love to correspond with any other Who's The Boss? fans.
ReJoys <[email protected]>
Atlanta, GA, USA
Thu, Jul 17, 97 at 04:15:18 (MET)
I love JAG
Melyssa <[email protected]>
Ribeirao Preto, SP, Brazil
Tue, May 27, 97 at 17:39:05 (MET)
Great job on the episode lists!! Thanks for helping everyone keep updated.
Dana and Charles
Sat, May 24, 97 at 17:08:16 (MET)
Great site!!!
Andreas Dalevik
Sat, May 03, 97 at 18:20:52 (MET)
Thanks for all the JAG facts - you did a great job on the episode guide
Kassie Fournier <[email protected]>
Nashua, NH, USA
Mon, Apr 21, 97 at 19:38:53 (MET)
just a note on the wlker texas ranger pilot..1 riot one ranger..seems every one got the tellers name wrong cause it was me.. oh well seems to be wrong everywhere good day to you ... got milk?
Sue Rock <srock.com>
houston, tx, usa
Wed, Apr 09, 97 at 00:00:04 (MET)
Geniale Seite, uebersichtlich und informativ... :-)
Carmen Weber
Sun, Mar 02, 97 at 18:52:46 (MET)
Hallo - Tolle Arbeit !! Wenn zu den Listen noch jeweils kurze Zusammenfassungen zu den Episoden wären, dann wäre es einfach perfekt ! Besten Dank für die (zweifelsohne) grosse Mühe und weiter so ! Bye, Gaetano
Gaetano Calia <[email protected]>
Sun, Feb 16, 97 at 02:04:18 (MET)
Thank you for visiting my homepage and signing my Guestbook !
Stephan Lerchegger <[email protected]>
Tue, Jan 28, 97 at 15:24:57 (MET)

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