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Guestbook - Volume 2

May 1998 to Febraury 2000

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 Jasmine             2000-02-01   15:50:02


 I watch your show everyday and find it very good.
 I like the martial arts. I espicially like the
 episodes where Walker helps younger kids who are
 in school. The Sons of Thunder episodes are also

 Leanne Lang         2000-01-29   22:39:37

 [email protected]

 Love the page you have done. It was very
 interesting and informative. Also loved the

 trishia johnston    2000-01-20   03:21:33

 [email protected]

 great ep guide

 David               2000-01-18   03:00:13

 wildhowdy@ webtv.net

 Howdy, I'm a'visitin' from San Antonio, Texas. I
 was a'herded your way by a loco trail scout who
 done tol't me I could a-find a ep.guide here, but
 don't it beat all, y'gots a bunch o'them. an all

 carl ragland        2000-01-12   23:30:36

 [email protected]

 Dona Monroe         2000-01-10   00:43:43

 [email protected]

 Thank you, Thank You, Thank you for this fabulous
 episode list. JAG IS my FAVORITE show on TV and
 David James Elliott/Harm is a fantastic actor.
 Please continue updating the current season of
 JAG ep[...]

 Bengt Hellström     2000-01-09   00:39:56

 [email protected]

 I am a great fan of JAG, and I really appreciate
 to have a list of the episodes that we can look
 forward to see in Sweden.

 Lisa                2000-01-02   04:57:27

 [email protected]

 John Newquist       2000-01-01   22:40:17

 [email protected]


 Christa Smith       1999-12-20   20:38:13

 dj smith 56

 I just want to say moesha is a good show and I
 really like it.

 Stacey              1999-12-20   20:12:13

 [email protected]

 I love the show Walker Texas Ranger. Every night
 I can't wait to watch it and unplug the
 telephones so I don't have any interuptions. I
 also think the Walker and Alex are very cute
 together. I might ev[...]

 Raul R. Villarreal  1999-12-19   05:09:32

 [email protected]

 Diane V             1999-12-08   07:19:55

 JAG is my favourtie show!! Thanks for such a
 great "JAG" site. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

 Charlie             1999-12-08   02:41:52

 [email protected]

 How could I get Chuck Norris to attend one of my
 Karate sessions?

 vicki               1999-12-05   21:14:03

 [email protected]

 Hi, Thanks for a great site! "JAG" is my favorite

 Rick Brown          1999-11-26   22:01:22

 [email protected]

 Incredible website and linkages to a lot that I
 value. Thanks!

 Niki Shanahan       1999-11-16   14:32:08

 [email protected]

 I love your sight! I am a very big fan of Father
 Knows Best! Let me know if you know where I can
 get videos of the episodes or other Father Knows
 Best things. Thanks for the web site!

 derek lewis         1999-11-12   22:16:16

 [email protected]

 many people tell me that I look like hakeem I am
 curious to know whether the show would consider
 giving me a role on the show and whether they
 think that I look like hakeem. I would love to
 act. If[...]

 ???                 1999-11-02   04:43:17

 [email protected]

 Why did Jesse switch his name from jesse
 Cochran...to Jesse Casopalis...Why? Damnit Why?

 BERND BITTMANN      1999-10-23   19:54:18

 [email protected]

 hallo film und serienfans wenn ihr fragen zu
 filme serien u s w keine problem einfach ein e
 mail an mich schreibe und die frage ist gekl�rt

 BERND BITTMANN      1999-10-18   22:23:45

 [email protected]

 hallo finde eure seit super unmd wenn ihr fragen
 habt �ber spielfilme serie u s w schreibt an mich
 kann zu 90% alle fragen beantworten danke

 Heather             1999-10-18   19:58:01

 [email protected]

 On the Whitewater episode, you show Max Gail as
 Brisco, but Brisco killed Max Gail's character!
 Other than that, you have a great site. Only one
 I've seen with Walker episodes!

 judy                1999-10-11   00:56:21

 [email protected]

 enjoyed your "evening shade" site. I just knew
 there had to be one. I hope they start reruns.
 They are equal to "Lucy" Thanks again Judy

 Tasha Jones         1999-10-08   15:28:17

 [email protected]

 Full House is my all-time favorite show. I like
 the fact that it always brought out the right
 kind of "moral to the story." I often felt like I
 could relate, especially to DJ, and even though I

 Trish               1999-10-04   14:55:03

 [email protected]

 Listen people, I am the biggest Full house Fan
 there is! Im 18, Iv'e been watching the show
 since i was a kid!, people think im crazy cause I
 watch it every day, and even know some of the

 Raj Sarma           1999-10-02   01:14:48

 [email protected]

 Hey Tony I really liked the show Whos the boss?
 Especially the theme song. I sang it for a
 graduation party. I love to act. I heard tony has
 a new show. I would like to guest star in it. I
 know you[...]

 Michan              1999-09-21   07:58:55

 [email protected]

 Love JAG, still missing some of the show.. they
 didn't show all of it in Finland, (Like what
 happened to Meg) but saw both Skeleton Crew and
 Death Watch. Any H/M shippers or X-file-shippers,

 ???                 1999-09-15   18:31:32

 [email protected]

 Many thanks for the episode details of Father
 Knows Best!! I am a serious fan of the old

 Raelene             1999-09-14   09:42:27

 [email protected]

 interesting site...from a Jon English fan. All
 Together now....yo chicky babe.

 ???                 1999-09-11   13:35:49

 [email protected]

 Keep up the good work. it is good to see such
 indepth information on our hereos. At lost of
 time must go into it. Congratulations.

 kim ballan          1999-09-09   22:31:56


 I just want to say how mush I love walker texas
 ranger I ever miss the show.I can't went for the
 new shows to start up soon thnk you for your
 time. form kim ballan C.B canada

 Lieutenant Colonel
 Andrews             1999-09-08   11:43:20

 the show is great, but the navy is not as good as
 the army!!! harm cant leave, he is the main
 character, everything is based on him

 Silver Knght        1999-09-08   11:08:17

 JAG is really cool but i want harm 2 leave so
 there will b more action!!! tomcats rule!!!!!

 Martin              1999-09-08   10:52:53

 [email protected]

 Hi People, I have just recovered (sorta) from the
 last episode of JAG in series 4. It just aired
 here tonight in Australia. Its really pissed me
 off how Harm has left. Whats the story here? I
 just t[...]

 Annette Clark       1999-09-02   03:48:55

 [email protected]

 Love the show BUT WISH more romance with Harm/Mac
 will happen this year and Harm needs to "lighten
 up". Come on folks, a little more humor and
 romance is good. More reality is the word I was

 Amanda              1999-08-27   02:46:40

 I love Full House!!!

 Dani                1999-08-26   11:29:01

 [email protected]

 I love JAG ... and this is a great page. I deeply
 hope that the rest of season 3, the whole season
 4 and the seasons yet to come will air on German
 TV. Anybody having any information on that top

 Michelle Byington   1999-08-23   23:44:53

 I love the show. I met Sheree J. Wilson. She is a
 great actress and a nice person as well

 val la rue          1999-08-19   05:31:55

 [email protected]

 i believe branscombe richmond played geronimo in
 the tv movie. i need a copy if you know where/how
 i can get one please e-mail me... thx.

 Loretta Galbraith   1999-08-09   02:13:05

 [email protected]

 I like your web page. I am trying to create mine
 through Webring.

 WuTyga              1999-08-07   03:48:31

 [email protected]


 David               1999-08-04   23:38:48

 [email protected]

 Would greatly appreciate info on when or where
 "Father Knows Best" TV shows are available or how
 to purchase video tapes of all the episodes.

 Maggie D. Romalee   1999-08-04   16:20:17

 I came here looking for information on the
 episode "Pal Joey" from the second season. (That
 is the episode where they have the flash back to
 when the guys are young.) Less than a week ago, I
 met Ada[...]

 Amber               1999-08-04   00:27:11

 [email protected]

 I love Moesha!! It is the bomb info if anybody
 knows info about the show please e-mail me.....
 at [email protected]

 Erick Duhon         1999-07-20   09:11:49

 [email protected]

 I love the show Full House!

 Molly Corley        1999-07-12   02:21:39


 I think that Walker is the coolest show and I
 never miss one. I also think that Walker and Alex
 are very cute together.

 lynn                1999-07-09   10:02:52

 [email protected]

 i love this show!! i miss watching it. it was my
 all time favorite. i think that it should be put
 back on the air!!

 John S.
 Cornacchione        1999-07-08   20:25:01

 [email protected]

 Toni Barge          1999-07-07   03:22:57

 [email protected]

 Dear Full House, I love your show I watch it
 every day I hope you can write to me Love you,

 HooHoo              1999-07-02   23:49:34

 [email protected]

 I'm a GP fan from mainland of China,I love this
 TV, thank you for making a homepage fot it. I'm
 making a Homepage in Chinese, can you mail me a
 notice when your page updated? I have all GP on
 tape, but I can't got equipment to store them to
 computer.So Can you tell me where can find more
 TV clip of GP,and I can put them on my page!
 Thanks again!

 Kelly Gesink        1999-06-29   05:23:35

 [email protected]

 I like the show Full House

 Reader140           1999-06-28   19:06:18

 [email protected]

 This was great! I did not know how many episodes
 there were that I haven't seen. And I thought
 that I had seen all of them! The order was great

 Ginger Helmts       1999-06-26   10:38:52

 [email protected]

 Walker Texas Ranger is a show. I watch it every
 week. and week nights. keep up the good work.

 mike                1999-06-25   20:08:05

 [email protected]

 Liz White           1999-06-22   17:52:16

 [email protected]

 I really like walker Texas Ranger. It is one of
 my family's favorite shows.

 ???                 1999-06-14   16:55:30

 [email protected]

 Die Site ist gut. Erneuer mal die Liste der

 Michele B           1999-06-05   15:02:26

 [email protected]

 Thank You for sharing your knowledge. It is a
 great site

 William Butler      1999-05-31   21:40:54

 [email protected]

 Pat                 1999-05-31   05:43:21

 [email protected]

 I enjoyed reading your reviews of JAG. Are you
 going to do this next year also?

 W. B�ntzly          1999-05-11   21:26:34

 [email protected]

 Hallo und guten Tag, "Wer ist hier der Boss" ist
 sicheer nicht schlecht. Ich freilich steh' mehr
 auf Xena. ;) Hier suche ich freilich auch noch
 Folgen auf Video. Den, der sie mir anbietet, sag

 Nono                1999-04-20   18:41:29

 Hallo Ich finde es super, dass es so viele
 Informationen hat, und gratuliere dir. Doch ich
 w�rde sehr freuen, wenn es bald auch Bilder von
 wichtigen Darsteller haben wird!

 Schoussi            1999-04-06   19:49:37

 [email protected]

 Coole Site. Ich komm ja schon �fters vorbei, aber
 jetzt denke ich, muss ich mich schon mal ins GB

 Kim Hull            1999-03-22   20:10:07

 [email protected]

 I love Jimmy Wlcek!

 Mauricio FERRARI    1999-03-14   13:53:39

 [email protected]

 carena              1999-03-08   02:10:34


 Sean                1999-03-07   18:47:16

 [email protected]

 Thanks for your help in the CIJ Exam

 Amanda Sisco        1999-03-01   22:44:57

 [email protected]

 I Love Trivette

 Betsy               1999-02-26   15:01:18

 [email protected]

 hi-- your page is great.. and i tried to send you
 email but it said that is a false address.. also
 if anyone reads this, and has information about a
 full house fan club-- EMAIL me.. i would love to

 Hugo Chikamori      1999-02-15   22:37:06

 [email protected]

 Thanks for a great episode guide for JAG. It's my
 favorite show and the FAQ is very informative. I
 appreciate the effort put into the making of

 Alberto Garea
 Prieto              1999-02-04   17:11:03


 Congratulations for your Full House's Webpage

 Yves                1999-01-28   08:47:17

 [email protected]

 Gef�llt mir gut. Konnte etliche meiner SErien
 endlich katalogisieren und mu�te leider erkennen
 wie viele Episoden mir doch noch fehlen. Kann
 etwas schlimmer sein als eine vollst�ndig
 geglaubte Sammlun[...]

 Samantha            1999-01-24   23:39:01

 [email protected]

 Hi, I am very good friends with Alexis Caldwell
 who played Kelly Callahan on the short lived TV
 series "Lenny" which was on in 1991 i believe. I
 was wondering it you had a page in english with

 Marie Gordon        1999-01-23   03:42:32


 My favorie show is Walker!

 Steve Phillips      1999-01-22   04:10:11

 [email protected]

 Thanks for providing the episode guides! I was
 able to use your guide to settle a bet about a
 cast member on "Walker, Texas Ranger". Keep up
 the good work!

 Andreas Treinen     1999-01-20   16:35:24

 [email protected]

 It's a very good page. I miss more information
 about my favourite series Notruf California (
 Emergency! )

 maria               1998-00-00   17:59:52


 gerne mehr Fernseh- programm

 Jim Adams           1998-00-00   03:49:42

 [email protected]

 As a Navy veteran (8 years), I very much enjoy
 JAG. I especially like the current cast. I hope
 that this show is never cancelled. The episode
 guide is great and the information in the FAQ is

 S. Johnson          1998-10-02   22:09:22

 [email protected]

 Nice collection of episode guides. Thanks for
 providing them. I have found certain TV episodes
 guides on your web site only and not on others!

 April "Dawson"
 Hartmaier           1998-07-22   23:06:21


 I think that growing pains is cool. If you want
 to write to me you can.

 Sharon Radomsky     1998-07-20   18:23:15

 [email protected]

 I think it is great the way you do all the shows
 for Walker, Texas Ranger. His shows are my
 favorite. I mean any of them.

 Kurt M. Von
 Schriltz            1998-07-06   04:58:03

 [email protected]

 looking up JAG info

 Sarah Gower         1998-06-13   01:04:43

 [email protected]

 shirley m           1998-05-20   06:57:19

 [email protected]

 your info is rather complete. the problem i have
 is, that i ran out of video tape on the season
 finale. do you know if/when this episode will be
 rerun? thanks, shirley

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