Sarajevo International Airport by Zahid Krkic/News
20/12/03/The first civilian radar in BH
NEW STAR 2000-RSM 970 RADAR AT SJJ The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications-Federal Civil Aviation Directorate, for the purpose of safe flow of air traffic and its regulation in Sarajevo TMA, has bought the duplicated radar STAR 2000-RSM 970 for about 5 M€ from the wellknown French company THALES. The primary component is capable to observe all flying objects in the circle of 60 NM as well as meteo conditions in that area. This is very important in case of existing cumulonibus clouds that can be very dangerous for airpalnes in their vicinity.
NEW STAR 2000-RSM 970 RADAR AT SJJ Secondary component has instrumental range of 200 NM but its range is limited by the surrounding terrain. The signal processing as well as the presentation of datas in the control cab is made in the most modern way and it is optimised for the needs of AD control.The reliability of its work is granted by duplicated system of primar as well as secondar component. All works as well as the working manner are verificated by EUROCONTROL specialists.From the operational point of view, this radar improves the safety at Sarajevo International Airport to the highest possible level. With this radar SIA belongs to the safetiest airports in the Europe.This is the first radar bought for the needs of civil aviation and also this the first time that B&H controllers and engineers have the oportunity to work on modern radar technology and to manage the radar issue.And the most important, this radar eliminates the possible mistakes of the controller and pilots. When the safety is on stake and questionalble, than the price does not matter.

FEDCAD, December 20, 2003