Sarajevo International Airport by Zahid Krkic/News
17/10/03/Bosnia-Herzegovina Civil Aviation update
Sarajevo Int. Airport In June the BiH Council of Ministers approved the restructuring of the Directorate of Civil Aviation in BiH.However, the CoM BiH failed to appoint a Director Generaluntil October.On 8 July 2003, the CoM BiH Personnel Commission released the names of candidates for the position of Director General and two Deputies. In June, a Commission composed of five aviation experts(including two international experts) of the Civil Service Agency, selected the nominees. Then, the CoM BiH failed to discuss the appointments, despite repeated requests by the International Community to do so. As a result, the European Commission suspended the EC/ICAO Institution Building Project. On 2 October, the CoM BiH appointed Djordje Ratkovica as Director General of the Directorate for Civil Aviation of  Bosnia and Herzegovina; Djelal Hasecic was appointed Deputy Director General and Head of the Regulatory Division,and Marinko Simunovic was appointed Deputy Director General and Head of the Air Navigation Division.BiH now has in place the necessary and properly organized administrative machinery to supervise its airspace and to plan to expand domestic management of its upper airspace.
BH to get a new Law on Civil Aviation
Sarajevo Int. Airport The new draft Law for Civil Aviation in BosniaHerzegovina was approved by the CoM BiH on 29 July 2003. The law was adopted on first reading by the House of Representatives on 24 September and by the House of the Peoples on 30 September. Six amendments have been proposed.The new law brings BiH into complete compliance with International Civil Aviation Organisation regulations and practices and European recommendations, and will facilitate the establishment of a single Civil Aviation Authority. This will effect a clear separation between the regulatory functions at State level [Directorate of Civil Aviation in BiH (BiH DCA)] and operational functions at Entity level [Fed CAD (Federation Civil Aviation Directorate), RS CAD (RS Civil Aviation Directorate) and, if necessary, external bodies].Adoption and full implementation of this law is also a requirement for BiH’s membership of the Joint AviationAuthority.The new law lays out the new BH DCA organization to be implemented by the Director of the BiH DCA.
Future of Mostar and Sarajevo Airports
Sarajevo Int. Airport Hand-over of Mostar Airport Services, run by SFOR, to the civil authorities will take place when ICAO Standards (mainly fire fighting capabilities) have been met. This hand-over must be completed by the end of 2003, when the French DETAIR will withdraw.A Thales radar is being installed at Sarajevo International Airport and should be operational by the end of October, when the French military radar will be withdrawn. Local controllers are now undergoing intensive training with a view to acquiring Approach Control (radar and procedures) licenses. Controllers are also undergoing Approach Director/Supervisor training. They will take over from French controllers and begin providing air traffic services in full compliance with ICAO Standards. Later they will complete

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