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Thunderstone Audio is what I call myself and my "company" for my audio interests. Currently Thunderstone Audio has not got any products for sale; this may change at some point in time.

Thunderstone is the English rendering of my name, Thorsten. Thor - the Norsk God of Thunder and Sten - the Stone.... So just for fun I included above a picture of a Norsk Amulett depicting Mjöllnir, Thor's might Hammer. Well, now you know why "Thunderstone Audio".

This website really exists only for one reason. Over the years I have produced quite a number of Projects in audio and usually have shared these in one way or another with those interested. Due to a number of reasons this output is widely distributed all over the web. In a number of cases I cannot provide updates to projects on the original sites. Furthermore I regularly get e-mail's moaning "why don't you have all your stuff on one single website, it is so hard to find anything.... So here it is. In the coming month I will start to add material to this site, as, when and if I find the time to do so. For now you will find some very basic info on current projects and collected web pages from previous projects of all sorts. You won't find any flashy graphics or fancy layout, just straight info.

You will not find here at any time a links list section, so while I appreciate anyone placing links to this site on their pages I cannot in return link back. Allmost all links will appear in line in the text only.

There are really only a few links I just had to include here.

I'm a member of The London Live DIY HiFi Circle, a loose association of People in London and the UK interrested in DIY Audio.

I'm writing occasionally for the Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine

My HiFi System is on-line for your viewing on Adnan Ardumans superb website.

Projects on line now:

The Adagio, non-oversampling 16-Bit Digital to Analogue Converter

The Legacy "universal" DHT Poweramplifier

The Shindo Claret Preamplfier

The Toccata (aka "The Blighty Lösch") Preamplifier

The Toccata Builders Club

The Toccata MK I Preamplifier - all ECC88 earlier Version of the more or less same preamplifer

The Analog Addicts Phono Preamplifer

The Fugue Poweramplifier (aka Edison 60 with 300B's)

The Euridice WOT Preamplifier

The Euridice Builders Club

The Afterburner Files - Details on an inexpensive, high sensitity DIY Speaker

My experiences with the Goodmans Axiom 201 and my new Speakers, called "Magnificat" (courtesy of the Single Driver website)

The great David-Jerico Speaker Project - DIY Speaker inspired by the Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy System

Theoretical and other Articles on line now:

Dual Driver Dynamic Loading for Low Q Driver - a novel enclosure system for Lowthers and similar drivers

Thermionic Valve Analogue Stages for Digital Audio

Some thoughts about singleended Valve Amplifiers

Harmonic Distortion Profiles of different Driverstages in a 300B Amp

Mounting, Aligning and Setting Up your First Phono Cartridge

The Naked Truth about Speaker-Cables (courtesy of TNT-Audio)

The Naked Truth about Interconnect Cables (courtesy of TNT-Audio)

Downloads on line now:

Excelbox Spreadsheet (Excel 97 required) simulates in room response for four different Driver/Box/Roomplacement combinations for sealed or vented boxes (courtesy of the Single Driver website)

Excelbaffle Spreadsheet (Excel 97 required) simulates in room response for four different Driver/Baffle/Roomplacement combinations for open Baffle (courtesy of the Single Driver website)

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