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  • Discover why you are reading this page at all.
  • Find out why you use the Net in the way you do.
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  • If you don't believe all this Sun Sign stuff, please read on anyway.
  • After all most of you read your horoscopes. Don't you?  Honestly?  Yes!!

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  • Take it all with a pinch of salt, but you might find something that rings true.  

Your Sun Sign tells you where you are going in life and why. Your Moon Sign reflects the way in which you experience life emotionally, while your Rising Sign, or Ascendant represents your initial approach to situations; what might be said to be bred in the bone.

The planets also occupy Signs in your horoscope, and usually certain planets are connected by angular relationships called Aspects. All of this is somewhat confusing for many people, and most people give up at this stage.

While there is no substitute for an in-depth understanding of your horoscope, calculated for the date, time and place of your birth, it is nevertheless possible to catch a glimpse of what is possible through a study of Sun Signs. Newspaper and Magazine columnists would be out of business if this were not the case, (unless, of course we are all incredibly gullible).

Anyway, you can make up your own mind. Have a look at the light-hearted list below to see if you recognise some of the characteristics under your own Sun Sign.

Your Internet Personality

ARIES You are a touch impulsive, due to an unconscious desire to be ahead of everyone else. This wish to be first seems quite natural to you, and you do not lack courage at a deep level, whatever you show on the surface. You only play to win, and others will quake in their boots when pitted against you. You prefer a direct approach rather than a strategic one, and other peoples' feelings and reactions are not necessarily important to you.

You will scour the Net avidly for whatever turns you on, and you will move purposefully towards achieving your goals.

The year 2001 brings a desire to broaden your horizons, but you will be reminded of your responsibilities towards those closer to home, particularly during the second half of the year.  

TAURUS You have a natural tendency to build on firm foundations, and to develop your resources gradually and steadily. You are in unconscious attunement with natural principles and you can therefore be quite patient, waiting for everything to mature in its own time. You do not like too many unexpected disruptions to the smooth flow of your life, and you can become quite possessive when threatened with losing what you have managed to obtain.

You will probably approach the Net with a certain amount of caution, and you will need to take things at your own pace.

In 2001 many Taureans will start out cautiously, dealing with unfinished business from the last couple of years, but after Easter a greater sense of freedom will set in, and the mood will become lighter. 

GEMINI You are naturally interested in other people and in the world outside yourself generally. Although Gemini is supposed to be a logical Sign, in my experience it is anything but logical. Gemini folk proceed by the use of lateral thinking, though they are good with words and can make their arguments sound logical and convincing. They are inquisitive and look at things from many angles simultaneously.

On the Net, You probably have three browsers, four search engines and a couple of Chat programs running at the same time, while you chat away on a couple of phones.

2001 will bring further challenges, particularly to those with birthdays in the first week of June. While emotional problems may need to be handled in a direct way, this may bring long-term advantages.  Gemini netizens will experience considerable potential for personal growth over the next couple of years.

CANCER You are naturally a sensitive individual, and you tend focus on how you feel about other people and situations. You value friendship and intimacy, and trust is always an important value for you. You have a good memory for past events, both happy and sad, and these memories have a strong influence on your behaviour in the present, and on how you perceive the future.

On the Net, you are likely to be careful initially, as it takes some while to build up trust. You may even run a couple of Anti-Virus programs continuously, just to make sure. Once confident you probably love Chatting and keeping in touch with those close to you.

2001 continues to favour Cancer individuals, especially during the second half of the year.  Work may become somewhat more demanding than usual, and plans for a change of job in the longer term might emerge.

LEO You are consciously aware of the importance of your self-development and your need to achieve your goals. You will want to be personally involved with whatever is going on around you, and you are quite likely to want to take the lead, encouraging others, for better or worse, with your enthusiasm.

On the Net, you are likely to place your personal stamp on whatever you do, and you take pride in living up to your own standards of excellence.

In 2001 you may experience continuing attempts to challenge or to dilute your authority, but these occurrences are likely to leave you with a greater sense of how your unique contributions fit into context within the world.  Your leadership qualities are likely to be in demand this year, as you may be required to help your friends find the way through their difficulties.

VIRGO You attach considerable value to being orderly and methodical, and you are keen to organise projects in detail. You have good communication skills, especially if you are not under external pressure, (when you tend to become flustered). You are a manager rather than a leader, and you have considerable executive ability, since you are able to concentrate on working step by step towards your objectives.

Before surfing the Net, you will probably check all the hardware connections, check for viruses, check a few other things and then check out a few million references you discovered on Altavista.

In 2001 there is a continuing focus on re-organising your work and career structure, and this is likely to give good results in the long term.  However things may be less settled at home, particularly during the spring and summer.

LIBRA You are consciously more interested in the world and other people than you are in yourself, at least at first sight. This is probably because you discover yourself through determining the general rules that govern the way people tick, and you then apply these models to yourself. You are generally a peaceful individual, but paradoxically you become quite assertive if you feel that things are not fair.

On the net, you tend to look for sites that give you insights into how other people behave, and you relate politely to others so as to enlist their co-operation in your search for information.

2001 will bring further opportunities to increase your understanding of humanity, and there are good opportunities for relationships, the most favoured time being from February to May.  Probably the best opportunity for 8 years :-)

SCORPIO Action based on Feeling is the motto for you. You move with purpose, and because others are not necessarily aware of your purpose, you may have a reputation for being secretive at times. Indeed you probably need to be secretive about some of the things you get up to! You have considerable powers of perseverance when you are motivated; otherwise you are quick to move away from distractions.

With regard to surfing, you will either show no interest at all, or you will throw yourself passionately into whatever takes your fancy.

2001 will perhaps be easier for you than 2000, particularly after Easter.  You will need to keep an eye on your finances however, as there is the possibility of impulsive purchases that later turn out to have been unnecessary.

SAGITTARIUS You experience an inner sense of permission to expand your horizons and you cover a great deal of territory in order to explore as much as possible. You were brought up to believe that you need to find out things for yourself and you blaze an optimistic trail through life attempting to do just this. You travel extensively, either literally or metaphorically in your search for wisdom.

You perceive the Net as being a natural medium for pursuing some of your travels and you could end up practically anywhere, or indeed everywhere.

2001 will be a year with more emphasis on further personal transformations, and during the summer these changes may involve partnerships.  You may need to draw on your sensitivity and sense of fair play to ensure that any conflicts do not get out of hand.

CAPRICORN You have a strong conscience structure and you feel you should be a responsible person, probably on account of your upbringing. You tend to be rather conservative in your attitudes, although you have ambitions to build for the future through hard work and dedication to duty. Life tends to improve as you become older and you are capable of accepting life's limitations.

You may well be sceptical about using the Net, regarding it as a waste of time, until you discover that there are business opportunities here, or that there is some tangible value to you in investing your efforts in this direction.

2001 could see difficulties at work due to a desire to change existing circumstances that have outlived their usefulness.  However you will be able to continue a long period of consolidation that began a couple of years ago.   

AQUARIUS Your upbringing has left you with strong internalised opinions about the world. These are not necessarily in accordance with conventional wisdom, so you are likely to be seen to be different from other people. You do your own thing, convinced that you are right. Even if you are often correct, not everyone can keep up with your original and innovative style, so you learn how to deal effectively with resistance to change.

You do not follow normal rules, so nobody can predict how you will use the Net - except that you are likely to find original uses, preferably those that are off the beaten track.

2001 brings further opportunities for you to enhance your understanding of the world around you, and you are likely to continue to develop a more compassionate approach to humanitarian issues, as well as to refine your ideas.  Friends will come and go, and this may be an important experience in helping you to determine where your interests really lie.

PISCES Your upbringing has left you with a feeling of obligation to other people, to the extent that you often feel you ought to put the needs of others first. This can be confusing at times, and since it is difficult to please everyone all the time, your kindness may be misinterpreted and you my feel victimised. No wonder that Pisces is sometimes referred to as the dustbin of the zodiac!

On the Net you are likely to surf around fairly randomly, going with the flow. Both Aquarius and Pisces are Signs which are often misunderstood in the material world, but they are both naturally attuned to the Net.

2001 will bring opportunities for considerable creativity, particularly during the second half of the year.  There will be some conflicts between your career responsibilities and your home life, but you should be well able to find imaginative solutions to any problems that develop here.

This site is under continuous development. Thank you for visiting.

Last Updated on 26th December 2000


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