A Note About Resolution
 Resolution means the amount of data that you can see on your screen at one time without scrolling down/right.  Windows 95 lets you choose the resolution that you
want, with the exception of monitors that do not support this option.  I reccomend first setting your system to at least 16-bit color depth and then increasing the
resolution to the highest setting in which text and icons are still visible.  On most computers, the default is 640x480 pixels.  This means that if you were to view an
image that had a size of 640x480, it would take up your entire screen.  If you set the resolution too high, you may not be able to view normal sized text and images
properly, but if you have a decent sixed monitor (15" and up) then you should be able to set your resolution to 1024x768 (The optimum setting for the 'net) with no
    To change your resolution in Windows 95, simply go into your Control Panel, choose Display and select the Settings tab.  Then, simply drag the selector bar to
the desired resolution.

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