My Trip on a Tristar
Here is a page about my trip on one of ATA's L-1011s.
We left General Mitchell Field in Milwaukee, WI on January 1, 1997 around 7 AM in the plane above.� I don't know for sure, but I think that this photo was taken at General Mitchell Field.� We taxied and took off without delay, as is the case in most ATA flights.
Most of the trip to was cloudy, so there was not much to see, but it was still very interesting being 35,000 feet up in this great plane.
Here are a couple shots of inside the cabin.� I was in the second section, last row, seat A.� The seating in this plane is 3+5+3
As we got out over the Gulf of Mexico, the clouds began to clear and we were soon able to see ships and the beautiful waters of the Caribbean.
Here is a shot of the wing, you can see the age of this aircraft.
Are these the ailerons?
Crossing over the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula
The inside edge of the left wing.
The Tristar landing.
Our landing wasn't quite this hard, but our decent into the Cancun area was very rapid (my ears told me that).
This was from another trip, as are the rest of the pics on this page but I decided to include them anyway.� This is at JFK International Airport in NYC and that plane is a 767.
Landing in Washington D.C. at National Airport (I guess it is now called Ronald Reagan Airport).� This is the left wing of a TWA 727 with the flaps extended.
Touching down.
Taxiing to the gate, again at National, I spotted this 727.
At National, we had a little time between flights so I got to tour the 727 cockpit, very interesting!

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