Oh no!!! What's this? An update?
Well, sorta...

I'm just updating 'cause I got a bunch of announcements to make since I've been starting to feel guilty about the counter going up and up, and the updates going no-where.

.- Simon (translator) emailed me a couple of days after the last update (thanks!!), so he's still around.
BTW, very little work has been made in the Detective Conan game, college is taking up most of my time and I need to sit down for a "couple" of hours to staighten my notes, files, etc, etc...
.- My PC doesn't have much space, it has 8 GBs, of which there are only 650 Mbs free; I'm in the quest for a new memory and hd, so that I can copy all my romhacking files into it again (I had stored them in this one but somehow, they *mysteriously* dissapeared) and take advantage of my new, full-time internet account to download the latest tools.
.- I hate my current layout, it's too "pink", it just doesn't suit me or my taste, I really don't know why did I do it like that, but I'll have to change it, I want to *feel* it's my site.
.- I have a chance to switch servers, into a private one, but I don't want to do it until I have the site's new layout and updated content, 'cause, honestly, I don't want you to have to type a different url only to find the same ol' site.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in a request or question 'bout the status of the site, I'll get back to you ASAP, and also, I'll update again sometime soon, k?

See ya...


July 10th, 2002


BTW, if you wanna visit the site, here it is.



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