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Hi Wrestling Fans,

     Johnny Canuck is me, some People call me LOVERBOY Johnny Canuck, I'm the meanest, toughest, original bad dude of Canada.    That's why all the girls love me madly.

     I was born near Montreal.    In La Belle Province of Quebec and stayed there till my late teens while trying to finish reform school.    Seems like I didn't fit in well with their education plans.

     Moved to British Columbia, Canada, the summer of 1974.    And let me tell ya, BC is the best, in more ways than one, hehe.

     When I'm not wrestling you can find me working hard on the docks with my longshore buddies.    Speaking of which thanks for the fan support from my longshore brothers.    Yeah!!    502 4 life.

I am the best,
You know it, I know it and THEY know it

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TTYL,      JC

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