About the Space

Art in Public and Semi-Private Spaces
by Ana P. Labrador
Art Asia-Pacific Magazine
October 1999

Landing on Third Space
by Alice and Lucinda
Lunar Landing Magazine

Testing Third Space:
Performing and Visualizing Art

by Karen Castillo
Cutting Edge Magazine
October 1999

A Space of His Own
by Alya B. Honasan
Sunday Inquirer Magazine
June 6, 1999

Jason's Lyric
by Troy B
Philippine Daily Inquirer
July 23, 1998

Third Space: A Multi-Media Jamming Dive
by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez
MEGA Magazine
March 1998

Third Space was conceived last January 1998 as an art project that uses the physical and conceptual form of a house as material in imagining a Third Family involved in contemporary art education and practice. As producer, it stimulates exploration, creation and innovation; as distributor, it provides exhibition, exchange and evaluation; as subject vis-a-vis object, it documents "household images and imaginations" into a "family album" of artistic possibilities. Art to the Third Power.

Located within a residential community in Quezon City, Third Space is an artist's home envisioned as a alternative arts school, gallery and performance venue, library and studio space that encourages and develops the critical mind and the creative spirit amongst people of diverse backgrounds, media and persuasions.

It serves as a laboratory for emergent and vanguard talents who are not yet established or are not embraced by the mainstream, or those who have found success commercially but wish to experiment in other directions. It is an independent unit living on a guerilla existence and has a three year life span: Third Space will cease to exist by January 2001...

- Yason Banal
Artist in Residence

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