Leslie Culton

From a stellar beginning as a Fan attending every Dragon Con to International Success. Where does one begin in the career of Fan favorite Leslie Culton?

A Celebrated Costumer with appearances for Marvel Comics, Crusade, DC and as a Vampirella model for Harris Comics, just to name a few. Most dear to her heart is a co-win as Best of Show in the very first Dragon Con Costume Contest.

She has worked as a Model for such artists as Louis Smalls, David Michael Beck, Doug Schuler, Catwoman artist Jim Balent, Kelly Freas and finally an upcoming art book for Larry Elmore.

Leslie's dozen plus B-movies range from cult classics such as Hookers in a Haunted House (Hailed by Joe Bob Briggs as one of his favorite movies) to Starship 2: Rendevous at Ramses starring along with John Astin, Richard Franklin and Jason Carter. Check out The House that Screamed 2, "Vamps 2, Bloodlust" and finally her latest work "Wildcats" co-stars Playboy Playmate Rebecca Ferratti. Proving she is not just a pretty face, she holds screen writing credits for "Revenge of the Invisible Nerd aka the Horny Hollowman" as well as a Co-Producer credit on "Hookers in a Haunted House".

TV appearances include WWE Pay per view, CNN Newstand, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, WEW National PPVs and finally a place in Pop Culture history with her appearance on "The Jerry Springer Show".

On the written page Ms. Culton has appeared in Fan magazines Locus, Science Fiction Chronicles, Femme Fatales, Shi, and Vampirella. On the more 'Skintilating' side of the coin, she has garnered layouts/appearances in Gent, D-Cup, Cheri, Legshow, Hustler, and Penthouse Magazines.

Speaking of writing she has been published in Adam Magazine, Paintball 2Extreme, and Crossfire. Although she had nothing to do with writing it, the American version of Michael Moorcock's "Fortress of the Pearl" is dedicated to her and three others.

Finally, as International Professional Wrestling Diva "Vanessa Harding", she has appeared on shows WEW, Ohio Valley Wrestling (the WWE's Developemental Territory), ROH, USWW, as well as Italy's Nue Wrestling Evolution. She was named to "Wrestling Clothesline" 2005's Top 50 Independent Women in Wrestling. With matches ranging against WWE's Luna Vachon to Mickie James or Jacqueline. Vanessa/Leslie proves she is truly a tough lady. If you want to see her in action she has starrred in 80 wrestling videos with titles like "10 count to Slapdown" or "Out for Blood".

What is next for Leslie ? Anything really. She could be debuting a new comic costume, starring in a movie, winning a Penthouse Golden G-String Award or pile driving an opponent. A galaxy of options are out there for this fan turned Jill of all Trades.